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> 147 "Ip Man"? Ip Man! Xiaohu eventually Paul SN to stay in the home, because he did not want to see the the Yuen Biao dilemma look, he knew Paul SN Lee Yuen Biao's help is largely sympathetic to the composition of the majority, and I too feel that this child is compassionate, the kind of determination and little to not give up the momentum, barely be touched Xiaohu, but he did not received the Paul SN apprentice, but kicked directly among the ranks of the temporary staff of the Concord, want to learn to write the script, line play for free a few years, give I work. Some people may feel like Xiaohu amenable to reason, is not the case, as a filmmakers First you want durability lonely, perhaps you may be frozen for a long time, maybe you a few of the films are not necessarily successful, but you must first have a gritty mind, or one more step to success when you retreat, all the pay will be paid by East water. Him to do so is also observed Paul SN conduct an apprentice now accept Stephen Chow, Stephen Chow future what he know too much, Paul SN this without the knowledge of people, Xiaohu has been keeping a distance. Even so, Paul SN grateful not kowtow to thank wished he could give Xiaohu, but Xiaohu a "kowtow to get out, then scared to go back, he finally know the of the screenwriter sector God is so strong. Xiaohu every day and still go to the studio busy, how to say he is "Way of the Dragon" martial arts director and screenwriter, obligations or to do, helping to look at the clip effect, listen to the background music is appropriate, look for films there Goofs, not to mention really, after he carefully to find really few Goof. The first Goof lens: Tanglong Performing Chinese kung fu to the hotel a few folks, wearing protective gear, pay attention to the order of the box. When you wear protective gear, Tang Long is ready to performances, the back of the box order and just completely different. At the second Goof in discuss Tanglong the kung fu tricks, Tanglong clothes second-breasted open. Then we are still discussing his second-breasted into the department. Third more obvious: Tang Long gang forcibly taken away by the side of a wall box, the gangster brother out Pathfinder, a stick on end. The When Tanglong out, steps even more of a stick. Bruce Lee repeatedly seen it three times after they admitted that they did not pay attention to, and so careful Xiaohu much appreciated, "Tigers I really want to thank you, you gave me a lesson." Xiaohu shook his head and said: "These are is a small place, you know your movie will always staring at you,Women's Air Jordan Sale, other things will be ignored. "NO, I am a perfectionist, if things can not do the best, I'd rather not go to do. "Bruce Lee shaking index finger, should not think that they have committed such a dislocation. They looked several samples, although the "Way of the Dragon" or guided by Bruce Lee and starring, but add yourself to this film in many ways with their own memories of the changes, the most obvious place is the martial arts Fighting style changes. In view of the "Fist of Fury" as success stories out there, the new version of the "Way of the Dragon" to strengthen the supporting role and the action of the bit-part player, is no longer the kind of slow, powerless performance of the six Western Boxing foreigners to the hotel to look for a job this very sharp, dull, clumsy movements no longer exists, these set off after Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do style is more prominent. Xiaohu now without any kind of people all over the world, in their own help, the Bruce Lee movie has a subtle change, not only from the action, the story is changing, change with the the Xiaohu eyes of those classic gradually close. In the world of his films, the best martial arts films is the story simple, logical, to hold the audience's scrutiny, the action should stylized story in terms of the body language of a true and strong gluten table concept, I was not said a word "Great Music sound, invisible elephant, and suitable for the style of Bruce Lee movies only the most simple, the most direct, like his Jeet Kune Do. Go to the restaurant every day to sit, to enjoy super waiter Chow Yun Fat to send tea, becoming one of the hobby Xiaohu, do not know why he liked to see Chow Yun Fat in front of their own look carefully. Young's Boy this time the performance is also very conscientious, Wang boss said in mind, really every customer as God, pour some tea,Outlet Coach(R) Luggage Bags, back menu, pay that is hundreds of times, even because customer service attitude is very satisfied with repeatedly by customer verbal praise. Xiaohu secretly look in the eyes, he is to hone perseverance of Ma Ying-jeou, the only way Ma Ying-jeou in order to achieve the requirements of his mind. Free time on the yuan Mei said: "leave no stone unturned retain hair, Aberdeen, reporters heard he want a new job Notify me of the first time." Wing Chun Wong Shun Leung Titans person pointing Xiaohu Wing Chun skill made rapid progress in the past few days he has eight chopper routine skilled master, and have begun to try Wing Chun Jin-inch integrated into, do not look at eight chopper practice it seems to slow the look of strength implied, in fact, inside Wing Chun Jin-inch. It's like tai chi fight weak and powerless, but the real war, then do step by step trapeze. Half a stick of six, with eight chopper with Wing Chun door of the unique weapons to attack as boxing by saying: "an inch long, inch." Than the stick remote attackers to half past six, eight chopper tends to close combat. Wing Chun door eight chopper by outsiders has become a butterfly knife or together in prayer knife, the name suggests is in the hands of two knives, the knife handle at the two guard handle, of course, Xiaohu not think so, "Ip Man 2" inside Donnie Yen is not Liangbing machete playing tiger do? We are not holding two knives to cut the wind and water, so powerful weapons associated with the weapon itself very little that is that man holding a weapon. With Professor Xiaohu time and increased, Wong Shun Leung also lay down the burden on the hearts of the Who the Xiaohu performance out martial arts talent is very high, he sometimes suspected Xiaohu body Wing Chun learned from Bruce Lee to, after all, in recent years, Bruce Lee to teach his Jeet Kune Do not Wing Chun. Completion of eight cut knife Xiaohu three nights, followed by the access to the learning phase of the 108 Wooden dummy. Many traditional schools of martial arts use stakes practice there are many, the shape of the stakes and practice methods also have a great deal of difference between the training the Famennian can be described as strengths and weaknesses. Wing Chun is the most complete martial art in the wooden dummy training, the shape of the structure is extremely rigorous scientific Yongchun wooden dummy to simulate the human body shape and the establishment of flexible pile of hands and reach a prominent pile foot in training can give strong Fighting realistic. Wing Chun wooden dummy-), divided into five sections, Bruce Lee was only the end of the first two paragraphs after the beginning of the name of the first break in Hong Kong, due to the conduct coupled with the need to go to the United States sake, under the cover has not been able to learn End, but When he leaves asked to obtain a copy of the power law to no avail, immediately sets Wooden dummy on the basis of extending his own Lee's Jeet Kune Do 15 sets Wooden dummy, at the same time in the Wooden Dummy shape, combined with loading and unloading Manufacturing Science and Li Xu principle of the transformation can be regarded as a retaliation Ip Man refused to grant boxing. "Tigers, after three of the Wooden dummy is more cumbersome, I hope you put your heart to practice." Wong Shun Leung finished roll up its sleeves to reveal a strong forearms, put on the word clamp yangmachang after hands as lightning hit the completion of each action he shouted name. Climbing neck hand "," right arm, hand, "Tanshou and left palm strike ...... heard backyard heard bursts of loud noise, wooden dummy like Wong Shun Leung tremendous power play trembling, Xiaohu be an eye-opener. The same time, he found that Huang Chun Liang hit Muren pile method with Bruce Lee have many differences, Huang Chun Leung action is a law-abiding, Wing Chun style, more respect for freedom of style of Bruce Lee, the latter than the former is more simple, easy-going, remove the many of Bruce Lee considered cumbersome and unnecessary action, so that the fight faster chewy foot. This is not to say that Xiaohu not in the eyes of their martial arts Wing Chun, he no longer had the kind of what the teacher taught school what age, he prefers to each other's moves and routines completely absorbed, thinking into their own thing, it probably is affected by Bruce Lee's influence actions, such as his talk with Wong Shun Leung, the Hong Kong hand several times demonstrate their pure Wing Chun training, Xiaohu only * copies, but in which he mixed up with Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and other features, for a time the idea is to let Huang Chun Liangnong of running around in circles several times and almost lost face Xiaohu down. Xiaohu first looked at the side of the Wong Shun Leung demonstration, and then he started before the next wooden dummy drills, Wong Shun Leung correction in the side of the hands-on, first night, Xiaohu only remember the third paragraph, although some slow progress, but wins in his note of and to master. Each still leave the whereabouts of Ip Man greeting, the spirit of the first Ip Man today than ever, he cried Xiaohu around softly asked: "today to learn how?" Xiaohu truthfully replied: "Some slow, fear of the action missing. "Ip Man nodded and said:" Wing Chun is working slowly and deliberately boxing, Wooden dummy "Ip Man rare to spend such a long time on the Xiaohu about Wing Chun send the origin, although some things Xiaohu already know, but he is still very serious listening about Ip Man, Ip Man oral, as if his brain showing the Yip Man school of boxing. Before his departure, Ip Man said with emotion: "spread thanks to one of my Wing Chun in Hong Kong Shun Leung and dragons, and now the addition of you, so I am very pleased, hope you will take some movie about Wing Chun for Wing Chun gate propagation to make a contribution. "Xiaohu hearts of a move, the body just stood up and sat down immediately, clutching the hand Ip Man said:" Shizu, Tusun, there is a presumptuous request, but also look to your old sake. " "Oh?" Ip Man laughed, "to listen." Shizu, I would like to take your elderly Biography, called "Ip Man." Xiaohu took advantage of Ip Man pleased to say buried in the heart long's remarks. Ip Man hear face smiled even more, he laughed and said: "think of how to shoot me, you should shoot the dragons or Shun Leung, I am a poor old man shot, no no . "Shizu, if you had come to Hong Kong to grant boxing, they may not be now, in the final analysis, or your elderly impartiality, since your old just said to shoot the film of a Wing Chun disciple pondering for a long time only to shoot your movie of the same name have appeal. "" Oh, devil head. "Ip Man knocked Xiaohu forehead it, said:" These things make me think about it, to give you an answer you? " ah, Shizu, next Tusun to be sure the script to take over your old look over. "Xiaohu said excitedly, he could hear the moving components of the center of the leaf questioning. The farewell Ip Man, Xiaohu fast do the taxi home, spread out a pen and paper with the fastest speed ran into the den into the creations. Through a conversation with Ip Man, let him bursting out the unprecedented creation drain * point is, he is not yet time to shoot "Ip Man" because Ip Man has not died, he deeds are the people of Hong Kong is widely known, hastily taken it will lead to some criticism, but now the talk of Ip Man to make him feel all these obstacles is not a problem. The biggest premise Ip Man I nod, and if Ip Man I dictated words it makes him feel very real, shooting out of the plot without distortion, reasonable party to jump out to criticize. As for the action is even simpler, The Wing Chun door also did not fall apart, batch after batch of Wing Chun Titans can still grasping to act as a bit-part actor. The script is ready, framework deposit in Xiaohu of brain, let his most troublesome is Ip Man actor,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK, the most successful is the past life of Ip Man played by Donnie Yen Donnie Yen virtue to middle-aged "Ip Man" winning a lot of awards, become the king of Chinese Kung Fu successor by the outside world, so full of pots he earned Jinbo not say, still enjoys a high reputation in the international, single-game paycheck 3000 Wan amazing number. Today, Hong Kong actor performances Ip Man kind of noble temperament, very few people, Shaw that several Needless to say, in addition to Chen Kuan Tai some real skill, other pillows are all style and no substance, or Bruce Lee do? Bruce Lee's character seems to be too conspicuous, and to Masafumi not fully play low-key. Headache headache Xiaohu biting pen cap tangled up, the study door slid back and away The Paul SN bowls tea come respectfully said: "Master, tea ...... <
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