January 10 [Sat], 2009, 4:50

I so wished they played this song at their live show.
But they didn't. not disappointed though
cause it was one of my best concerts.
I like this video and Tatu shows lots of emotions.
To me is is one of the most emotional artists I've ever seen up close.


January 09 [Fri], 2009, 11:54

I've fallen in love with "TRiP"..
I'm working on a band bio on them.
But getting info is hard. There is
hardly anything out there of them.
Anywho, this is their first PV (SAKURA IRO)
And it's not that bad. I like Yoshito's shades...hehe!
Very fun Visual Kei or Oshare Kei. They
Seem to resemble both genres well!

There's a "making of" clip towards the end, which
is interesting. They are jokers, especially K!
I hope i get enough info to write about

Make-up or none? 

January 07 [Wed], 2009, 14:25

These guys don't look that bad.

In the video:

the Gazette
An Cafe
Alice Nine
Despair's Ray

Many cool hot looking men with no
Make-up...Uruha looks like an average Asian boy.
But Sexy in the now Uruha is what i like...Oh
and Miyavi woooo a difference.

I don't wear makeup in my house but outside i sure do.
I think most people do!
It's a big though when it's Superstars...And my Mana...Oh
what a God?

Make-up makes the world go round, for sure!


January 07 [Wed], 2009, 4:00

My friend Kasa during an aim chat,
was watching you tube videos.
She show me this and it was hilarious.
An Cafe are like a family now, but i still miss Bou.
Kasa is boycotting them. Only cuase they aren't
coming to the East Coast.
They call touring only 5 places in SF a U.S Tour.
I doubt that's a tour but it's a start.
I like the part when Miku makes fun of Yuuki.
Ha ha "It's S or M"....
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