Hurt the dead is their business

May 17 [Fri], 2013, 16:54
> 373 document (s): [child angry mad] 373 document (s): [child angry mad the "cunning human, you can use a fire break you?" A cold voice suddenly from the east Yong behind to take up! Oriental Yong called Ji Ling! That sound natural the Li River mother-in-law, the tone of her words seem to Oriental Yong seal cultivation, and she was issued a rocket symbol, serious injury catfish, which makes Li River the mother jǐng Ti, Oriental Yong this time No shot hurt catfish, unknowingly, he suddenly soared against their own, I'm afraid they will get hurt! After all, he is the family of the sea, fire damage to them is very large! Oriental Yong a seep mother-in-law, then own jǐng Ti, thinking that she would not immediately kill me? Oriental Yong from the sea Fenger who see hope, naturally would not be so dead, so he quickly explained: "I need to have material to, or I is a hand tied the jī the force weak man!" Li River mother-in-law his gaze to the hands of the Oriental Yong fish leather and fire spar Oriental Yong like hands holding a hot potato, and quickly quickly throw the sea Fenger! The sea the Fenger looked wanted to laugh! The Li River mother-in-law snorted, and then the sea Fenger said: "after he saw the strict point, he was not allowed to have a fire spar and fish leather!" "Oh!" Sea Fenger should be uttered softly, then look naughty a the Oriental Yong. www! QUAnbeN! COM Oriental Yong felt the eyes of the sea Fenger not apologize, but naughty meaning, which makes a warm heart of Oriental Yong, happy and distance from the sea Fenger is really closer! Li River mother-in-law looked anxiously round one, snorted, sea thrill of this loud hum pass away, meaning that of jǐng report self-evident! Then she walked to whom the castle of red coral. Sea Fenger quickly followed up, go before pull Cheleyixia the Oriental Yong. Three back to the castle, to the evening, the sea the Fenger rising fireball, then noon bought ingredients to bake out the meal Oriental Yong eat that delicious ah, no longer have to eat seaweed! The next two days, Li River mother-in-law are not made to leave Sa Dingding City, but in the next day and say to eat five meals, so the sea Fenger about to have five times the fireball! Oriental Yong from Li River mother-in-law move, seen the Li River mother-in-law must be seen sea Fenger fire spar was not affected, she want to make more use of fire spar, see the frequency of use, not by fire spar back to bite! This day, Oriental Yong suddenly heard coming from the red coral castle roar, startled, then one will understand what things! Oriental Yong series with the sea Fenger visiting Sa Dingding city, some annoying, so the sea Fenger proposed Oriental Yong said tired, they did not go out, sitting in the hall, each tell a story or two people from the other side of the story to understand that the the respective world is what! Now hear this sound roared, both frightened, and stood up to hear outside sounds, know that came to seep mother-in-law challenges! "Ju Zhang family ran eight bar to challenge Sa Dingding City occupiers, I want to beat you, Dingding Sa occupiers!" Outside the deafening sound reached inside! Ben 8 bar is an octopus, he is also to challenge the crocodile tail, but the crocodile tail three brothers, Ben 8 bar strength is stronger than the crocodile tail on so little, but because they have three brothers, wraps, Ben 8 bar only failed parts. But fortunately his strength, not the three brothers were eating,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, he later repeated to challenge, have failed! That he was soon to be disappointed from here, somewhere else when a when the occupiers occupy a city, enjoy enjoy! But two days ago, he suddenly heard someone say Sa Dingding city was occupied, and the three brothers were killed, the news gave Ben eight Palestinian hopes, so he came to challenge! He was optimistic think this defeat three brothers, must break all three brothers, killed them, then the strength will be as strong and crocodile tail, that have now to challenge, you do not like to deal with brothers, a pair of three, but one-on-one, should have a great chance of winning, so Ben 8 bar! "What people?" Oriental Yong surprised, and asked. Sea of ​​us here in the city, only ... Imperial is managed by the royal family, the rest of the city are occupied by a variety of strong, and who can come challenges, challenges successfully, you can Fenger said: When the occupiers of the city. outside bird octopus, is wanted to challenge the mother-in-law, occupation Sa Dingding City! "She closed her eyes, feeling for a moment, then said:" outside that person's strength, and it was almost crocodile , may be strong, but no dragon-like product of two Heaven! "Oriental Yong sucked a deep breath, this submarine dragon-like product monks how much ah? Really scary ah? "That mother-in-law must meet the challenge is not it?" Oriental Yong asked, in the tone of hidden one Xingzailehuo taste. "Well ......" sea Fenger the beep Duzui, some are not happy to say, "The Challenger is really annoying, if you do not fight to defeat them, they will destroy everywhere in the city, pound luàn the" Oriental Yong face on quietly float a smile, that smile on his face deeper meaning of his Xingzailehuo! Fenger, cunning human fire spar and skin! "Suddenly, the sound of the Li River mother-in-law up! Oriental Yong and sea Fenger were startled to hear the voice of the mother-in-law Li River, sea Fenger subconsciously meekly out. Oriental Yong thought a moment, not ah, Li River mother-in-law not to say not to fire spar, how these things can draw fire breaks and gave himself, want doing? "Mother-in-law, I do not, I take what ah, ha ha ......" Oriental Yong quickly play finished hollow laugh again. Do not know this dead old woman is not testing! The sea Fenger reaction over the mouth was about to speak, but the the Li River mother's voice first rang: "you, you took the fire spar, go out and put that octopus I beat, I would like to sleep!" Oriental Yong body of a stiff! "What?" He then called Ji Ling, shouted: "mother-in-law, I, I ... how could defeat the dragon-like product Heaven, I would have the strength of will Fearless, where he can lick ah, my mother-in-law, my future, it will be honest to listen to your words, you do not let me go, OK? "What do you think?" the mother faint voice. "Good!" Oriental Yong loudly yelled. "Get out, or I'll kill you!" Mother-in-law Li River sound all of a sudden severe, scold loudly. Oriental Yong body shuddered heart little to do compared to seep mother-in-law Regulus goods metamorphosis kill, and another dragon-like product comparison and double days, or select outside piece of octopus! Oriental Yong bitter face to the sea Fenger took fire spar and skin, the sea the Fenger some reluctant to give, Oriental Yong grabbed over. "You will not dangerous? ... Sea Fenger asked, worried. "Yeah, but what can I do ..." said the Oriental Yong bitter face. Fenger sea hesitated for a moment, then looked up to the upstairs to mouth and seep mother-in-law, but the Li River mother-in-law to the channel: "Fenger you dare to plead him, I'll kill him!" Sea Fenger a grievance to a deflated mouth, Oriental Yong quickly pulled her, and said: "Do not say, I went I went to,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, there will certainly be dangerous!" to this point, the sea Fenger can not change the mind of the Li River mother-in-law, had to console Oriental Yong said: "Never mind, my mother-in-law here, If you have the risk of mother-in-law will save you!" Oriental Yong I thought, too, if the Li River to kill the old woman, it could have killed, but also died in the outside octopus hands? And she seems to want to the sea the Fenger practice mysterious fire gas, that there are useful, The Li River old woman will not let myself die! Want to understand Oriental Yong patted his chest, a lion went to the outside! Sea Fenger quickly follow up, I do not know not to watch, or care about Oriental Yong. Ben eight bar ...... outside shouted after a pass on the outside, but a long time not seen the new occupiers out, the reigning Is that new occupiers look down on themselves, or afraid of their own? Regardless of the kind of reason, Ben 8 bar very angry, this is not to ignore their own? So Ben 8 bar, in a louder roar, and threats do not come out, he was going to go to the city destroyed! Ben eight bar scolded for a while, and see the red coral castle out two people, a need to cover water Dan feeding rǔ of fish, a mermaid, but there is the highest repair mermaid before Xuan Ping, where occupiers, directly ignored, then continue to roar swore! "Cough ... cough cough ..." in when Ben 8 bar cursed, a sub-harmonic sound break up! Ben 8 bar stopped, glanced, but can not find the source of that sound and ignore, continue to criticize, but this time Kesheng rang, Ben 8 Klang from the anger up, glance, someone around, but can not find that Ke Sheng could not help loudly shouted: "Which did not so much moral, people are busy do not know, cough ass ..." "Well ......" Oriental Yong raised his hand tall octopus head and asked: "What are you busy?" Ben 8 bar is a tall ... people do not, fish are not fish, called difficult to determine ...... bio, he is a Han figure, two meters high, in a man's part, seagrass woven skirt around it, and then his hands and feet are the tentacles of the octopus head terrorist, even like a basin as the large octopus buckle on his head! Then eight tentacles hanging down, it looks like an octopus strange appearance, too scary! Out Oriental Yong, stood in front of him, but he did direct disregard of the East, and then the head of the Oriental Yong, head cursed special curse on land, I'm afraid his saliva will fall Oriental Yong on! Oriental Yong is very unhappy, so cough cough, let him know of their existence, but the dead octopus just paused, swore up! Fortunately, now dead octopus see for yourself! Ben eight bar micro bent down, looked at the Oriental Yong, then rip laugh cry, and said: "feeding fish rǔ, side, our strong battle, not something you can crowd!" Oriental Yong help Yizheng, he or to the underwater world care about their life and death of fish strange ah, really touched! But he did not answer the problem of Oriental Yong, is a big wrong, after all, this is the two key now! "You answer my question first, it is important!" Oriental Yong asked one! Ben 8 bar paused, that fish brain feeding rǔ no problem, so weak, there is no self-knowledge, Ben 8 bar poor Eastern Yong replied: "I'm about Sa Dingding occupiers challenge, Well , you can go! "" That I can not go! "" Why? "Ben 8 bar froze for a moment, and then a little angry, this guy must be sick! "I came to fight." Oriental Yong said innocent. "What?" Ben eight Palestinian reaction is very violent, suddenly jumped back, surprised to see the Oriental Yong! The crowd of people followed eat surprised, someone recognized Oriental Yong Li River mother-in-law, but they all know that Oriental Yong and repair of the dwelling, turned out to fight! Ben 8 bar is more cautious, that the Oriental Yong is to grab the pig eat tiger, but carefully watched for a long time, or did not find Oriental courageous and cultivation, how is this going? "You do not repair?" Ben 8 bar or asked, uneasily. "Yes!" Hear Oriental brave answer, Ben 8 bar startled, careful observation he doubled, or did not find him cultivation and mysterious gas Is this kid lie to myself, or put mí fog? "But my mother-in-law to the seal!" Oriental Yong fingers on the inside means, said. Ben the eight Pakistani biting, staring at the Oriental Yong brats kidding me! "Brats, no is no, say so complicated why!" Ben 8 bar black forehead, waving,Nike Jordan New School Shoes, "did not repair than the ass, Go to hell!" "But mother let me fight, she meant you can beat me will be able to challenge her, if you beat me, then you go back! "Oriental Yong spoke, while also waving to him, as if he has failed to go back to the same! Ben 8 bar go berserk: "I challenge the occupiers, not you!" "Do not you and I and her mother-in-law, you can not hit, do not hit you on the go, I would also like to go to accompany sister!" Oriental Yong should be made to walk inside. "Wait!" Ben 8 bar to see Oriental courage to go, quickly stopped him, then hesitated, teeth and said: "Well, we played!" Brats just a basket case only one finger can him down, and he did not have him, things are just the blink of an eye, where need and his nonsense to go on it? Oriental Yong turned around and looked at him, his brow a move, said: "Really?" "Really!" Did not lie to me? "Oriental Yong these days sea Fenger questioning he said the mantra applied in the Ben eight-bar body! Fenger sea listening to this sentence how so familiar ah, eyes turn, Du Qizui the stare of an Oriental Yong, but she glared after laughed out. "You ......" Ben eight bar angry eight tentacles vertically up, "how do you so much nonsense ah, ass lie to you, really mad at me!" Oriental Yong entire leisure looked at him , said: "see you look so serious, I believe you and I really want to play!, back to back, to fight must have a space, no space, how to make me his magic! "Ben 8 bar raised tentacle, Yong Hui to go to the East, shouted:" there would be no so many pishi, a direct hit is not on it! "Oriental Yong even leisurely, calm and said:" I have not said to start, you hit not want to challenge my mother-in-law, then I hurt a good come back! "Ben 8 bar tentacles stopped abruptly, his self-righteous that own this ōu down, I'm afraid not die also major injuries, petite body, I'm afraid to this feeding rǔ the fish to feed more than two decades can be good, that they are not to wait for a decade or two, how can wait that long because this feeding rǔ fish , No, small leak will luàn the great plans, and forbearance, we must endure! "Well, you start ah!" Ben eight bus roared. He felt almost reached the limits of endurance! Oriental Yong stare him a dissatisfaction, said: "I do not mean to let you back you, so how do you not obey the command, ah, do not listen to give me go back to my time, do not làng fee!" Ben 8 bar angry face was red, gasping for air, breath a few mouthfuls, had calmed a little, and then retreated to the street! Good ten steps back, Ben 8 bar stopped down, look to the East Yong asked: "Well, no?" Nice idea! "Oriental Yong frowned, seems to have what's not. "What now?" Ben eight bar asked angrily. "You look at this, look at this, this, this ..." Oriental Yong pointed to the crowd of people, so many people watching, accidental injury how to do? "Hurt the dead is their business, not you tube!" Ben said eight-bar, in fact, he thought, overthrow afraid of harming others, jokes! Oriental Yong stare, snapped: "I said listen to you, or listen to my ah? Listen to you, then I can be left ah!" "Do not, well, listen to you!" Ben 8 bar angry lung pain, onlookers waved side, begging you! "Oriental Yong looked at some incoherent with anger ran eight bar was secretly smile! Natural Oriental Yong mean to be angry at him, after all, Oriental Yong repair seal only fire breaks, and the normal state, and now Ben 8 bar is the best state to come to seep mother-in-law to challenge that certainly can not win Ben 8 bar, not to mention not win, he may be beaten badly! Oriental Yong first thing to do is let Ben eight Palestinian anger and irrational to think of myself as a very nasty and very incompetent people, such Oriental Yong have the odds! From the current situation, the success of the East Yong half! Crowd of people do not smile and Ben 8 bar angry, stand aside, and then continue watching them. Ben eight bar and Oriental Yong, 56 m standing apart, Ben 8 bar asked a few good yet, Oriental Yong to say: "Well, start!" Ben eight-bar a start, we look forward to how abuse The fish feeding rǔ laughed, suddenly in front of the Oriental Yong gone! b <
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