Dong Xue pointing paradigm

April 10 [Wed], 2013, 16:09
> (Three chapters, the first to send the last chapter, we have tickets to give me investment point of it. WWW! QUANbeN! COM you look at my poor recommended. Knees and begged.) Fan also empty their eyes on the door slowly, ready open the door to escape, but when he touched the door, watched by the faint light a room, to be see the hearts of the meaning of doubts, Huh? This is my room. After determining that he did not continue to go out, but looked at the girl. The girl he did not know, he was now fully awake, this reflects over, this is their own house, there will be a stranger in my own house, how. Fan empty baffled. He carefully go forward two steps, slowly close to the girl, Fan empty wanted to find out who she. His room and bed, the sudden appearance of a girl, something like this is too weird. That.. "His words have not yet finished, it is interrupted by the cries of the girl. "Ooo, ooo girl wronged burst into tears, still just a dream Kaori, the man suddenly broke into pinch Youmo, and touch is that their own here has never been touched by man However, the hearts of girls wronged greater than frightened by. Fan empty see this girl crying, face a helpless smile, he did not know what to say. Although he did not know this girl is how come in their own house, how to sleep in their own quilt, but he did not want to blame her meaning, Fan empty just want to clarify this matter. "You stay away from me, the villain, sè wolf, ooo, ooo." See Fan empty approached the girl gripping the quilt looked at him, his face frightened cry more. "Well, I, however, do not cry, okay?" Fan also empty tone becomes very mild, just vague, careless offend the girl,coach bags outlet, hands touch something, he might have guessed out, the soft, rounded, feel very good. But this is just a misunderstanding, this misunderstanding, Fan also empty wanted to explain, and I want to apologize to her. But the girl did not give him a chance, the girl finds that this man is not a good man, she just want someone to rescue her. When the bedroom door was open, and those who come precisely Hu Xue, she slept downstairs is not very dead, so much movement upstairs she woke up from a dream, she hurried to catch up. When she entered the room and saw a figure standing in front of the bed, she sent a cry of alarm, open the bedroom lights decisive, trying to see the look of this person. The lights in the room suddenly lit up, a strong light to stimulate the range also empty eyes, trying to get him to adapt over. Turned on the light in the room things slowly became clear, Hu Xue recognized the the Fan empty, she's just strange range also empty should now still in the hospital, how to come back. Empty, you come back, just what happened. "Hu Xue cried at the door gently Fan also empty name, and then inquired. Fan also empty slowly turned around and said: "Hu Xue, you, this, that. 'Who is she?" This thing is really hard to explain, Fan also empty do not know how to say, he pointed bed girl asked to Hu Xue. Hu Xue looked over at the bed and found the girl, she uttered a cry, and said: "Oh, Cher how do you here, I do not give you packed room yet." The bed girl called Dong Xue, Hu Xue cousin, the difference between the two 3-year-old. Dong Xue just finished college entrance examination this year, she is very competitive and admitted to her sister attended the University of Mizuki. Before the semester begins, she would like to stroll around in Kyoto, so he came in advance. Just yesterday she arrived in Kyoto, and contacted her cousin Hu snow. Two sisters since childhood feelings is very good, not only in years or less, and still have the same name, the nickname of the small two let the home made difficult. Hu Xue first born, nickname from the early, called snow. Dong Xue was born at home consider to have snow from the small ready to give her the name of a little snow, but so called always feel not very good. Hu Xue was still young, feeling her sister's face, with her aunt said: sister, also known as snow, then called her Cher. "From an early age smart Hu Xue immediately solve the troubles at home , her aunt is also very satisfied with the nickname Fast forward many years in the past. They have been slim, and Mizuki and are admitted to the University. Hu Xue know Dong Xue Kyoto, enthusiastic Dong Xue received a Fan also empty home, I want her to rest a while, and then help her to contact the residence. I did not expect, like here when Dong Xue enter the villa, she begged all sorts of her cousin, want to live down here. After all, this house is the norm also empty, did not get his permission, Hu snow will not easily promised her. But finally could not withstand the of Dong Xue tears offensive,Coach Wristlet Outlet sale, so she stayed, Hu Xue also take into account the range also empty hospital, a long time will not come back, reluctantly agreed Dong Xue. She thought, let her stay for a night, and then the next day go to the hospital with Fan empty seek, if the norm is also empty unwilling,'' can only help her sister to find another place to live. But did not expect is that the range also empty tonight suddenly came back, so let her have been caught unprepared. Hu Xue see Dong Xue immediately reflected over the Cher were surreptitiously ran into the room, Hu Xue secretly think. Dong Xue came to the house after the visit, everywhere each room looked aside. Her favorite or Fan also empty room, the range is also empty room, great bed and very soft, very comfortable to lay up, which is also equipped with computers. Dong Xue very much like to live in this room, but Hu Xue how could let her do so, after all, this is the norm also empty room. "Cher, I asked you if it, how is not in his room to sleep?" Hu Xue heart some complain, the tone became somewhat greater, Fan also empty tonight did not come back tomorrow morning, she found no problem. Indeed range also caught empty. "Sister. Ooo, ooo." Then, she cried again, choked voice, said: "He, he bullied me." Dong Xue pointing paradigm is also empty, the tears rushing stream, as if the money, She did not know Fan also empty, to see her sister, and my heart has also been the backbone for Hu snow questioning, she simply ignored. The range also empty can be roughly guess the relationship between the two, but the face of accusations of Dong Xue, more helpless, he directed at Hu Snow beating the hand, revealing a smile, and said he did not. "Empty, wait for a while to explain to you." Said Dong Xue Hu Xue came around, trying to comfort her. Dong Xue met a sister, directly flew into her arms, cry took the liberty, but still vaguely hear the sound of pumping tears. Hu Xue explained softly in her ear, my sister around, Dong Xue feel safe, nor crying. Listening to Hu Xue explained, she secretly looked at Van empty, Fan also empty recovering from illness, face sè is not very good, chaotic clothes, but not the image his image. Fan empty see Dong Xue's eyes, smiled at her gentle smile and handsome appearance, Dong Xue feel doubly cordial plus Hu Xue explained, she gradually Fan also empty without hostility. Hu Xue After explaining, Dong Xue slowly out of the embrace of Hu Xue, jumped down from the bed,air jordan outlet, directed range also Kongdao to: "You are also empty brother." <
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