2009年03月19日(木) 0時42分
I forgot about this blog!

I'm pretty good now ae!
I have a Japanese exam tomorrow so I have to study but I do not want ae

Any way!
I think nobady sees this blog so I write my real mind on this blog

I have a crush who is Shotaro, you know he is a student of Rits Uji, same age with me and joins the baseball club in my school

I like him since I was in Japan before I went to New Zealand!!!

on 2nd of March, we started final exam.

I went to cafeteria with my friends to have a lunch
I entered the cafeteria when I noticed thet he sit on the cheir and have a lunch!

I did not make up so I prepared theat I did not him.

but he had noticed me and when I passed front him, he call me!
he just said "Hi!"

It is very usual in NZ but It made me so happy ae!

I was so happy!!!


2008年11月02日(日) 20時53分
I had a funny dream last night

I already went back Japan from NZ.
I was in Japan and I am in with my japanese family
We ate dinner at the table
dinner were fried chicken and sushi roll
I thought they were not good combinations
but my mum mede fried chicken again and again

I cared my weight so i ate just one chicken at the table and i talked with my papa.

Suddenly my mum started to be angry to me...
I was suprised and I had no idea.

I still talked with papa. papa said he want to go out to see the cherry blossoms and eat medicinal herbs on next weekend.



I asked to him

why do you want to eat medicial harb when we will go out see the cherry blossoms?lol

my mum shouted to me "SHUT UP!!!"

this mum was very scary...lol

we went out to see cherry blossoms but there are in the building and these were not cherry, these were medicinal herbs lol

but my parents said
"these are so beautiful"

i was laughing then my mum said.
what is funny?

she looked very angry but I did not know why was she angry so I said nothing lol

I was very scared my mum lol

i found the door and I opened the door.
there was dark room.

I went in there.

Then,,,there was Richardlol

he wore Japanese JINBEI and he said to me!

"Hi! Rina! Long time no see!
How are you?
before I said on MSN sbout I will come japan on Dec and Jan.
so I came Osaka."

I said to him.
"yeah!! welcome to osaka!! do you enjoy japan?
but,,,, do you remember that we will go shopping and buy JINBEI"

he said
"Yeah! but I went shopping already! this is JINBEI!"

I was angry lol
I said to him
"why did you go shopping? I wasn looking forward to going shopping with you!!"

we were fighting lol

after I came across with other Riccaroton High School Students.
They were boys and one boy asked me.

"Where can I buy gatsby wax?"

I said
"Dairy or Pharmacy. it cost about,,,, $6 or $7"

they said
"No way!! cause we always buy that $20 from William"

I said its so expensive!!!
William is very bad guy!!!

they went to beat up william lol

The Nutcracker 

2008年10月25日(土) 14時53分
I went and saw The Nutcracker of Russian Ballet Company

The Nutcracker is christmas story

I like this story and this ticket was $70 which is very expensive so I was looking forward with going to see this

this stage is so so.
but I thought $70 is too expensive.

I payed money to go concert this time, I thought this is professional concert and this concert has to go and see so I bought ticket and went there!!!

but it made me angry~ cause there were very young children on the stage. I think they are 5 years to 10 years old.

I am so angry cause this is professional concert so I wanted to see professional stage.
I dnt want to go and see children when I payed money!!!

I thought my stage was the better than this stage which is that when I was 14years old, I did.

Our stage was very fun and everyone could enjoy!!
cause our stage was free but everybody think when they come and see our stage, they have to pay money about bus, train or car so we have to show the very good stage!!!


Im angry now lol


2008年10月24日(金) 5時07分
Hey Guys!!!
How are you?
Im very bad now
I do not go to school yet
I have a stomachache so I cannot get out from my bed lol
I think everyone have a class now lol
I eill go school from period3 so don't worry!lol

see ya

have a nice day!!!

by Rina Kawai

he he he 

2008年10月19日(日) 19時25分
I have to study so I do not use mixi but I have just finished to write blog in bebo!lol and I'm writing this blog now!lol

I have to study~

I hate my japanese mum!
But I need her...

Oh my goodness
so I am a useless girl

I like yaplog than mixi

Yaplog is the better

he he he he he~~~

I have school tomorrow

Lately, Math teacher is angry at me

because I always tur around, I do not listen class
and I talk with InYelol

e he he

I do not take NCEA so I do not need to study

licky girl

Good lucklol

Hey! Guys! 

2008年10月14日(火) 18時10分
Do you know what's day on 30th November?
If you don't know, you have to check and you have to write your homework diary!!lol

I will go back Japan on 14th December!> I do not want to go back japan and I want to study at here next year, too!

What's day on 30th November?

I will move Auckland!!!
I will study IELTS in GEOS in Auckland!

so if you read this blog, please come airport on 30th November!!!:'(

I can use NZ cellphone when i will move Aucland so everyone!!!! please send me txt!!!

I love riccarton high school!
I love New Zealand!

Im a useless girl 

2008年10月12日(日) 11時47分
I am a useless girl.
I disappointed my parents.
I think my nz life is not meaningful.
Im soooo bad girl.


2008年10月10日(金) 17時39分
I got $45 today

I will go back japan on Dec so I have to send my baggages but I have a lot of things

If I send my all baggages, I think that I need $1000 for send baggages

so Im selling my clothes, Japanese food, shoes, japanese books and something on tha EnterNet

I sold bag, cosmetic item and poclet warmer

I got $45

Im so happy


2008年10月08日(水) 15時27分
I have nothing today

I got up at 7:30 and I wrote diary.
I finished to write diary after I did txt with InYe.
And............ I slept agaian lol
I woke up at 11:30 and I tidyed my room.
I ate lunch but TSUNA is soooooooooooo disgasting for me! X(

I hadnt gone out today lol

I was watching TV!

today is so boring
but i could rest so itz ok-!

Im sooooooooooo sleepy now
bye bye pu---------------

Goodbye :'( 

2008年10月08日(水) 3時53分

We went littleton
we ate very big hamburger I put on weight againlol
after I ate icecream with Kiko
Its toooooooo big and yummy


we took gondola
Its so fun

We shaked gondola, took a lot of photos ,
took movie and shouted to sheep
HeySheepCome onlol

Kiko and I took few funny pictures

We went my friend Barth day party

We ate ate ate...

We took sticker photo

and we go back Mina's house


We went somewhere
Kiko and Madoka went back AUC on Sunday.
So I am sooooooooooooooooo sad

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