How to study English? 

2008年06月12日(木) 18時35分
I think every Japanese has a problem about to study English.

but It is almost about speaking problems.

pronunciation, accent, expression...

because we have no chance to speak in English.

and one of difficult stuff is pronunciation.(←it is difficult to say as

we have no "R/L" sounds in Japanese.

so that's why almost Japanese has strange accents.

actually I have problem about my English anyway.

but it is not for speaking like that.

I have GRAMMAR problem...

The first interest in English was just interest.

I love english music and movie from my childhood.

But I've never studyied, though I was really interested in English

As for exam of English, It was always failing mark.

My fater always scolded me about that and I cryied as well.

I was really lazy girl...(still I am lol)

When I was 15 years old, I've been to New Zealand only by myself for a month.

That was my first impression of studying English.

I realized how poor my English is!!

After that impression, I tried to study as earnest as possible during the English lesson at school.

Also it was good experience for me.

I had been another country per a year for my birth day present and christmas present from my father, after this experience.

I got a lot of experiences each time I went to.

But these exeperience only teach how to speak and enjoy.

Retrace past, I was always looking forward to speak well.

I've never trid to make effort to study my grammar skills!!!

How regretable it was!! Shit!!!!

So, that's why now I suffer from my English grammer skills...

Is anybody help that problems???

The NEW life starts 

2008年06月09日(月) 9時38分
Now, It's about 1:30 a.m.

I think my fucking brain is almost sleeping...zzz

It's only 2 weeks passed when I arrived here in London.

but my English is still poor...

is anybody help me???

It's difficult to stay in another country alone anyway.

but it is my life which I desided.

there is no problem as well.

but something missing...

I miss you.

I miss all of guys you know.
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