The right ways of wearing Nike High Heels

May 23 [Thu], 2013, 15:01
At the beginning of the article, I'd like to remind everyone a fact that is often ignored. Actually, walking gesture has a great effect on legs. Whether you have knock-knee or ectropion of your knee, they may result in leg deformity. So it is important to learn the right ways of wearing Jordan High Heels. Walking gesture is the compulsory course of being beautiful.

In my opinion, high heel is Cinderella's glass shoe, which can make every woman more beautiful. So as long as a woman must learn to wear high heels, and she must master the right ways of wearing high heels. Because when you walk with the light and graceful steps, people can not help looking at you. A pair of high heels can carry buttock which is called fight against gravity. What's more, your sole of foot would not be wider and wider like the girls who always wear sneakers. Even though the sneakers are comfortable and relaxed, the bad result is that the center of gravity moves down. That may damage spinal and pelvis, which may not as good as high heel shoes.

Even though there are so many girls loving high heels, while some of them do not kown how to wear high heels in a correct way. So I suggest the girls shoud practice the walking gesture firstly. If you have practised for a long time according to my tips, I am sure you can walk relaxed and elegant no matter what kind of shoes you wear. These tips are as follows.

1.First of all, wear high heels, keep your upper body straight. Hold your breath and shrink abdomen, keep the breath stoping in the chest; 2. Gently lift your thigh and drive the calf to take the steps. Everyone should be sure to remember that the thigh must be lifted. Although only slightly up, it may let the body's centre of gravity upward, but not always focus on the lower half. Only doing that ,such steps will not heavy tired; 3. When two feet step out of the interaction, the steps do not have to be in a straight line. As long as the feet are natural straight on. Two hands relaxed and hold down, swing naturally. It looks great easy and decent.

I suggest a beginner practise walking 20 to 30 minutes in Jordan 6 Rings Heels during the first week. Then to the second week, walking on your toes with barefoot. When the third week is coming, you can wear high heel shoes, thus you will find that how easy to walk in high heels. Therefore, now you can easily master the skills of wearing high heels. Walking 20 minutes in high heels may be not a difficult thing for you any more.

Then I will tell you some tips about how to relax your feet after wearing high heels for a long time. Firstly, doing stretching exercises when you free. At this time, the body is very relaxed, this is the perfect time for regulating the body and moving muscles. Immediately take off the high heels and walking with bare feet. Such can let your feet complete relaxed. Getting rid off the constraint of high heels is the most simple and good method to eliminate the fatigue of leg and foot.

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