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June 24 [Tue], 2014, 21:54
In a small bucket room, a young man smoking a cigarette, and that the strength of the big smoke, as if he had sworn revenge like with cigarettes.

"Considering that good?" Long, suddenly sounded a female voice, saying in a deep concern. "Or ...... you do not like me against him, obediently went home young master of your life. Really, I would not look down on you!"

The woman slowly Roger vivier online stood up, went to the young man's Shenpan, hand on his shoulder.

"Go home!" She said earnestly.

But the young man would not give?

He pushes her, bitterly spit out a white smoke toward the ceiling, almost teeth will utter these words. "Even if I die, but also rely on their own strength to live, to go back ...... my dream!"

He despises childhood memories, the kind of always been ridiculed, marginalized feelings, he never refused to try one, never!

"That only accept this challenge, so as to allow you to complete your wish in the shortest possible time, the shadow sun." Young woman heard this, after thinking for a moment, before slowly for his brother to a conclusion.

"Sister -" a young man named Yang shadow eyebrows wrinkled, wrinkled's tight, I'm afraid to die, unfortunately can clip flying mosquitoes. "I am a man, they should be accepted outside temper, but you ......"

Wind actress smiled and looked at himself short of a year-old brother, although the outsider, he is a Mighty Ducks unreasonable, capricious boy conceited, but only her sister knows that he, like his ...... really just kind of protective coloration.

Who taught them family's children are being discriminated against, being sarcastic treatment?

"I have an independent than each of you, Do not you forget?" Wind actress remembered something like, suddenly laughing flower charm. "I ran out very early, but went abroad to study, which, like the two of you, simply hothouse flowers."

"Not anymore!" Feng Ying Yang like to say to my sister to listen, like a vow to myself. "From now on, I'm an independent individual, I want to completely responsible for myself, and nothing one can control my destiny."

Although the actor can not help but worry about the wind, but still faint brow eager to share? Excited look. "Shadow Yang, the way may be good to go, but as long as we work hard ......"

"I understand, I really understand." Feng Ying Yang did not let her go on, hold her hand and solemnly nodded. "Well, I accept her condition."

"No regrets?" Wind actress or a little worried.

Said he would not regret it is a lie, but he has the advantage of these individuals who can not do, and that is killing not lie. "I will try to overcome."

Wind actress looked younger brother to encourage vision. "Shadow Yang -" She still felt obliged to remind him loudly. "Since you have promised to do, even if no matter how tough, but also knocked out teeth and swallow the blood, do not funk!"

Otherwise, they will definitely be ridiculed shadow sun in the eyes of the little witch to death!

Feng Ying Yang hands tightly clenched fist, red with rage on the back of the hand, which was his determination.

"I Feng Ying Yang vowed that in the coming year, is bound to perish with the little witch." In other words, he was prepared to die determination to accept the challenge.

"Scared," but that Roger Vivier Dorsay Satin Ballerinas Swarovski Crystal Buckle Pink Flats he's manifesto wind actress to startle the daylights. "Shadow Yang, you can not reckless!"

Feng Ying Yang Bo Langgu head shake was just like, made almost shake off the neck. "I do not reckless." He will only give a little color to see the little witch!