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> Chapter 48: Yuan Shao not listen to Xuyou meter, the Riboud to persuade seeking normalized starting from the fourth day, the Riboud longer provoke war in Tianfeng the suggestion, but Wai rather than attack. Yuan Shao Seeing this, I think Xuyou that Riboud siege Nanpi, until the city forage Following further action, then the city must also Riboud spies, therefore strengthening city defense, set up more teams, the party making the same mistakes in Riboud's treacherous . The Riboud circumference without attack Yuan Shao was able to rest in Fuchu, the way to negotiate with the Zhongmou Shi generals. Our army's biggest worry right? Non forage, and now Riboud siege Nanpi, although the number of our army is not weak Riboud, but in order to prevent in his schemes, had left behind the city, but should the million sergeant people how to dispose of? As Yuan Shao's friend and counselor, and therefore the first back to Road Hand lord, a thought Riboud is now almost entire Youzhou forces in the fight with us, and therefore not recklessly, on the one hand, to seek external force, on the other hand also strengthen their own power. expert advice Han Fu, let him see me play off the competition between Riboud off until the last minute not to send troops. the Road Hand lord to do long battle ready, the city although there is a certain amount of grain reserves, but according to Xu You see this hold at least one hundred days, they might also over six months. case, the city's food security soldiers and civilians, right? Ailments. city ​​if broken, people still retain his job. Geng the involucre Road hand the military most of the officers and men of the locals, they have a lot of relatives in the city, if according to your sub-away trick, how they do not anger, sub the far-brother may well students think. The Yuan Shao See Xu You and Geng bud arguing bitterly, and therefore prevent Road Shouben public know what's what, you two do not have to compete. However, Yuan Shao and immediately ordered, as long as the beat to the enemy brought the military and discontent resulting materials are distributed on the whole part of the officers and men, barely stable down but the growing gap between Yuan Shao and Geng bud et al that he can not listen to the right advice, integrity Geng bud gradually Yuan Shao to be see the hearts of others is also gradually give birth to discontent. thirty-fifth day of the siege ... it. spread in the military, this is very unfavorable. Yuan Shao Seeing this, had ordered the various generals, set an example, down temporarily restrain down just Besieged have to insist much time tiring day Xuyou in the end is a scholar, not like those Takeo like that spirit, we want to go to the rest will look at the book just before going to sleep, is daily required courses in Xuyou, and today is no exception. calm thought now Riboud soldiers arrives within: lack of forage, the military instability; outside:? reinforcements of a single soldier, said numerous internal and external problems, but lord he also mocked Yan Liang, Geng bud,UGG Australia Bailey Button Sparkles, internal discord, which is probably the beginning of the downfall ah. Xuyou has no mind re-reading, it has also eliminated a a sleepy stroll to circle, servant to prepare some food and wine, since discretion from the drink. Do you want to see? , Xu You understand the Road Hand so late also visited, Zhong Bo, you may recognize come? Looked the come, Xuyou determined to fight do not know come, they laugh asked a hand he did not recognize you!. is a laugh. The young man laughed language, just visual Xu You make a wink. Xu You knowing commanded the loyalty primary first down. And so the presence of no outsiders in, the young man approached Xuyou,North Face Womens Greenland. Xuyou alert regret should not a person is not arranged to let a stranger near hit. That Mrs. Young Road hand, villain Cheng Yu, the lord of my home so I came to see Mrs.. Cheng Yu laughs the hand Mrs. expert also no wonder that my family army, division, often said to our Lady of only ten times its. indicated. brother Dacai. This my home lord army arrives, the officers and men Yongming, forage sufficient, opportune, right? One may not. The other hand, Yuan Shao Shaozhi suspicion generals neglect counselors instability, the military, the people that complain how undefeated? Brother only how to see through the Yuan Shao ultimate? Brother Chi dilute little talent, Shangqie the lord green eyes can get my family, thanks for the army,UGG Sheepskin Cuff Tall, division, three armed? Disrespect, right? People do not envy. The brother only ten times in me, but only in the hands of Yuan Shao counselors ear, Yuan Shao employing unwise evident,uggs for sale. This offer correspondence think brother. Things, by being the army, division, thanks to a not deputy, then why not? Looking brother ponder. Xu You After reading, hearts suddenly chaotic, can not think of Tian Feng actually so generous, actually let the post of the army, division, not to mention true or false, but this courage is very rare. Cheng Yu took the opportunity approached softly hand I do not know Mrs. villain if you want to leave? He sent to Yuan Shao that so go I do not know how long, Xu You burned Tian Feng correspondence back to the house to rest, but this time Xuyou things can you sleep, so sit until dawn. forty-eighth Chapter: Yuan Shao not listen to Xuyou meter, Riboud persuade seek normalization <

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