2006年08月09日(水) 2時31分
Heya. It's been 4 months since i last blogged. Between then and now, I had my june hols, CT2 (in which i TOTALLY screwed) and work attachment. It was with the Idea Factory. I can't really put my finger on what Idea Fac really does but i *think* it's a consultation firm which earns alotttt of money The attachment was pretty cool. I learnt so much from it. It was like project work 2 but only we are presenting to creative professionals that have a knack of shooting questions that nobody has thought of. sheesh It's all over now and the presentation was a success Who would have thought they'd have fun playing the game we devised and never tried out? Thank God all went well The team will be meeting them for lunch late this month and i hope we'll get our money then . I spent hell lot on buying most of the materials needed to decorate the place. With the extra, i wanna go shopping and get . Oh that reminds me. I don't have the time. Prelims are in 5 weeks and I've never gotten marks over 60. God please help me. I'm so sad. Is it me or what? Why can't my grades rise? It's not like I don't do homework. (I do ) Other ppl can skip lectures and classes and still end up with grades over 90. (ok maybe that's only 1 fella. scholar btw ) ARGH. i'm getting depressed. maybe coz it's 1:43 in the morn. Oh happy birthday Singapore You're doing well and with ppl like them you'll do even better.

WTH. LOL i'm whining like nobody's business. Well, yeah. It ain't. RAHHHHHH. that's better

cute things always makes me feel better.

Football Fever 2 

2006年05月26日(金) 13時18分

Yesterday's match was the best ever. Before the match, we went to watch X-Men3 (not reccommended) and IT WAS RAINING HEAVILY when we got out. We thought the match would be cancelled but it wasn't so we pia-ed all the way to Jalan Bersa Stadium. IT WAS HIGH i tell you. The atmosphere was so good and the cheers for both schools were so loud I could hear them from the MRT station.

The game started and MJ scored the 1st goal before halftime. MJ's no.33 was really fast. National players are certainly different Half time came and went and we were on our feet the whole time. Luckily we equalized. Then MJ scored another goal. The score now is 2-1. And then the unthinkable happened. VJ kicked for the goal and the MJ goalie caught the ball behind the net!!! It should have been a goal but REFERREE KAYU! He gave a red card to dunno who for what we also don't know and VJ had a penalty. The whole stadium was deathly silent and WE MISSED!!!!!!! ARGH! There was like 15 min of game play left and we were all in tethers. And MJ did a very degrading thing. Their players started wasting time SO FREAKING OBVIOUSLY. 2 MJ players can go down at the same time cause of "cramp" at both sides of the field even though the ball was FAR from them. Substitution took so long cause the player STROLLED OUT of the field WTF This is even better. There was this one MJ player who fell and when he saw that the referree wasn't looking his way, he got up and walked. But when the referree turned, he fell again. LIKE WHAT THE HECK?! Well anyway I didn't know what happened but VJ scored 3 goals in the last 5 min of the game. We were like HELL YEAH! and jumping and screamin our lungs out whenever we scored. It was the best. VJ's school spirit is never better than at soccer guys' finals.

Football Fever 

2006年05月24日(水) 21時19分

Today was the 3rd and 4th placing for girls' soccer and I went down to support Celest for the SAJC vs. SRJC match. At first we asked the VJ soccer coach if we could catch a ride with them down to the stadium but he said no so we had to cab there. I regretted not being there the other day when SA lost the semis. PENALTIES ARE SO TAIKO well anyway that's why I had to be there today. Lindy and me cheered really loudly for her like nobody's business. hahaaa glad I was there. SA thrashed SR 7-0 in which Celest scored 3. poor Nurul (SR captain + old school mate) i wonder how she felt anyway Fandi Amad was there watching the match too. He was sitting above us and he was FAT life as soccer coach must be more relaxing than as a soccer player.

lol well the game ended and VJ soccer girls came on to fight TJ for the championship but hah the 20km runs sure worked. VJ scored 2 nil against TJ and won. congrats for rising from the ashes to heaven in 1 year. They were the last in the tournament last year and they won it this year. Not bad yea. It was prize giving ceremony after the matches and Celest got top scorer with 7 goals in the season. YAY I knew she wanted it quite badly since she couldn't get the championship. she got the last laugh against the VJ girl who thought that she would get it anyway.

After the match, we were wondering how to go home and we jokingly asked celest to give us a ride home. Who knew she really asked her teacher and he said ok. So in the end, we, the VJ girls took a ride in the SA soccer girls' coach as members of CKF (Celestine Kuek Fanclub). The girls were high due to the overwhelming win and it was jolly on the bus. Hai why couldn't VJ be as generous?

Dumb day 

2006年04月27日(木) 22時57分
Just when I talked to my sis last night about the stupid thingies she does, I happen to commit one the next day Well today is PE day and we were to run 2.4km in preparation for NAPFA next week. Yesterday was raining and the normal track shoes I wear to school were wet. So i took an old pair to wear in dreadful anticipation of the tortuous run. Yeah it was totally fine till i got to the track and then i felt like my shoe was dragging. OMG the glue must have dried out and the sole came off!!!! So embarrassing! There was another class there too doing situps in total view of my soleless shoe. i was so helpless (and tickled) but luckily Van was there. Of course she was tickled too who wouldn't be? She went to find my PE teacher (oh we changed teachers every term and we got a jolly one that always let us play tennis yay!) and got him to find me rubber bands. But hell, Demon PE teacher was there and he saw me in my predicament. He was like "Reebok on wonder like that lah!!!" Well at least he gave me a good idea to tear off the other side too. Yeah so that's it. I went soleless on both feet for the whole day. Thank God the toilets weren't too wet or else i wouldnt know how to live with myself if something indistinguishable soaked into the clothe base of my shoes Oh yeah and when I took the bus home, I fell asleep and missed my stop. Hopefully this dumb day stops soon

Pre April Fools' Day 

2006年03月31日(金) 16時42分
Lol April Fool's Day is tmr but my school has started playing pranks today This morning, there were many fake announcements such as the soccer boys got kicked out of the tournament... LIKE REAL. VJ's is known for their bald soccer boys and we are all gonna go all the way to champion this year and win back the trophy Oh and instead of the brass band playing the national anthem, we had the chinese orchestra cute but weird Oh and they got a rock band to sing the school song. never let a faux band play on stage. Oh and this is the max. A friend went back to school at midnight to take some photos (of who, for what i dunno) and got caught by a teacher. Yeah and together they trashed the IP's classrooms. weird that a teacher didnt scold him but roped him in in playing pranks on the poor IPs. Oh well, our teachers are eccentric. They threw out the contents of one cupboard all over the classroom and vandalized the walls (not permernantly of course). They found a pack of cards in one and placed them on top of the ceiling-fan blades. It's raining cards halellujah when the IP switched on the fans this morning. Wished I was there to see their faces Music Fest is later on and I SWEAR that there will be some kinda grand prank pulled.

My Dumb Sister 

2006年03月23日(木) 17時02分
I'm sure I've told accounts of my sister's outrageous stupidity at one point or another. This is another hilarious accident that is so her. She was late (as usual) and saw the bus at the docking at the bus-stop. In order not to be later than ever, she ran and chased the bus... and ran straight into a pillar. The pillar was hollow and gave off a loud GONG that attracted the attention of the many people around. In her stupidity, she chased ran to the bus and boarded it, and to her horror, it was not the bus she wanted. But pride called and she took the bus. My gawd when I saw her when she returned home. Her eye was swollen and bruised but she was so proud of it that she called herslf my own panda. We told everyone about it and to our utmost disbelief, she wasn't the clusiest person one earth. These are the top 3 funniest accounts that we have heard so far. 1) Her friend's father didn't see the glass pannel door and walked into it. Many people do that but in this case, the glass shattered. 2) A friend chased a bus and her skirt fell down. 3) A friend was cycling and crashed into a tree. Her cheek bone got fractured. Aren't people weird?

Thrill of the Midnight Hunt 

2006年02月07日(火) 22時04分
Thrill of the midnight hunt...
What hunt? It's just a jog around the neighbourhood
What midnight? It's 9pm for goodness sake.
What thrill? Since when running is fun?

Lol. After getting together with my horde of unruly cousins over the CNY, tasting EVERY goody at every house we visited , I ended up with the nickname "Kueh Lapis Queen" And which queen does the leg work when she can get her minions to do it for her? Too bad I'm not authentic royalty and don't have loyal minions so i had to do mock NAPFA with the rest of the commoners *sniff*

Yeah so demon PE teacher had the class do inclined pull ups/chin ups, standing broad jump and the 2.4 run. And I failed all 3 components lol my fitness has always been bad maybe cause I'm just too lazy to train yeah that must be the case... so that's how the midnight hunt came about. With my sister of course. or i won't even be motivated to go...

2 Angels 

2006年01月19日(木) 20時26分
YAY!!! I've finally received my angels' letters I've been feeling neglected seeing how others got their presents and letters. BUT NOW it's different cause I've got 2 angels!!! MWAHAHAHA Today I received 3 letters; 2 from my angels and 1 from my mortal who's name sounds like KING KONG My angels gave me lots of sweets a mars bar, oreo and M&N Peanuts. I hope they don't just write one letter and forget all about me... At least I'll get them to pay for JTS (junior treat senior)

The demon PE teacher ain't that bad after all I guess rumours are rumours Today he made us run 2 rounds (in which I have LOTS of difficulty in) while other classes did 5. Then we played SOFTBALL. Why is it called softball when it's so damn HARD? We did pitching and catching and I got hit couple of times. On the legs and in the throat. THat was scary I thought about the possibility of having my windpipe crushed. ( PE teacher was always going "bee-pu, bee-pu" ambulance sounds and scaring us with all the softball mishaps and Changi Hospital.) Lucky I wasn't playing with the guys. Their throws are so freaking fast. According to Newton's 2nd law, F=ma, if acceleration is increased, forces also increases. THUS their balls must have been realllllllly forceful Anyway, softball's fun and so is our teacher I kinda like PE now


2006年01月12日(木) 19時19分
OMG guess who we have as PE teacher?

It's the devil itself, the school's notorious soccer coach famed throughout all JCs! He who is rumoured that he makes soccer boys train till they puke and even slap them when they don't perform to expectation!!!

My days are looking bleak...

Well it rained today (when isn't it raining?) and I thought that maybe we can watch some aerobics video or something but NOOOOO the devil's advocates took our heights and weights [it seems that I grew 2 cm but that's impossible cause I haven't grown since pri 5 and my weight was miraculously the same before the hols after all that YAY] they made us do exercises and rounds around the hall that made my legs ache THREE periods after PE and not the next day. maybe it's because I didn;t exercise during the hols but THEY are the ones working with the devil.

I hope it's sunny tmr so I can go shopping


2006年01月06日(金) 18時54分
New year
New beginnings
New chances

I had 2 repapers to take : Maths and Chemistry.
Maths was fine. Chem was a killer I really think that I'm gonna die... To hell with it. It's all WYT's fault that all our basics are sooooo bad.

Erms I started the year skipping classes.
Ahaha well lectures don't start till Wed so who's in the mood to attend tutorials when orientation is in the way? It's time for shopping, cakes and sweets before school starts proper!
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