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May 23 [Thu], 2013, 15:15
> Sixty-eighth chapter delicate cabbage Li Zhuncun really useful feature of village cadres village team Sanli chatter turned to see the crowd, cold smile, said: "Han Shuji, I'll mention a requirement the township to promote the adjustment of agricultural structure since the development of efficient agriculture,Nike Jordan Superfly, build vegetable base, there must be a means of extraordinary skill lip off, I've got five acres of cabbage, Han Shuji you just help me better price, On behalf of Lee Tuen villagers four hundred fifty eighth hole, the first support you if Han Shuji face of this market is also helpless, when we heard the call of the village, also voted the money went in, kind of out of the dish did not sales, only to rot in the ground, we turn to go as they like, this is kind of not as good as our point, that's kind of point, the East does not shine bright, and will not hang in a tree ... "Li Sanli finished, loudly asked: "Is not the reason we say?" village cadres one, echoed repeatedly several groups of villagers are long and Li Sanli a tune, as long as they have the ability to Han Shuji planted cabbage better price, they agree with the call of the village, so what do branch secretary Lizhong Jiang Li Sanli see such a lead, this mobilization will be a little out of control Lizhong Jiang roared: "Sanli, you really do not know what to eat bowls of cooked rice, and dare let Han Shuji give you sell a few acres of cabbage, Chinese cabbage sell you deserve it "look a bit agitated mood of the village cadres, Han Qin laugh at these people is to let the village whim to intimidated, wolf cry more, naturally no one to believe farmers are the most practical, who can bring them benefits,Coach Handbags, they fool who's who hears them, the farmers will also vote with their feet to adjust the agricultural structure, the development of efficient agriculture, whether it is written on paper, or sounds, but very touching , if not let farmers have tasted the sweetness, so that they admire you from within the heart of this work is also very expand Korea Qin village cadres facing down pressure of the pressure hand, saw the party secretary of the village cadres have something to say, suddenly quiet a lot to see how this young party secretary react, he really helped Li Sanli will go selling cabbage? Han Qin said: "Comrade Sanli, you know that this year's cabbage Why so cheap?" Listening party secretary Li Sanli ask such a simple question, disdain and said: "That goes without saying that last year the price of cabbage is good,Poppy Collection Coach Outlet, this year's cabbage multi-species, more than one to sell, "see the village team also Little law of value, and a little complacent, Han Qin said:" Sanli comrades, since you understand this truth, knowing good cabbage prices last year , we may follow suit, and why so many this year, kind of cabbage, without switching to other vegetables? Sanli scratched his head, embarrassed and said: "I think everyone will think, that a year or a year of your cheap truth This year will certainly be less kind of cabbage, I go against the norm, this year, not only did not decrease, but also a variety of two acres, so you can not catch up with a good price do not think, and I like the idea of ​​everyone "Listen Lee Sanli is to say, the village cadres laughter together, they were a lot of people have this idea, this year more than last year planted cabbage, Chinese cabbage catch big crash Han Qin said: "You This is a typical speculative psychology I ask you, Sanli comrades suffer this kind of tired of losing money earned cabbage, cabbage seed then you will do next year? "Li Sanli stubbornly said:" I still is kind of mu next year, I do not believe can not keep a good price "Han Qin said:" Comrade Sanli, I can clearly tell you that you must also be the result next year. " See the party secretary said so confident, Li Sanli puzzled and asked: "What do you say when will this cabbage prices go up? "Han Qin said:" Wait until you collapse in confidence, and your wife will not let you kind of have clamor when the second year of cabbage prices will go up you may know what is the law of value, but if the law of value on the market impact that simple, let us seize the tail of a sudden, too many experts and professors unemployment "village cadres who are skeptical nod, among them also many people graduating from high school, Mr. Engles law of value, but also how much know a little fur stopped half a minute, Han Qin see these little unconvinced village cadres, build on the progress and said: "Any one industry to become bigger and stronger, we must have three conditions First, accurate and timely information feedback system, our customers Our competitors change their situation, it must be constantly aware of the second, the product must have a certain threshold, not on what people can casually third, create their own brand, sell other people's things, I still sell, sell one yuan a pound of others, I sold two yuan also in short supply when it ... truly, an industry considered stopped walking on the current situation, in order to reach this level, you rely on a one This user is simply impossible for the government to have to organize and guide, we join together to form scale operation, division of labor so as to achieve win-win situation we can say that the Phoenix Township is blessed with growing vegetables, we grow vegetables there has always been a tradition The reason now or buy food difficult, did not reach the expected revenue, the key is low-grade products to attract customers do not come in accordance with the planning of the village, with three years of efforts, our Phoenix Township playing a green vegetable production base! vegetables you grow vegetables at home, peace of mind, do not you run around pulling sell tickets to the passenger business associations put your hands Qinzhou oriental tourists on weekends, driving a car, a whole family to everyone's vegetable garden picking fresh vegetables, rice farmers enjoy their experience of life, has been fun, we will also get better returns as long as we increased revenues, we build a new socialist countryside with solid material foundation we can still buy a car , can still live in villas township party committee and government which is depicted in a better future for everyone, "party secretary of the village cadres who listened to impassioned speeches, could not help but nodded silently who want to live a good life, but no one really collapsed body led them to get rich, the farmers themselves a one battles and lack of ability to market the young party secretary said, well, do not know really have this ability Li Sanli laughed: "Han Shuji, you gave us draw this pie, I have heard See fragrance However, I am most concerned about is that I have a few acres of cabbage to sell it, do not sell slaving away some money do not sell it, this is season crops rot in distressed Han Shuji do you have a brilliant idea. " Han Qin grin, this guy is really cunning, said to myself for a long time, he was crucial bite and hold not let himself helped him sell cabbage, but it is also placed in front of them the most realistic questions, just to help them solve this problem , his prestige in the village will be greatly increased, in Li Zhuncun work situation is not an open empty thought, Han Qin said: "Since Sanli comrades repeatedly invited, if I then shirk, not me this terrific Party secretary will help you to sell cabbage, is not for me to see people sort of face "village cadres an emotional party secretary immediately to sell cabbage, which can be considered uncommon in the country now to see what tactics we Han Shuji can to get the price up Han Qin village cadres who see his face expectation and excitement, laughing: "We will change today's mobilization spot, we went to the gay cabbage Sanli go look at your site Baba Mo Li Tun old rules, after the end of the meeting, here's dog meat stew was good about the village cadres have not yet opened on the spot, I felt very strange under the leadership of the Li Sanli, facing the wind, followed by Li Sanli noisily go to the mu cabbage cabbage Li Sanli, planted in the three places, the village south of this one is the largest with more than three acres, growing it's best winter fields, has no other crops, in addition to just above the ground winter wheat harvest is not yet the beginning of winter cabbage now passed, and then a few days on to snow solar terms. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm follow a normal year, now is the cabbage harvest season, but this year's cold relatively late, cabbage prices and low chilling, everybody is not eager to close Han Qin walked as quietly start super job aids system, query cabbage cultivation this year, and the future price of cabbage to make a prediction idea of ​​a dynamic, elegant and beautiful secretary Hu Mei to. Received the task starts to get busy Hu Mei Han Qin though do not know what she will spend the advanced technology, but guess what, satellite photos, remote sensing monitoring always missed it, maybe the U.S. spy satellites can also call her a minute later, HU on the findings given in the East China Sea province is the main producing areas Dongchu cabbage, acreage this year than last year doubled, output will be doubled, however, due in the fall by the impact of a continuous rain, the vast majority poor quality of Chinese cabbage, cabbage really plump, good cabbage cabbage, no higher than last year's estimated production northeastern cabbage acreage also increased this year, but in the late fall suffered severe early frost, although lower yields not too large, but the quality is poor in other parts of cabbage grown more dispersed, due to transportation costs and is essentially no effect on the Dongfang City cabbage concentrated market now is the season, due to increased local production, mostly to people who had to buy expensive Do not buy cheap heart, although the price of cabbage is now very low, still thinking will continue to cheap, so do not rush to favorites HU forecasts, Northeast cabbage although the quality is not good, but it is still possible to meet local needs is the most noteworthy Korea, South Korea's kimchi exports are important to them, it is no Korean kimchi could not eat Korean domestic market protection very seriously, as long as their cabbage can meet the need, even if the price is high, generally do not import Chinese cabbage, however, they are the same in that cabbage has suffered severe frost disasters, cabbage imports from China, South Korea became the only option <
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