2008年01月10日(木) 14時55分
Wow i haven't updated in ages!
I don't have so much time.
Well, there was christmas, i got some presents like Eternal Sonata/Trusty bell (xbox360) i love it!! and i got harry potter and the deathly hallows translated in swedish. The movie NANA .. umm and some small things :D
I spent christmas with my cousins, grandpa and grandma, my family ... yeh.

There was new year.. 2008!!
It was beautiful with all the fireworks.

The school started in mondays. I hate it :(
We have a new one in my class.. her name is like dorna or dorsa or something. we call her doris.
she's butt ugly XD
and 70% of my class is racists (?)
I don't like her so i won't be her friend.

Well, it flows on .. i have to get better grades this term.
All i got last term were only .. G and one IG and one VG.
I don't really know what that is in other countries..
VG = B
G = C
IG = F

i think XD and MVG = A ...

I need MVG's and VGs really much..

in a couple of weeks we have PRAO.
Wich means you'll try out for a job in 2 weeks.
I searchd for maid in a hotel... but the worktime is 9hours!!!
8.00 - 17.00

On march 14 , is my birthday. 15 years old hahah!
2 days after that, 16th mars, AN CAFE is coming to sweden!
I will go!
It's too bad it is in stockholm and i live in gothenburg.
But i'll take the train.. 3hours.. T_T .. yeh.
and after the concert i'll sleep over at a friends house and we and another friend will party all night XD

I have also bought new glasses, but they haven't arrived yet. I hope they will be ready until friday.

This weekend im off to the city, my friend from ängelholm is going to visit gothenburg and stay at one of my friends places. I'll meet them and we'll hang XD Can't wait!!!

I also need a haircut!
My hair is sooo long now!
It's just that everyone want me to save my hair so it'll be girly-lenght.
I say no.. i like my hair! but im often mistaken as a boy wich annoys me sometimes...


2007年11月19日(月) 16時08分
I was really happy that day x'D


2007年11月19日(月) 16時01分

This weekend i've been with my friend, Naru, and 2 of her friends and a wapanesefangirl.
It's been fun! Really fun :D!
I'll see Naru next weekend to. yay :D

Today. School again.
I want to wear my new jeans.
They look good on me XD ! I like them.
So i'm going to school altought i feel sick.

In saturday we went for a movie.
We watched SURF'S UP wich had premiere that time.
Then we saw that posters with this Bee movie.
We fell in love *o*
We'll see it someday to XD

- O -; 

2007年11月03日(土) 20時19分
2 days left of the holidays..i don't wanna go back to school o(;__;)o

I've noticed i am a very booring person. I don't get why my friends keep talking to me .A. ~ very strange - O - ;

well, i have some sweets and im off for a movie ~ the polar express. i want winter < 3

yesterday i was visiting my mom, she died in summer 2004 .
we light candles and put a heartshaped flowerthing. It was really beautiful. My grandma and granpa had already been there so it was more things. Really beautiful. I miss her ; ___ ;<3


2007年11月01日(木) 18時21分

Yesterday was HALLOWEEN.
I did not celebrate it that much.
I watched "A Nightmare before christmas"
It was really good

I also have a phone again.
It is the lower version of my own so i know how it works.
The only thing i don't like is the big buttons -o-;


2007年10月31日(水) 19時09分
Ehehe i've been off for a while now.
My cellphone is currently gone, i must have it repaired, and i do not have an extra phone T___T!
I got a borrow-phone from the store but it is so old, it has no camera T___T
But i won't live 2-3 weeks without a cellphone , and camera.. so. Today i will clean my room, then i get money, then i will buy a new phone. Or take back my old!
SERIOUSLY it was a line on the display when taking pictures sometimes. That is nothing T_T

since i don't know a thing how yaplog works really, and since my japanese pretty much sucks, i don't know if i have like any messages but it feels like it, but i don't understand them, exept a link from riku ahahah -_-;

TODAY'S GONNA SUCK D: i can feel it.


2007年10月17日(水) 14時22分
I am home and i am sick ( ̄o ̄)

but my grandma said i must go to school so i will go the first 2 lessions >(' n ')<

my stomage hurts and i have really bad headache.

and i will be late today too !!


2007年10月16日(火) 2時19分

Today everyone in school was crazy. Me too. XD
I were a nigra.

my auntie has left now ;___; !!!

i baked cola now.

tomorrow i have gymnastic first lession<3


2007年10月15日(月) 21時54分
i am now home from school.
It was booring to death.

I am now eating the rest of yesterdays pizza. I don't like it, but today it tastes good because i am so hungry *o*


2007年10月15日(月) 15時04分

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