Visiting In Fairy Tales Each Season In The Land Of Switzerland 

March 29 [Mon], 2010, 10:02
Swiss poet Gottfried De Kaile had vividly described the characteristics of four seasons of Switzerland in his article. 25 The Vicious Habits Why You Should Protect cheap bags Every Day Visitors who always visiting Switzerland all know that different season will give visitors different feelings.bags , The Best Mother's Day Giveaways for Mom

When the village on the mountain top is coverd with snow, at the foot of the mountain, the spring wind has swept over the whole city. Trees begin to sprout, and rivers with the ice melting glitter in the sunshine. This is a good time for walking in this street filled with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Gradually, the season belongs to the Alps coming, and the rich "Hiking paradise," Swiss has attracted a lot of people who love nature. If all hiking routes are added up, then it is much more than going around the earth. Therefore it is sufficient to prove that there are so many hiking routes. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, when you are enjoying climbing, you can also appretiate the nice flowers blossoming on both sides of the way.

The summer of Switzerland is also a venturesome world. Come and feel it yourself!You can feel about Swiss by admiring the Alps and playing golf, playing boat race on the lake, playing yacht, or playing raft in the river. And when the fall comes, the whole Swiss are dyed with gold and red. Refreshing air is no better season for hiking.

These beautiful sceneries, especially the lakefront and bank reflecting the golden light, and the grapes grown on hillside fields, cannot be seen in any other country except Switzerland. In addition, ginkgoes and maples all decorate the country with their attractive colors and make tourists leave with reluctance.

In additionl, autumn is also a season of cate. The unique taste of grape wine with fresh cheese will leave you a memorable impression. In this season, they will have Grape Wine Festival and Harvest Festival everywhere, which is also a good place for the tourists to enjoy themselves. In winter, the bright sunshine and brilliant snow make Swiss a silver world.

Skiing lovers are doing cool gyre; the people playing on the skateboards are just like dancing, jumping joyfully; the laughter of the sledding kids can be heard in all directions. Switzerland` winter brings people endless happiness, especially appreciating the best mountain view in a year- mountains and rivers covered with snow; Enjoying the spa of the modern facilities to release from tension and fatigue after doing sport and viewing the snowscape; Or you can chat in front of the warm fireplace, which will also be a kind of feast journey.
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