2008年03月06日(木) 23時25分
I'm suffering from excel which is part of the e-learning of canon. But I just found out something.

=DATEDIF(the starting day, the ending day or today, unit)

It's a function that calculates a time length.

Excel sheet

cell A1: 1984/7/8 cell B2: =datedif(A1,today(),"d")
That shows I've been alive for 8642 days until today.

cell A2:2005/11/7 cell B2: =datedif(A2,today(),"d")
That shows I've been dating Kevin for 850 days until today.

That means we've been dating almost 10% of my life. YAY.

"Offenders will be severely punished." 

2008年03月06日(木) 21時19分
I've been back from Europe for a few days and I've been trying to write something about it here. But I've been stuck with the e-learning of Canon I have to finish in a couple of days.

I just found some news of France.

French Mayor Bans Villagers From Dying
Updated:10:42, Thursday March 06, 2008

The mayor of a village in south west France has banned residents from dying.

Village graveyard is fullAnd Gerard Lalanne has threatened "severe" punishment for anyone who disobeys.

The mayor issued the unusual edict when it became clear that there was no room left in the overcrowded village graveyard in Sarpourenx in the Bordeaux region.

In an ordinance posted in the council offices, Mayor Lalanne told the 260 residents that "all persons not having a plot in the cemetery and wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the parish".

It added: "Offenders will be severely punished."


Hong Kong 

2008年02月19日(火) 22時25分
I was not gonna write in this blog anymore, but I decided to upload again cuz there are still some people visiting this site apparently.

I just came back from Hong Kong last night. I wish I could stay there longer.. It's the toughest time for long distance relationships to leave each other. Whenever I have to leave him, I ask somebody why we don't get such a basic thing that most couples get naturally as being together. I felt like giving up on everything else and going to Hong Kong to be with him. But I know it's not the right time yet. I guess I should be happy enough by having someone who really loves me and whom I love.

Anyway, I'm going to Europe in two days.. I gotta pack.... after I unpack..


2007年12月15日(土) 0時51分
I went to Kyoto to visit my friend who goes to a grad school in there

kudaranai games competition vol. 1 

2007年11月15日(木) 17時20分
I had a party with my friends called "silly games competitions" last night.
I'll upload several entries about this because I can only put 5 pics in each entry.

1st game: How-Many-Marshmallows-You-Can-Keep-in-Your-Mouth Game
Well, I don't think I need to explain how to play it.

If you lose, you have to eat lemon. Three of us did it.

2nd game: How-Fast-You-Can-Lick-All-the-Chocolate-Part-of-a-Pocky Game

I was so bad at that. If you lose, you have to do this

A french girl who was there was wondering why we "pretended" to kiss. She said "why don't you just do it for real?! It's just greeting!"
I felt the cultural difference hahaha.

I cant think of any title 

2007年11月10日(土) 12時56分
If you know me well, I think you know I'm self-deprecating.
I easily get depressed and feel inferior.

I was browsing some book at a convenience store yesterday and found this:

Jealousy can be a troublesome feeling but you should know this. It's greedy to want something special about someone without any effort. And if you're jealous of someone, would you want to change your whole life into theirs? You probably wouldn't.

I thought it was right.


Anyway, it was our 2 year anniversary the other day.
Thank you for the most wonderful years of my life.

Winter Break 

2007年11月08日(木) 22時19分

Kevin's coming to Japan

Canon Orientation and Something I Thought about Families 

2007年10月27日(土) 19時10分
I had a meeting with people who are starting to work for Canon Components with me next spring and executives. It was my first time meeting them. I was afraid there might be no girls among new workers, but YEESSS!!!! There was a girl, who is very very nice and cute. I think we can be good friends. The executives took us to their factories and they were amazing @_@ I said I love Yumcha so bad to imply I want to go to Hong Kong branch eventually ^^;;; They said I should eat a lot when I go there on business. Does that mean... I'll have chance to go there on business? I'm starting to like this company a lot And they gave us souvenirs. ^_^

lol so much Canon
I don't think Canon makes any towels.. I didn't know it makes calculators.. it seems like it's by another group company. And the books about Canon.. do I have to read them and study?!?

At the restaurant I'm working part-time for, we had a lot of customers with babies or younger kids because it's Saturday. There was a family having three kids and all of them bahaved very bad. It's natural for kids to have some time when they don't behave well, but they were pretty bad. But it was pretty bad for them. After a while, their parents started arguing and the mother started yelling or screaming in the crowded restaurant where many people were having lunch. I've been working in restaurants for a long time and I've seen lots of families with kids. I've realized how big the parents' influence is for their children and I thought I should be careful too.


2007年10月22日(月) 19時16分
I went bowling last Sunday.

My lowest score is twenty something.

I got 70 and 74 with my friend's advice.

Big improvement, yay.


2007年10月11日(木) 11時46分
My last semester started. School is fun! .. if it's in Japanese. It feels good to not have to worry about my language ability and feel inferior to everyone. Although I only have to take four credits, I'm taking 14 so I can fail ten... just in case... OH but I have something I'm looking forward to. Dr. S is SO HOT SUPER HOT I'm taking two of his classes just because he is hot and I want to see him. I'm excited to go to school every Mon & Tues hahahaha.

Last Saturday, I went to Tsuchiura to see fireworks with Kevin's friends.. without Kevin. I was looking forward to it for a few months!!! It was absolutely AWESOME.