because the queen is not as good as she

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> WWW. quANBen. coM spring breeze Xu, sunset Compiegne Palace Dapper garden lawn stood a long table rectangular, Queen Mary? Antoinette and her two friends Prince Mrs. Lang Baer, ​​Duchess of Devonshire sat opposite Prince Mrs. Lang Baer has been a close friend of the queen, and the royal family is also the most intimate, in contrast, Duchess of Devonshire it is entirely a comer Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire? Cavendish at twenty five years old, from England,Coach Bags Sale, prominent Spencer family, married and has a rich royal blood in the fifth generation of the Duke of Devonshire William? Cavendish in this slave woman, but a man of the times, because of her talent and her charm and her husband William than mediocrity? Cavendish was a Ming Mali? Antoinette sip tea mouth of Georgiana said: "G, I did not think you actually did not return to London Duke of Devonshire, choosing instead to remain in France to accompany me" G is Georgiana's nickname, derived from its Although this is the first letter of the name in English simplification, but also the habit of London high society,Coach Bags Outlet, but Mary? Antoinette chose "Romans," For one thing, their close relationship, random number is not excessive, and secondly, "Georgiana" read too cumbersome, referred to as the Duchess of Devonshire easy smile, laugh was somewhat sad Mary? Antoinette know the inside story, and therefore will not raise another sixteen Georgiana married eight years older than their husbands, in the day of marriage, her husband will be upgraded to become a father through other women - in not far from the church in a villa, William? Cavendish's mistress gave birth to a baby girl and its all the same high society, whether rich or poor, noble men are always looking for a woman brazenly William? Cavendish as one of the richest men in England, the affair is also superior early before they get married, he had many mistresses, after marriage, he also no convergence bastards one by one and all from different women There can be no such happy marriage, Georgiana order to escape the harsh realities they can only be himself into gambling, socializing among gamble again and again, and one after another of the party, she got a mental But this is tantamount to the liberation of the liberation of opium, the more liberated more addictive, more addictive gambling and dance the more physical and mental harm results, made her debt, but also made her a celebrity fashion Georgiana thought this life will be in the nothingness of glitz and touted sound hypocritical to spend and do not think there is a person to understand themselves, but in despair, she has tried a like-like autobiographical novel - "Xi Erfu" to publish like her In a desperate throw of a cliff edge lifesaving rope, she is also the door to the atrium before closing the gap to stay out of the last vestiges of the results are disappointing, is desperate to make Georgiana "Xi Erfu" bestseller, and let As the author of the famous Georgiana, you can return to those who know the truth but it is cynical So, she is blithely exiled himself to tables full of scams and dangerous than the ocean but also in all of this until the war dance started, she and her husband were escorted to France, and in France with the first European to see the palace, known as the Queen Mary? Marie Antoinette came to an end only after? Antoinette because do not want to touch other people's grief and shut up do not ask, Lang Baer Prince conscious lady does not have this, see the Queen did not have their own sound bite, said: "G, Duke has gone back to London, if you re in Paris stranded, I am afraid will involve headache on rumors, "" rumor? "Lang Baer Prince lady smiled and said:" Paris than London's circles are not easy, on the contrary,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket Cheap, because there are a romantic king rather than London as a dangerous "George Anna hesitated, stunned, seems surprised, may also wish to know their meaning is Mary? Antoinette Shen breath, unhappy and said: "G, do not listen to her, rumors will not wander your body, even if it does not matter as to link the mistress of the King of France is not a disgrace, on the contrary You can therefore escape "" liberation? "" Yes, "Mary? Antoinette nodded his head, face expressionless, approximate coldly said, "live in the kind of marriage, what does that mean? This plan I think for a long time, but before because your husband did not go without the convenience say now, everything remove obstacles, as long as you nod, and the rest for me to do, "" I do not understand the "Georgiana blankly shook his head, but inwardly uneasiness, not a good thing to speak Mali? Antoinette said: "You become the king's mistress, then this layer as the dissolution of marriage with the Duke," gasped the mouth air Georgiana heart under difficult words startle Prince Mrs. Lang Baer also can not help but Charan, exclaimed loudly: "Your Majesty," Mary? Antoinette look is still calm, cool anomalies and said: "Do not worry, you do not let go with the king, but it forged between social circles in Paris often fabricated some of the scandal, have me, you have the king Paris circles the star, everyone has a great interest to you, they will not let your private life, so to simply squeeze the initiative in their own hands, first fabricated a rumor, and then use some means to believe rumors are Really, then living in London and then threaten you that her husband, so that you can solve everything. "Georgiana quickly stood up, shook his head and said:" No, Your Majesty, I can not so, I ...... "" There is nothing possible "Mary? Antoinette gazed at her stern said, "Although he was a miscarriage you many times, can but does not have a child, since no children, between you, it is only a marriage relationship Teng Teng District of matrimony, and how can the authority of the King of France to compete? even if it is God's blessing, "Georgiana does not consider herself a devout Christian, can not dare to defy the authority of God, she thought the queen was a devout Christian, but did not expect to hear those words from his mouth Prince Mrs. Lang Baer see Georgiana surprised, leisurely smiles: "Do not be surprised, this is inherited Maria? Theresa descent France Her Majesty the Queen If not, she would Tengzhong like you wrote it, being around people deceived, yin *, finally embarked on the path you walk "Mary? Antoinette does not deny, continued: "God wants you to have such a bad marriage, it never bless you, so you have no need to act in accordance with the arrangements for the freedom of its opportunity at hand, the fate should has its own master "This is an attractive proposal, Georgiana eager students, but still feel worried she was in Paris for several days, but still do not understand why people would be so morbid France, actually will become the king's mistress is considered an honor As the daughter of a prominent family of Spencer, although she used to see the high society of dirty, yin chaos, and therefore hypocritical affectation of high society, pretending to be noble disgust endless, you can precisely because the deepest disgust, She do not want to harm their own moral things the other hand, she also worried about how people in England to see her "became the mistress of the enemy", which is undoubtedly a great sin, and therefore may cause the family shame, which She is also the most reluctant to things Mary? Antoinette slowly for his cup fills the water in a long sigh, the patient said: "I will give you time to think, however, some things even if I do not do it, someone will help me to do it sooner or later, rumors will come out, you must be psychologically prepared. "Georgiana glanced at Mary? Antoinette, and eyebrows looked beside Prince Mrs. Lang Baer, ​​then head back to look again Mary? Antoinette, puzzled and asked: "Your Majesty, there is one thing I do not understand why you are so strong, why can so generous His Majesty, allow him to have ...... have so many extramarital affairs?" Before coming to Paris George Anna deeds little heard of the King of France, only know that it is a traditional high society man, mistress, illegitimate numerous, so she also France Queen Mary? Antoinette contempt enough, that it was just one pair of husband no way, unattractive woman who is so poor, I met the people do not like heart sympathy, but will take the opportunity to contempt, ridicule this is haunted by self-esteem, self-esteem over many years in order to restore the heart of trauma caused by the transfer of a phenomenon that would hurt until after the first meeting, only to find themselves Georgiana very naive, because the queen is not as good as she wanted to own a second queen confident, strong and deeply admire her, but this has always puzzled Mary? Antoinette smile smile, after a little thought and said: "Because I love my husband, I love him," "Love?" Georgiana familiar words to speak of this strange, long ago, she also This has been fantastic, but now they are much more practical Mary? Antoinette of color with a look of happiness nodded sadly and said: "Men can easily get a woman's body, a woman can easily seduce fancy men go to bed, but, in exchange for transactions between ** brief moment, but can not win the hearts of long-term happy although I can not stand his romantic, I will order the addition of a rival, while angry, but I know in his heart there is a heavy position, it was enough after all, who can not in a great place in the hearts of men left "Georgiana incomprehension, love for her is not only unfamiliar, is difficult to understand her and her husband joyous lot, can never experience." love "which she formerly would have been determined, it is deep feelings, because in listening to the queen of talk about love, her heart is jealousy, envy PS: Georgiana should be how to arrange it? Collection does not collect it? (To be continued Baidu search for most full-fiction reading / / / <
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