ugg classic cardy black as long as this society

December 23 [Fri], 2011, 12:46
Indeed, fashion is a deep learning, ugg classic cardy black as long as this society move forward one day without stopping, then there will be the topic of fashion a clear answer, it is a gradual improvement, to be replaced gradually and progressively update the concept, which is is very important. In my eyes, Chen Yifei's painting is a kind of fashion, Xia Bangjie architectural design is a stylish, Suzhou silk is a fashion, rivers and lakes Xitang ink landscape painting is a landscape-like fashion, because all form harmony The vivid scenes of life, let us radiate a kind of yearning for beauty.

Can not remember from the day, the "quality" is the same as mobile phone ring tones Xuanliang in every corner of social life together, it seems "suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms" of the momentum, all kinds of "fashion" "taste", "grace" publication turned out; television advertising, overwhelming Heung Che beauty, handsome leading the so-called silk-grade fashion, become the standard fashion and admiration of the idol; filled with all sorts of network terms website, "a man as rich as Bill Gates can not, can not" Titanic "as the handsome hero Leonardo handsome, but not without taste!", "women have a taste and good taste." "tastes like a classic and melodious song, lives in the beautiful melodies bursting out into bright light; more like a cup of fragrant Longjing tea, sipping a light, aromatic feel a mouthful." ... ugg boots online sale

Contemporary society, people began to pay attention to the rich taste and fashion, people's spiritual world is like a kaleidoscope of colorful, and some face the materialistic, and always maintain a "like Lance Qing, Song Sheng as" the virtuous, and some inclination sentiment is not elegant fall into the vulgar, negative and decadent "scripts", "circle", "chant", "cup" culture unable to extricate themselves: wallow eat and drink, play Lele, and I do not know to read more books, lift the cultural level of those who have; interpersonal communication like fellow peers, the students "circle line", the lack of all over the world, be tolerant to diversity of magnanimity and tolerance of those who have; some for the next arrogance of the obsequiousness the pleasant, lost an upright and outspoken The man who has the strength of character; some fashionable school in the pioneer taste "taste" in the product ─ ugg bailey button bomber brown smell out of his (her) eyes, the man's taste in Havana, Cuba cigars that off, the Rolex mechanical distinguished in highlighting Table crisp sound travel time, or Swiss Army knife in the process of playing enjoyment, stretch; a taste of a woman must be a soft spot for French fashion, radiant ring finger to wear ring in South Africa, back to Europe each year trip is essential.
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