the perennial flow of traders are thousands hundreds of

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Have poles in the world, one is the Antarctic Mens Canada Goose Citadel Parka, the Arctic, there is a third pole, is the Mount Everest under the the Tubo control site, Tubo Manzi living in the vicinity of the third pole of the world, but it is just a bunch of fresh life Fan point Manzi, nowadays, the international situation is favorable toward Datang party gradually move closer. Songzhou Mao-chou, Yizhou, Ya State, will Chuan Yao states west of the ministries Qiang Department with Datang contact the various forces, and has worked with the tribes of the East Tubo several battles, although who did not discuss partial Yi However, the Tubo's offensive momentum has been let's Datang joint around the Qiang people, put them firmly barrier JINCHUAN, Novo carry Jiang glimmer not progress I Datang the removal of elite are Southern soldiers, Wu Ben military system, the loss is not touches Tubo east side of the column Pakistani tribal theory jade Xieer in the first-line JINCHUAN our troops to the whole of an ambush, On Xieer of jade shelling his death subordinates thousand people are poking eight hundred, down more than two thousand I Both of scattered. "staff homes on large sandbox, Li Jingbo parent holding pointing baton in the sand table, sand table, covered with a representative of Datang, Tibetan, Qiang colored flags. "Ah, Lee performance Aiqing really live I the high hopes, Well done, this Theory the jade Xieer can not pushovers, the year Gar old boy Chang'an mission when mentioned people What is the famous Tubo Oh, great, a cannon ball flew up into the day, ha ha ha ... "Uncle Lee music even throat tongue exposed. The guys are happy, ah, at least the eastern Tibetan Raiders live to temporarily hijack the loss of soldiers off the. Continuous dozen battle down. Tubo in the loss three dongdai, which is one thousand, more loss of one of the eastern part of the famous military chieftain known soldiers breakage rate of nearly ten thousand, while we here, Qiang loss of several thousand Datang The land the elite was damaged little. "Your Majesty, there are those today sheep with East female country with my Datang support stable each site at least one to two years, the Tibetan lightly if he dares to have a big move in the end . Bureau must also be a lose-lose nothing. "Stephen Riady Road Xi Zizi geography with beard made Road. Side. Zhang Liang also smashing open-mouthed the words: "This time, we regarded the fall on top of the board, a wonderful son, Tubo Manzi can Gansha the? Now he consequently can not do. Would like to take the conquest of the southeast brought increased population and strength, but unfortunately They chess a significant difference between His Majesty first framed now they fight which had to be considered, not less than the time taking care of the head. Ding gave Lu out. "--------- boiling - -------- -------- of Man ------ Xue ------------------ rogue Teng said rogue then. Bunch of old ruffian, not malicious laughed, God knows bunch of sub-lords not want to go to storm Tubo Manzi's chrysanthemum. Well, I am also very evil. Everyone is Shuishuoxiaoxiao. Can not even got the General Assembly, one into the the outs hospital and staff homes Contact hastily channeling come in, my men to naturally handle inside the intelligence delivered to my hands, a look, I laughed ancestors board board, really pairs are good. "Your Majesty! Overjoyed, happy occasion, ah I quickly approached, excited to wake up:" Your Majesty, please see here, it seems no later I Tangjian Nan Road West line good news side, the land of the Nanzhao also is life and life that frankly back this Nanzhao can be more quiet. "in the hands of intelligence has long been squatting beside me places Suding Fang robbed in the past, looked up," Oh, what say? "Lee the uncle very interested to lying on the sand table edge asked. Since the advent of the sand table, three-dimensional, more intuitive model is far more than the map welcomed by Datang military blocs. "Half ago, the Jiannanchun Road observed Don adults Chao Nanzhao tribes and Yongchang, YAO state, Queensland area in various tribal headman in Queensland the edge of the Dianchi Lake to the league, to integrate the heart of the tribes, and secondly, also took the opportunity to warn the the ministries even think about in front of the Tibetan to hit me Nanqiang ground idea, who wanted here, is located in the Erhai Lake Crescent Bo Lane small Burgundy Lane two tribes tells me Datang envoys much disrespect, the chieftains of the small Burgundy Lane A plug is a shame I Datang envoys, shaved his head shaved eyebrows already know this news wanted to come to you. "I said little heavy. "Ah, this thing, I know! Nan Manzi, really hateful to the extreme, but the South needs stability, plus Jiannan Road are military forces, the old lady has long decreed that Lee's performance Aiqing hateful Manzi to live split up! "Uncle Lee suddenly on muster the eyeball, the ancients in the eyes, the skin of the body hair and whiskers by one's parents, the most treasure, this clearly is a defilement of the largest personal ground. The edge of your generals have heard that this is a military intelligence, but listen to hide from the still resent color look. "Your Majesty, let's Military Academy Wu Ben and soldiers really done a great Suding Fang only look finished intelligence, could not help but shoot thigh loud cheers. Uncle Lee this promoter can not wait any longer, the intelligence grab the top two steps to put the hands relish the look up. The edge of the old generals anxious prodding me with something, or Li Jing the Father. "Fair niece you do not hurry to talk about waitin Editor's Note?" Oh, good, Xiao Zhi which talk, hey. "I sip Minzui, take the baton nodded Erhai Department:" learned After this message, I Datang Wu Ben army two squads, starry night journey, three days after the arrival of the Erhai Lake, at night, to get the leader of the small Burgundy A plug captured from the tribes inside out. "" Excuse me? alive, and brought out? inside the the "edge Cheng Shushu really pleased bad, he kept the hand-wringing:" Wu ben Army, his mother, the division of a Warrior Ben Ha, ha ha ha, fast talk, they are how from such a tribal people to kick out of? "old guy jumping up and down in front of me, I hasten to point sandbox statement said:" two detachments, a team in the the small Burgundy Lane villages of West sabotage, the small Burgundy Lane attention to attract the past, how they did not expect another dozen people detachments, literally alone proceed steel crossbow and a variety of special weapons, A superimpose bind them still lying in bed sleeping people Zongzi AU will live to jail until this moment, not only to me face Datang Datang soldiers contention light, but also those who were Nanzhao Manzi all cold daring act after Don adults, fear is more Shunliu and those the Nanzhao Manzi head people had promised I would no longer hinder Datang cement straights in the land south of the Jiannan Road construction, land to the state capital, between Unicom and Citadel result Tsusho exchanges, as well as convenience in transportation, we will be able to be firmly grasp at the hands of the future, I Datang ------- boiling the partition of the collapse of the strategy is for. " the text ------ school ---------- Teng ---------- ------------------ Tubo anxious eyes they also did not think how the beginning of the sheep with the strategy was clamped in Datang East Female countries, Tuyuhun has now Datang to infiltrate into the the Tuyuhun hinterland Heyuan, West Canada Goose Chilliwack, poured River is large Tang Bu heavily Tuyuhun the Qiang people pressed stuck Sodom in Central Park, which is at the source of the Yellow River, Jishishan Purple Mountain, here on behalf of the Datang to trade mart is the establishment of a the military fortress small town of a completely masonry. Citadel than Changan is much smaller, but in fact is not too small, at least can easily thousands of families of people living Moreover, here between the lobby and a lot of traders of all ethnic groups, the perennial flow of traders are thousands hundreds of, Uncle Lee et al finalized the garrison even a lot. This small town Cypriot garrison Uncle Lee named Woo, Kwan The name of government, Tangjun, can actually Uncle Lee this old rogue play the underhand the, this House Tangjun number of government, far more than, and with lot of Morishiro weapons, and even now only supply Datang sixteen Methodist School of imperial guards and military forces, artillery, also with a five otherwise mortars, grenades, and other long-range strike and short-range defensive weapons . All will be equipped with a steel crossbow, until the time once completed, the Citadel height of thirty feet, is completely masonry concrete architecture, this is simply a permanent military fortress, like a nail, firmly firmly press crucified Tuyuhun, the East female country Tubo binding part. It can be said, as long as the ammunition, adequate equipment and adequate food, inside two thousand five hundred Tangjun elite, keep three to five months will not matter, not to mention, also stationed here Datang played into the hospital, an intelligence Ministry, at any time be able to message delivered directly to the the Changan, Datang government's highest institutions. "Tubo will react?" Heard the news, I was shocked, Uncle Lee proudly narrowed feeling nervous: "Tubo Tubo now he can Gansha to Canada Goose Constable Parka, I now is to let moved for him, he did not dare to, although he is now Songtsan has changed strategy, tried to befriend the sheep with the edge of the East female country, he also serves decent, at least Tuyuhun there Tuyuhun dared to touch you? Xian Xu you do not forget, the Tuyuhun the king away from we now West Sea State a hundred more than ten years, and now Tuyuhun is I Datang in the hands of the snail, want to kowtow to surrender had a chance to do, how can that leisure to bother again flirt with Tubo. "-------------------- PS: The following is not G: second arrived, everyone slowly, someone always says I'm the end , sorry, I think that is not enough, to write a book, both for everyone to see, is also the author of the hard work, I hope he can go further. Your opinions, I have heard, but some I do not necessarily agree that it Please understand, after all, everyone's way of thinking are not exactly the same. The site opened the umd, jar format e-book download.
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