turned out to be Doumen person

July 12 [Fri], 2013, 15:50
One on one, Wuhao Li used powerful force transfer with absolute power can allow him to play their own strength, the strength of a full 16 times, but the face of group attack it? In particular, when he was still in the state of the defense! Although bong shock tactic mastered the esoteric and the absolute defense defense with the black hole of the body, but with the bong compared with that powerful attack, his defense was really bad, especially when the other group attack when the bong power transfer esoteric useless, then, we can only Yingkang beaten. "Damn, disgusting man!" Bong esoteric relying almost constant speed around withstand attack, but due to the constant hurt, did not dare to make bong ** amount transferred. "Can not do, to find, so that they number less than 8, in that case, they can break off a big fuss of this derivative!" Bong a bite, then made up my mind, even if it is seriously injured, but also Pindiao these guys, At least, run out and let Xiao thirteen! Xiao thirteen ran out, naturally come to rescue themselves. "Bald, I fight with you!" Bong roar heard, the body forces are concentrated in the top right fist directly Hongxiang Bald, or even completely abandoned the defense, despite a strike bombers on his back. Bald suddenly shocked, shocked not only the Bald, even that seven other people suddenly alarmed. Indeed, at this time covered bong full of flaws, but if the point they kill bong, bong that the most up to fifteen million (their view) attacks, Bald is almost certain death! Anyone can die, but can not die Bald! This is the whole idea of ​​seven people at this time, one immediately abandoned the attack bong, but want to help Bald defense, but to see that they did not attack themselves, but rather bong mouth revealing a hint of a smile, and so is his this time! One of the more esoteric endless pole! Moment, I do not know how many bong then fired a second attack, most of the attacks have been blocked by the crowd, but for every person, bong have blasted more of a punch attack! Earning poles, today's bong, although it can not do the two esoteric fusion, but switching between these two esoteric, bong can still do well, but to see results, it is also very good. Moment, eight injured! "Boom!" Loud, that would otherwise be closed the entire restaurant ban, was actually so broke! "Xiao thirteen! Go!" Bong screaming, Xiao thirteen also know that now is not it too much, full acceleration immediately rushed outside, although the ratio of the speed of Wu Hao Xiao thirteen to be fast, but seven people have must retain bong is mad, almost the same time, seven people have surrounded the bong, but that prohibition and escaped Xiao thirteen but it is difficult to catch up. After all, the presence of Xiao thirteen although not all, but the speed this thing, but not the higher strength of the faster speed that few people though also quite good, but do not know where to escape Xiao thirteen cases like , you want to catch up with Xiao thirteen, the probability is too small. But this seven people know that stress is placed on Bald bong, so that Xiao thirteen fled to does not matter, anyway, they was honest breakfast, grab this bong is therefore able warning to others! "Wu Hao, you said you're not a traitor? ** Your strength so strong, how could not we Doumen person!" Bald looking bong, sneer or two, "your strength is indeed very strong, but that it How? Today, we eight people surrounded you, though just one pay attention in your attacks, but also hurt your back, and that hurt, probably more than we have received many of the injured to be heavy, right? had just injured Perhaps you do not feel the time, but now that you have pain fear is not straight up to the bar? "bong did not speak, because that is indeed Bald say the truth, now squat on the ground that he did not straight up, his back was seriously injured, but he just went mad attack Bald, but then completely disregard the defense, force can be called back a few, which also led to the back of bong should not have a strong defense directly off the hook! "Come on, is not straight up and how I want to pull one of you into the water, I think it is very simple, right?" Sneered bong looked at everyone, "I pulled into the water who does? Or will you it! "" You! "Bald some exasperation, bong sit and watch him at this time, that the meaning is clear gaze, naked threat! You are not the most promising Doumen do? I told you I have a life change, that is, you do not know the other people Scotia Doumen not willing! "Presumptuous!" That was the first time almost seven people want to use their bodies to block off the birds, but when they are all attention on Bald body when the bong is moving, can be objective, is not bald, but They seven people! Bong is impossible to escape, after all, eight people are all staring at him then, if he ran in one direction, eight people will certainly block the path bong, bong while turning their attention to the purpose of Bald body, is the opportunity to deal with them eight people! "Go die!" Bong does not use the endless esoteric, this time, Wu Hao using shock tactics, although the attack speed slow a lot, but the use to deal with surprise, bong or continuous boom in the Four! Four attacks, four off the derivative under the power of a large array of holy warriors managed to reach the steel fighter, dead! "I'll kill you!" Without the help of a large array of derivative off, Taxodium forces back to below 10 million, but this attack was the fifth-level fighter suck holy warriors, while Bald attack is another hit the bong in the back! Stoked! "Ah!" Bong pain called out, and even the brain dizzy, intense pain almost let him unconscious. "Dianzhu, was killed Five them ah! Their revenge for the Five ah!" One fighter face with tears still alive, just died, but a hundred years of practice with him the brother ah! Bald man stopped, looked at the ground injured bong, he shook his head: "the power of his time to the God of Gamblers, and now, he told us the strength but almost, or even more weaker, we tried to kill He, easy, since he killed Five, then we may not be so easy to let him die, we want to slowly torture him! let him dead than alive! "That's a bald man, then suddenly shines:" right, let him rather die than live! rather die than live! "still alive will die in four corpses brought back four, while the Bald punch stunned bong, bong also be dragged back, but Wu Hao comparable treatment that four bodies much worse,Clutches And Evening Sale, four of them are holding back, while Wu Hao, is dragged back, covered by grinding tattered, like roadside beggar general. The road to escape ...... Xiao thirteen,Oakley Monster Dog Sale, but his heart still has a trace of pain. He even sold his brother, a man ran! Although his strength is not able to help bong anything, but let people run their own bong contain live out this behavior, let Xiao thirteen feel too shameless. But, how he did not think they thought this simple task, in the face of opponents could be so strong! At first, everyone thought that bong hit the Grand Canal, you can pick up such a good task, just show you the strength to defeat the other estimates, including the Knights of assigning tasks that have long, no one thought that this one mighty temple against a small country, even when failure is created fighters! "Those guys in that among the large array, the strength of each of more than ten million, a full eight people! Each force is enough to kill us all!" Although reluctant to admit, but the fact still placed in the Xiao thirteen eyes. A big difference! Simply insurmountable! "You can not eliminate the higher level, I went out of your grass!" Xiao thirteen have decided, if nothing better bong, bong what if something happens, he must want to destroy that Doumen people! Able to kill even one! Two hours later, although it is late at night, but still easily crossed Xiao thirteen returned to barracks walls. "What people! Ah! Xiao captain!" Guard who somewhat surprised, this is obviously a captain with Xiao Wu Hao Wu captain went out, why now it is only one person he came back,Coach Handbags, and his face was very grim, appears to have been something. Xiao thirteen random nodded and we rush into it, directly to the audiences captain rest of the room. "Got up, hurry up, do not practicing." Xiao thirteen very anxious, now dead or alive bong in the other hand, he may not have time to wait until tomorrow morning. "Xiao thirteen? How do you come back? Bong it?" The first up is He Jie, see Xiao thirteen tense, He Jie can not help but have a trace of ominous foreboding. Xiao thirteen some pain, slumped and said: "caught!" "What!" Not only is He Jie, the captain are all small eyes widened. What is the strength of the bong? The presence of other people is not necessarily add up to his opponent! This time to perform a seemingly difficult task and there is nothing, bong actually caught? "How is it?" He Jie tight frown, he owed a favor bong, bong now been arrested, and he was very anxious. Xiao thirteen will just say what happened with the crowd again. "Xiao thirteen, it is no wonder that you are, after all, compared with them, your strength is really too weak, where you can only drag bong hind legs, compared to two people have been arrested, you can fled to the already very good. "one team heaved a sigh, he would have been jealous bong got such a good chance, but now it seems that what is regarded as a good opportunity to go? Ten million power master! Or 8! "This can be considered a level tasks? Level task but also that it?" A little captain some angry, you know, Wu Hao is responsible for directing, they just charge with, but the goal is to destroy these guys the same, but the face 8 power over millions of guys, even just level tasks, which would be too bully people. But, even if it is long knights who do not know, this one seemingly ordinary abilities temple against a small country, turned out to be Doumen person. "Qin Feng, the fastest you here, you go back to the grateful knight long messenger, go now, go back to the fastest speed, so long they came as soon as knights, just like several other people willing to join me group of guys to talk to negotiate! anyway, but also holding them, do not let the bong trouble! "
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