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May 01 [Wed], 2013, 5:28
I grew up in Miami, Florida before here to DC when he was 17. I'm into punk rock and obviously we have our own team of children. The same happened with the rich kids around the world are known as preparations. My team was about 30 or 40 children in and around Miami together. Preparations were everywhere, I mean the shit still in South Beach are absolutely right. My team has always been at war with this group of preparations that have problems with Spikey hair leather, riveted, and not what was painted. We are treated like monsters, and I understand that the status quo is not normal. But I had this for a girl, I could not stand it, Kristen. My friend and I had been in some fights, usually comes out the winner because he was only 5'2 max ツ」 125 for me as I am 5'8 and weighed around 210th I must admit, I've worked a lot, because I was on the football team when I was younger and I was running with weights and then was not built in large part, but I have a very gud agreement on the strength of upper and lower body, which had defined chest muscles and arm muscles never had a defined six-pack n. Kristen on the other side was his usual preparation, beautiful redhead, who was about 5'6, 36 c tits, size 4, and had the most juicy ass you can imagine. Perfectly round, it was a mistake, and the word, they had the baldest pussy in our school. When I was young and human rights education in the confusion, had been watching this thing for me, and literally laughed when her husband was fucked, I'm not really much about it until the day after me, and their children, struggling to see, he had this case against me because I use the local team worked SHARP children. Anyway, after he fought the only time I got in his car and approached me and apologized for what he called the shit, and I said to my surprise, she never had a problem with us punks and said he wanted the meeting somewhere I was surprised and said : OK.
The following Saturday, she gave me aa call while I was at home and asked me if I did not care, I said no, I'm not at this time. Well, come and get me out, he said. I told him to be sick there in about 10 minutes and hung up the phone, I think there Drover : I wonder if all the fighting to stop me and you chilling show that really have no enemies should be: I thought leave out of my head and saw a few, but there will always be conflicts. I turned to her home at 7:30 and went and rang the bell, was the home of his father worked for a large group of Insurance, and his mother was a lawyer who traveled to Daytona and Palm Springs.
had told me that her mother was home and I would have to meet his mother before the line. I entered his office at home moms, my 9 -inch glowing blue crest soared, leather vest, black jeans, elastic, ribbons, balls, adding Minor Threat I love my shirt. I thought shit, it's not too good, his mother turned around and wasblocked for a second as Wow, so its Tony, well, well, somehow surprised me, laughed and I was thinking the worst. It's good he's not a clone like any other person who takes her to see their good to see someone with more character
I was surprised, but said : Thank you and I I went out and walked around to 09. 30 hours and then off I approached her and asked her is that international financial institutions come to swim with her, I agreed. I went when I was in the room in which he appeared and said, Hello, I need to ask you something, basically naked, and I'm not shy, so I turned to Dick out, andto my surprise, she was naked, Do I look good naked, I shuddered a second, I mean, shit, who would have thought that this would happen to me, his friend, basically, was to me. I said it was great and she came up to me and I looked down and said : Your Not bad care of himself, I think I want to play, she took her hands and slowly began playing with my dick, how big these hands, it was amazing it took me to his bedroom, lay down and restart the mouth more easily on my cock was so wet mouth, so hot, I was blown into the sky, which revolved around language, underline the head of my dick and deep throat for me, about 20 minutes.
sat down and said he wanted to fuck me hard. Disagree I did not want, I got up, leaned over the bed and slid my cock into her pussy, I was not expecting so closely, to be honest, I took more and more difficult as I went, it was the first with groans aloud about Oh, shit, damn, your cock in me feels sooo good, I have not felt a cock so since before Roger (Roger was her boyfriend at the time) to know he was sentenced to fuck my enemies, I grabbed his girlfriend hips and pulled me harder, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, screaming Yeah, yeah, ohh hold good, to fuck my bitch as fraud I am, fuck me fuck me Tony! I did what I wanted, after a time it took, his back against the wall and had his legs wrapped around me and I grabbed her hips and wander further, hit his head on the wall a couple of times, groans and kept going, those tits, bouncing hard and high, his hands in the ass, slapping it on occasion, I kept driving my 8 inch cock into her and then leaned over the bed again , fucking her pussy as hard as before, watching her bounce her ass while I fucked her hard.
I started screaming to end, I'm gonna cum! I took it, and went downstairs and joined them from eating pussy, she came so hard, that was the hardest thing i cum shot woman ever felt. Then I slid past, and that ruined my cock with her 窶銀?mouth, she choked all the time and I even began to mourn, which will blow Kristen! Then she grabbed her ass and pushed himself to my charge, which was shot in the mouth grimaced and began to swallow. nd then movedere and said : I have never cheated in my life so far, and it was amazing, I tried, but what was great and that he could , he turned to me and said : Please tell me, do you shit once, while one, because Roger can not stand to offer. I, of course, to be honest I've wanted for a while and I bet your ass i fuck more, and that's what happened exactley every Saturday until I moved, we had some fun, and still keeps on fighting and Roger, but hey, I was fucking his wife, so the victory of the struggle against it was porn games sweet!
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