Caring the bat and Preservation Guidelines

January 05 [Sun], 2014, 22:33
Before you start the knock-in process, it is important that you oil the bat with linseed oil.
The surface should be sanded using a fine sandpaper before the coats of oil is applied. You must allow for some time for the bat crikcet Singapore to dry as you apply the coats. This can be done overnight. If the bat comes with an artificial oiling, there is no point to oil it . The bat should not overstay in oil because it makes it soft and can easily get damaged.

After you are through with the oiling you may commence the knock-in process.
After having a match, you should always check the bat for signs of damage, such as cracking or breaking of the wood. It is possible to repair the cracks by cleaning and sanding the damaged area. After this , you can use a tape and some super glue to repair the cracks.
When the bat is not in use, I is advisable to store I in a dry location which is not exposed to direct sunlight. It should also be kept in areas of moderate temperatures because high temperatures may damage it.
At the end of every season or the start of a new season, it is advisable to apply a linseed oil coat though you must be careful to avoid excess oil.
Ensure that you take care and maintain the buy cricket bat Singapore at least four times. If you mishandle it, it will be damaged and not offer he required service. Ensure that the cracks are fixed using glue and tape even if it is a new bat.
But if the crack is big, you may have to contact the dealer so that they can send it to the manufacturer to fix it or send you a brand new one. Nevertheless if it's clear the bat has been misused or not taken care of, you may not get a replacement.
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