St. Valentine's Day 

2007年02月14日(水) 16時22分
today is St. Valentine's Day.
a day full of merchandises (lol)
(correct) a day full of LOVE in the air
most of the people aren't leavin it behind their heads.
thinkin how to celebrate today with their valentines,
picturing what would happen during the moment.
cuz today is St. Valentine's Day a.k.a. LOVE
and love is some opinions (lol)
we should just enjoy this special day with the people we love
say it out loud : "I LOVE YOU"
spread your passion around !!!


Valentine's Dinner

Japanese Valentine's Dinner


NEW !!! 

2007年02月13日(火) 23時48分
oh finally i got an account here .
(some kinda hard work for me cuz i can't read Japanese )
and i'm tired.

on holiday, life's a bit boring, everythin i do are just routine,
i'd rather stay at home , though. (way too lazy)
but tomorrow or next coming week,
i'm gonna meet some old friends who i haven't seen for a long time!!!
can't imagine how life would be when i go back to school again. [OMGz]

for some reasons, i'm happy somehow even i didn't sleep well last night
first when i checked my email box this morning,
there's a note saying the handy strap i bought through the auction was sent.
means i'll get it these day, hopefully tomorrow please!
that's it (hello kitty x rody)

i received the snail letter from France in the afternoon!!!
when i was downstairs gettin somethingto drink,
i saw the mail man, i immediately walked to the mail box.
inside the package, there are 1 hand-made pic with 2 discs.
from the envelope to covers were made by hand.
it's so cute and the music are just nice.

i've been lookin for cutie handy straps for a while recently.
havin a craze for it. dunno why i just do, but before it i never had any.

what's more. i bought the other 3 in the afternoon too.
one is QP (snow white), another is tissue bag, the other is kitty again.

i went to ATM straight at night (lol)
wishing they could arrived ASAP
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