Tools Designed to Help Eliminate Distractions

April 10 [Thu], 2014, 18:21

These problems aren't just issues in the marketing field; however, as professionals across all industries cite the same issues when describing what is frustrating and unproductive throughout their workdays.Conveniently, as technology improves, many applications and web tools have been developed to bat the most mon sources of workplace distractions. Any tool workers begin to use should be free or have a free version, easy-to-use, and should require little to no maintenance. Should a tool not meet those three requirements, it's probably best to refrain from using it as it will waste almost as much time and money as it saves.Figuring out how to fight back again workplace distractions by using new tools may seem like a distraction in and of itself; however, every minute spent in implementation will surely result in time saved down the road.

SelfControl is a tool used to help fight the most mon distraction found on the Internet: the Internet. This tool allows users to block websites for instance, Facebook or Reddit that can suck huge portions of the workday. These blackout periods can be set for up to four hours. During these periods your Internet browser will not allow you to navigate to the specified sites, despite how often you restart your puter or refresh your browser.Designed for Gmail,The recovery is finally b ing a bit more balanced though it has since expanded, Mailbox helps users schedule when to respond to emails; for instance, users will be able to have the email reappear over the weekend when their inbox is nearly empty.

While it's not entirely possible to eliminate all distractions that would divert your attention from whatever task is at hand, it is possible to use music to help you stay on task. Focus@Will uses neuroscience to create music playlists that can dramatically increase your attention span, helping ensure that the time between distractions is more fruitful than if you were skimming through SoundCloud or listening to your most beloved albums.Meetings, the most monly cited source of distraction and a mon frustration for almost everyone in attendance, are often the best way to get everyone on the same page when doing a project.