the west iron city start health run about a public-spirited activity

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:01
at state at the moment that successful anniversary of Ao arrives, for greeting green Olympic Games, west iron city(China) clock limited company started "alignment health, head for an environmental protection" west iron city light the kinetic energy healthily run about a public-spirited activity and call for people to walk to replace to embark pileup with 30 minutes every day.

environmental protection volunteer common festival

is spread a plan by the man Yang and contract for job this time built-up numerous environmental protection volunteers was attracted to the public-spirited activity aggressive participation, and be subjected to universal concern of the medium, central television station and Peking the television station and tour Wei saw to all carry on to report.This time activity with public-spirited healthy environmental protection not only spread west iron city only the environmental protection principle of the kinetic energy"close and environment, close with mankind", also greet green Olympic Games for us, constuct green home, provide a kind of health, environmental protection, simple easily go of good method-persistence on foot.

the environmental protection volunteer sign

is one to be rich with social sense of responsibility, and own the business enterprise citizen of environmental protection tradition, the west iron city has been taking orders the business enterprise charter of "cherish the Earth environment, develop each activity according to the environmental protection policy", is environmental protection business silent contribution strength, last for 20 years, finally developed in 1995 green environmental protection of light kinetic energy watch, and become the head in the watch profession house to acquire the business enterprise of environmental protection attestation.But while continuously developing an outstanding product, the west iron city throws larger enthusiasm and energy the body is at the environmental protection business, and concentrate on bringing the public the environmental protection principle.

in the activity, the west iron city(China) clock limited company general manager lives Chuan Mr. Long Fu to say:"We hope to pass this'alignment health, head for an environmental protection'public-spirited activity, call for everyone to use to walk to replace to embark pileup under the possible condition, in order to decrease automobile utilization rate, turn down car tail to annoy the pollution that results in for city thus, alleviate a transportation pressure that car brings, return we a purity, beautiful of green home.The principle dissemination that we still hope that everyone can healthily live is to each person of passion life.The west iron city heads for health together with you, alignment environmental protection!"

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