refining their own wine

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> Two hundred and seventy nine chapters are intended to immigrants "not burn up?" Young reforms asked. Www! QuanBEn! COM "back to His Majesty, is not burn up, in addition to oil over high heat, other oils, slaves as people have tried." Matilda rich with a little uneasy expression replied. "Burn it up?" Young muttered under reform, asked to: "with spirits tried it?" "Spirits? Majesty but said spirits poured into oil over high heat with a gourd?" Rich Matilda puzzled asked. "Yes, spirits, great companion, the palace may have spirits? More intense the better." Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, the inner court room specializing in wine there Yujiu issue, but to His Majesty summoned people to ask." Wang Chengen replied. Is the inner court, Young reforms have like this one, there is difficult to find the inner court, absolutely correct. "Mikimoto room of people immediately attracted, Zhen Yao Wengeqingchu." Young reform can not wait. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen promised. ...... Soon, Mikimoto room eunuch admiral came, with a little hard work, to be honest, he was the Yujiu room, it is right can be, the marginalization of those special jobs, although nominally a prefect, but , not necessarily better than some Yamen Resentment book has the right to life and death of those who do, now, to hear the emperor summoned immediately gust of wind came up, it can be really a rare opportunity. "Slaves Chen Yong Koujian Majesty, save the Queen Long live Long live." Mikimoto room eunuch admiral Chan Yong knelt respectfully bowed before the emperor. "Chen Yong? You are responsible for managing Yujiu room?" Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, slaves eunuch admiral is Yujiu room, slaves were surnamed Chen Yong." Chen Yong rushed to introduce ourselves. "Then you regarding this wine, cooked it?" Young reforms asked. "Back to His Majesty, slaves Saccharomyces things, know little about." Chen Yong very modest replied that he Chen Yong stand out from the tens of thousands of eunuchs, making this specialized pipe royal eunuch admiral winemaking, to say nothing understand, nothing officer, Saccharomyces ignorant, it is definitely possible, and the outside bureaucratic eunuch can differ, the emperor's eunuch slaves, slaves raised the emperor is the Director, a Director of the slaves not to climb, is clearly not possible, eunuchs can not have any outside kinship, relationship between teachers and colleagues - in this inner court, the countless eyes staring at you, you're not a little skill, and wanted to climb the eunuch admiral position too difficult, the competition is too intense. "Well, you know like, so I have to find that." Young reform but it is not ready, they get their own wine jīng, which has no oil, it can not make a blowtorch to the other non-combustible oil, only with wine jīng, The wine jīng medical value, but Yang reform coveted. "I ask you, can make a very strong very strong wine do? Best to burn." Young reforms asked. Chen Yong slightly in thought, the Emperor asked his profession, he'd calm down soon, said: "Back to the Majesty, say spirits, to burn up, than Shaodao Zi is said, the North is to identify not a good wine, is not spirits, who will then sprinkled on the knife, and then into the fire with the fire lit, if they can ignite, it indicates that the wine is good wine, very strong, no watered, northerners, particularly is outside the customs, especially like this wine, it is consistent with the North's drinking habits, but His Majesty said this wine? "" You mean, do have wine can burn up? right? "Yang reform want is this, white wine high degree can ignite the twenty-first century Chinese National People's Congress are aware, but in the Ming Dynasty, Yang reform not determined. "Back to the Majesty, yes, it Shaodao Zi wine its name, can really burn up, slaves'm sure." Chen Yong think about it, immediately replied yes. He gave the Queen's Royal brewing wine, what is meant by the Queen, is to use the best and most complete. A variety of wines, they did not seen? Learn to say on the world of wine, non-they must go. "Good" Young reforms called sound good, it can burn up the wine, the less there are fifty or sixty degrees to the experience of the early years of reform Yang, reaching fifty or sixty degrees wine, it can ignite, according to Chen Yong now said, Shaodao Zi is able to burn, then, this wine, it is estimated on the fifty or sixty degrees. "Chen Yong eh? Immediately sent some of the most intense over the most intense wine, the kind that can burn up immediately sent ......" Yang reform feels that, although Shaodao Zi although not wine jīng,Nike Jordan Big Ups Shoes, but five or six look ten degrees from the wine jīng also far worse, as the torch should be able to fuel up. "Slaves obeyed." ...... Soon, a slip of the eunuch carried the wine jar came, Chen Yong very serious, very professional one one open, one by one, with the smell, feel no mistakes, only let eunuch through, I feel there is a problem, as people immediately carried to one side. "Qibing Majesty, slaves had to be able to burn the spirits sent." Chen Yong checked sent wine, selected a group he considered the most intense wine, and then report it to the emperor. Young reforms nodded, this person is looking at things very seriously. Said: "Well, the rich Matilda, you could get someone to fill some spirits gourd try." Young reform should be on the spot to do experiment to see if this can not be successful in the end spirits blowtorch. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Matilda rich quickly ran, and commanded artisans start. Soon, school field that several artisans, put spirits poured into the gourd oil over high heat, pour off the oil hole, and then also the same as the previous, the mouth of the injector yard heap some of gunpowder, and then ignited. Young hearts reform is referred voice hoarse, and if it still does not become spirits fuel burner, it had its own refined wine jīng the first. "Bang", in front of the nozzle off after burning gunpowder, a puff of smoke, unfortunately, just spitting out smoke and took years gone, the experimental results very disappointing to Yang reform, which made high spirits fuel burner still not succeed. Fu Mingde very frustrating ran intrinsic reports: "Back to the majesty, the oil does not spray the fire gourd." "I know." Young reforms very disappointed, this highly wine experiment failed, it seems, was on the wine jīng up, but to refine wine jīng, do not know when to get out of it, Young rock bottom, but the mood of reform it. However, a few craftsmen school field, but did not give up, stop with the pump to cheer gourd, still in the past men. Young reforms very frustrated, asked: "Chen Yong, there are even more intense wine do?" Young reforms did not give up. "Back to Your Majesty, this is already the most intense wine, there is no more intense than this." Chen Yong replied quite sure they Yujiu royal house, preparing many different types of wine on the wine world can be said well aware of the kind of wine has those special xìng, they basically know. Reason is simple, that place out of a wine, good wine, basically every tribute, they wine as Royal Queen Yamen, does not want to know is immune. Reform in the Young frustrated, ready to give up, when suddenly the line, school field has been busy hands of a few artisans gourd oil over high heat, flames suddenly emerge. Rich Matilda was immediately shouted: "Your Majesty, there is fire, there is a fire, ah," Young reforms surprised to see that the height of liquor poured oil over high heat gourd, actually out of the flames, with a little bit of yellow sè, very weak. Oil over high heat for a few craftsmen see gourd out the fire, and came to a halt, did not continue to cheer gourd. The raging flames ejected gourd oil, from the beginning with a little bit of yellow sè, the flame is not large, but also floated slowly, the flame began to spray out into a wave of yellow sè the flame, the flame began to spray out a lot of the time, the head of the flame, is already blue sè of it. Young reforms see God, this is the wine of the seventeenth century, but it jīng blowtorch ah ah blue sè flame to melt the glass ah but can so get yourself out? Young reforms can not believe. This wine jīng blowtorch, but with a weapon that changed ah gourd oil gushing blue sè flame, the more violent, and the "call ......" sound, the momentum is very scary. School field everyone stared. "Your Majesty, is really amazing ah think, this wine can actually put oil over high heat cabinet combustion ah" rich Matilda involuntarily exclaim, which can be really God. "Rich Matilda, how just is not, and now the line of it?" Yang reform thought of this problem. "Back to His Majesty, slaves do not know, reckon, is artisans reason to cheer inside, or else, slaves ask artisans." Rich Matilda reasons not fully felt, I felt fairly certain craftsmen. "Ah, you put them called Come on, I personally asked." Young reforms see this wine jīng basic used a blowtorch, good mood, think you can appreciate something to artisans, allowing them to glass gone vegetarian, tailored This wine jīng blowtorch, this glass tube, sealing things, be completely solved. "Slaves obeyed,'ll go." Within a short while, then went to a few artisans around the emperor, some kowtow salute. Young reforms before: "I ask you, this oil gourd Why not the beginning of time, over a period of time you can flame out?" Yang also more curious about this reform, almost missed an important Ming. As an old craftsman quickly replied: "Huibing Majesty, but also by the oil over high heat Caomin cabinet rules do not like this oil over high heat oil over high heat gourd cabinets, cabinets big oil over high heat, Sheng front of the nozzle is also more gunpowder, lit When gunpowder, impulsive large, so long as the general point can spray powder, but because of this oil over high heat gourd, so gunpowder fire, no fire to spray frequently, so it is often necessary to use some oil burning oil over high heat gourd nozzle burnt for some time, which can hoist oil over high heat flame, the minister saw that the spirits of the oil over high heat sink point of gunpowder gourd after no flame, but also burn oil nozzles, I did not expect, it touches and That is the same as the oil over high heat, but also the need to burn some time to Spitfire ...... "Yang reform nodded, understand that this estimate is wine jīng impure, need to be heated to make wine in the wine jīng fast separation and water, so that jīng alcohol concentration to the concentration of combustion, so that, before use, to be heated for some time. "Yes, yes, I think you good, there are tours, great companions, each reward one hundred and twenty silver." "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen replied. "Caomin thank His Majesty Ron." Very few craftsmen delighted and immediately Shane. Yang Wang Chengen reform again beckoned, Wang Chengen immediately overlooking posts ears, Young reforms softly said: "Great companions, put a few artisans, quietly sent to the glass studio to go, then let these artisans raging oil tanks, fuel which is Such spirits, emitted by the fire, designed to seal the hole in the glass, so you say, glass vegetarian naturally understand. "Young reforms would not hesitate to apply the" high tech "it. "Slaves obeyed." Wang Chengen listened to the words of the emperor, eyebrow sè on the pick, the emperor immediately understood what it means. Finished processing this wine jīng blowtorch thing, Young can be considered a reform, but the one wish. Thermometer can be counting on their advent, to large-scale promotion of the ah can improve medical standards, to the south after their rì immigrants to go to Taiwanese immigrants, immigrants to go to Southeast Asia, indispensable to put this thing to get rid of the disease, otherwise, The difficulty is not afraid of immigrants generally large, and immigration, it is the only way to solve the problem late Ming, although he now has immigrant program Dongting Lake and other places, however, these lakes is limited, this Ming disaster, from time to Just Shaanxi, the future will spread to the entire north, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia immigrants, is a matter, so this medical problem, which must be to lay the foundation. This has been Yang reform crush what's sure to get a thermometer, wine jīng lights, magnifiers such things, medicine must show up to escort for immigrants, or Young reforms would not fed nothing to do, put When the emperor is not good, handle every cabinet is how the oil over high heat eruption. Artisans Shane gone, Young looked at the Mikimoto housing reform eunuch admiral, that this person can also, at least do something fairly tricky, to provide their own spirits, it also insisted on testing the wine is not a problem, Young Reform think, perhaps, you can let him refine wine jīng "Chen Yong, right?" Young reforms make up your mind, began to plan the employer. "Back to His Majesty, slaves precisely." Chen Yong with a trace of joy and replied, and today he is in front of the emperor somehow exposed a face, to the emperor to do errands, did not do hit, based on past experience, this There is definitely a reward, Chen Yong Alice to look forward, ready to see the emperor to his reward is. "I ask you, how that spirits are made out of?" Young reforms asked. Chen Yong think the next, and said: "Your Majesty back, spirits, such as Shaodao Zi, all with steamer (zeng) son out of the retort," Compendium of Materia Medica "there reads: Liquors also non-healing, self Yuan founding its law and bad wine with concentrated into steamer,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, steam make gas on Appliances Order Dettol. said is how to make shochu. "Chen Yong to show their knowledge and credibility, specifically references the" Compendium of Materia Medica "It's in the words of this masterpiece. "Compendium of Materia Medica"? This really is to let Yang reform greatly surprised one, did not expect an inner court eunuchs, actually know "Compendium of Materia Medica" in things. Young reforms surprised and asked: "Chen Yong, did not think, you know medicine?" Chen Yong very embarrassed and said: "Your Majesty back, slaves do not know, however, slaves touches on the issue of wine, more familiar, and got the idea, So, after listening to others say some wine provenance, also taken down, slaves do not understand medicine's ...... "" This ah I understand. "Yang Chen Yong reform thought that what Zenziyan describe, understand , and rì wine after the guy, basically not bad, Young reforms could have seen some do wine workshop, the kind of distilled liquor appliances, it seems also called Zenziyan, it seems that for hundreds of years, hand-made wine means not much change. Do wine workshop, burning out of the wine, which can be wine, it can be a high number of liquor, the Young reform is clear now that the liquor can be done in case of fire burning extent, then, to further increase a little wine degree, made wine jīng, I believe is not difficult. "Chen Yong ah I'm interested for one thing, you need a person Tizhen to complete, I do not know you have no interest." Young forced recruitment of reforms began. "Slaves of course interested in anything for His Majesty, is just commanded slaves, slaves born to serve His Majesty." Chen Yong thought this Yujiu room, can be considered to get ahead of a return, and what that step generations, have not seen pipes of wine out what tricks can control, and can leave a name in history, and now has his own work to give the emperor, set a point if the credit or something, afraid to be the first one to winemaking identity unnamed eunuch, and the hearts are unusual excitement, can not wait situ roll, in order to show their loyalty. "I think this wine, a steamer can become so strong, able to burn fuel, if caldron two, three, or four times, it not be said that this wine can retort to the point of pure wine to go? I suddenly would like to see, this pure wine in the end is what kind of, you may have the ability to do a good job? "Yang reform road. "Back to Your Majesty, this is not a problem, slaves began to try to go back with the retort once the wine, then retort second, third, and even four times, five times, and certainly that of pure wine to His Majesty the steamer out of His Majesty assured, very easy matter, or a few rì, His Majesty can hear the good news. "Chen Yong to their years of brewing experience, and soon concluded that this matter, it is too easy, immediate joy under the guarantee of the emperor. Young looked a bit surprised that this reform promise eunuch, did not expect to produce wine jīng, in the eyes of this man, so easy, Yang thought reform, refining their own wine jīng plan also takes a lot of force and time jīng it, where the thought of the ancient wise man also, it seems, some of their prejudices against ancient people indeed have to change, and he is wrong. "Well, I just wait for that day, well, I have rewarded." Young reforms this is not perfunctory words of others, once the wine jīng made out to wine jīng use in various fields, can be described as far-reaching , Ming down in history as a pen, it is not a difficult task, and then give yourself some money, fame and fortune can be described as, a breeze. Young reforms could eagerly looking forward to the wine jīng to appear, this medicine but they took a step forward, just kept on going, not for immigrants, Ming the only way, in the northern migration out of the affected victims in all this move out, in addition to the South, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, but also where? Therefore,Jordan Big Ups Shoes, it must keep up with healthcare, this has been eager Young launched many reforms and health-related things. [Seeking votes seeking monthly, collection, recommended a reward, evaluation, reminders and more is required. Work during the day and at night, can be tiring ah] <
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