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2009年04月15日(水) 17時50分

あなたがいなくて寂しいです !


おやすみなさい。。。。。 (ToT)


2009年04月15日(水) 11時05分

Long long time no write here..
well, i didn't remember that i had yaplog..
^o^ hehe.. my life is getting better than before!! :3
now i'm on vacation..doing nothing..just staying at home all day without homework :3 wuwhuwhu..
AND NOOOO!! i don't miss school.. -3- i don't wanna back ;_;.. *cries*

mmmh..what can i say??
yesterday i watched a movie with my brother..
we watched the movie at 8:00 pm?..i think.. and it finished at 10:00 pm OxO..
the movie name's "Good Bye Lenin" it's an interesting movie .. i liked ! >3< .. it's a bit sad..
after we watched the movie .. i took my dinner.. - -.. wich it was really healthy because i'm on diet =3= haha.. (don't ask me why o-o haha well, well, i feel fat fat -3-)
and finally i went to sleep :x.. that was my day Yesterday :P

and today i didn't DO NOTHING!! XD
my dad brought me chinese food :D yummy.
i woke up at 1:00 am..o__o!!
i <3 holiday ・3・

i don't know what to write :x.. haha
i said all that i did XD..
.. not at all but i'm too lazy to say all that i did this holiday week XD

AH! i will try to write more often ^_^
now i'm going to watch tv :D



2008年01月15日(火) 4時17分
It rains,
it depresses me a bit,
I cannot go out, tomorrow I will be absent to the school.
The exit will be at 10 a.m.
i'm so lazy (´Д`;)

I have cold

I hope that tomorrow the Sun goes out

the whole day listening teachers who do not stop speaking and speaking..speaking (´3`) . . its so boring .. .

i want to sleep
yay, I want to sleep the whole evening (*´∀`*) ... ~~~~

さようなら !!. .


2008年01月14日(月) 13時03分
welcome to my yaplog!

this is the first entry (´Д`)

You will know me with the passage of time
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