slightly so that the spiritual knowledge

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> Black robes Dahan said after such a battle group into just ready to join the Red Robe Taoist, with the first that the biggest threat the qi throughout five rebuilt with disabilities to get rid of, but suddenly felt a sharp pain at the foot came! "Ah!" Rao is the black robes Han sophistication, this sudden attack, and could not help but let out a cry! Splinter saw a foot long Qinghei sè from bushes land, there is no sign of smoke, and all of a sudden the soles of the feet of the right foot to tie the right to wear! And I potential than has been bar into the right leg calf, the the meridians bones like all thorn broken, and he nailed to the ground, the moment could not get away! Ah! "Who!" The black robe the Tahan moment Youjingyounu, rob and kill as a veteran, but he knew that the monks of the battle of wits in one foot of waste, the mobile speed greatly reduced what consequences. wWW! Quanben! CoM simply became the target of others, fancy Weisha the! The answer he was greeted by a surgery of the of wood Qinghei sè Department of Law coniferous thorn! "Mere small surgery, also dare presumptuous!" That black robe Han see this coniferous thorn, Lenghe soon as a wave, a wind wall will stand in front of him! Wind wall surgery, but a powerful channel between the yellow level wind system between the low-end with the yellow level in order Defense Against the Law, although not as good as the the walls art of defense is so tough, but with a certain attack xìng will enter Windwall people or surgery method to minced Issued a wind wall art, naturally not Chu easy to break in the under the Jingnu of qi throughout five rebuilt with disabilities, Chu Yi issued Road coniferous thorn directly Windwall winds to twist was broken into a few paragraphs . "Who!" At the moment, that the pale blue sè vestments Little Miss reaction over, that is someone to help her, suddenly exclaimed surprise. "I was passing soy sauce!" Yuehua Jian, Chu easy to jump out of moving quickly, a Road coniferous thorn from a different angle, the front of this black robe Han frantically away side bombardment loudly mad called. "We Come! The the black robes Han leg I interrupted, now mobility, we quickly first to dry lying him ah,Coach Outlet Bags!" Chu Yi shouted, and immediately attracted the attention of the monks is a battle of wits , jumped out to the side of the Little Miss monk saw a strange young monk exclaimed, surprised a moment, then saw black robes Han looked suddenly reaction came, together desperately towards the black robes Tahan here attack , in particular, is the qi throughout quintet that two monks, seeing this is a pleasant surprise, the two worked together a few Kuanggong temporarily forced to open that Dahongpao Taoist together jointly to attack toward black robes Han. Burst open, blocking the wind on the wall of a time, the black robe Han foothold at various surgical flying of what yīn water edge fireball iron spear-fire waves surgery, all children will fall in the black robe Han release fried a mess. "Ah!" In such a close distance, the impact of so many of Taoism law, Rao is the Windwall surgery can stop the black robes the Tahan suddenly bombed badly mutilated body clothes were broken most of the hair bombing was scattered open, and blood with that look of grim expression, is very scary. Only hear he shouted loudly, even a bite, pull out the shining the knife a foot long, all of a sudden it will be his right thigh Siegen cut down! Thigh all down, the black robes Han wow to shouting, then viciously toward Chu easy side seems! Warrior broken leg! This stock is cruel! Chu easy seeing this, cried in mind, but not worried look. I saw that the black robe Han's eyes just revealing a trace fiercely, and will again be replaced by the sting. "Ah!" The black robes Han, again screams! Length Qinghei sè wooden thorns pierce his only remaining left leg again! The blow was actually Chu Yi to attack black robes Han took advantage of just a group of people together that would strike again quietly launched! Is, is to ensure foolproof! He understands, hands-attack after he black robes Han forged be untied liangzi, are not you die I die kind, in case this did not kill him, rì after absolutely super big trouble! "Boy, you death! Find Chu Yi revenge after that black robe Tahan just the heartless warrior a broken leg, is preparing to flee here to keep a good hurt, no one thought the other foot in the move, which look at the whole body drama pain blood gas writhed,Nike Free 4.0 V2, and turned out to be unable to release the operation method, and that shook wind wall of yù fall of, simply can not resist the oncoming fifty-six surgery method! And he learned that he will die under, can not help but pernicious curse Road. "Boom!" Immediately, this black robe Han will fifty-six surgery method to H apart, burning scattered on the ground. "Go!" That red robe Taoist is a decisive person, seeing this will know that the game was lost, not here to do any meaningless wrangle waved issued several Road salamanders surgery, vapid, forced open by some consideration hurt small after all the monks of beauty on this side, so she took the remaining three monks fled. Next Yang Fei, the brothers, just thank you for the helping hand extended, I appreciate it, if brother needs help, even though to say, we Eagle must utmost aid "Dahongpao Taoist escaped, Little Miss This The side headed that wearing the Blue sè vestments middle-aged monk, hand over the front of Chu Yi Road. "I gross eagle mean!" The other qi throughout quintet aquiline nose monks, heard echoed. "You are the Eagle monks?" Chu Yi heard touches taken aback, This is so, because this Eagle is regarded as a the casual repair tissue Lianyun Mountains area activities, in Lianyun Mountains area, still has no small fame, Chu Yi before the City Square in Lianyun inside, once heard some things about the Eagle, it seems pretty good reputation. "Why do they dry up with you?" Chu Yi could not help but asked, because in his view, such a life and death fight, most for what the baby and hands, and actually just kick Chu Yi looked at a bit, but did not see what treasures,Oakley Womens, suddenly took a bit strange. "Hi, this is to say to them, still of before these rì sub forged liangzi, before some rì our Eagle small brother Lianyun Mountains fluke found an iron thorn grass, in the above mining The iron thorn fruit, a slightly so that the spiritual knowledge growth our Eagle there is no brother is building a base throughout monks, so no one need it under some deliberation, the small boy on the go with this iron thorn fruit Lianyun Square City set up a stall to sell, hoping to sell for a good price, after all, go directly Wondrous Lent acquired though is also expensive, but how much will the pressure of some of the price, small brother hope more than selling Lingshi This selected stall. "" Who would have thought of this pendulum, they put a curse to the afternoon, an unknown origin Dahongpao Taoist recognize this iron thorn fruit, the moment they took out ten low-grade Lingshi ready purchase, but this iron thorn fruit is growth Wondrous spiritual knowledge, almost can be sold for one hundred low-grade Lingshi like small brother naturally refused, so the two sides to Yiyanbuge fight to that red robe Taoist but the the qi throughout quintet pinnacle of repair for small brother only qi throughout triple, natural no match Fortunately, the day the brothers are in with Taoist that dahongpao to dislodge Since then, the red gowns Taoist would not audio, we all want to forget it when no one thought of this red robe the Taoist with people here to ambush us, only this scene today. "Yang Fei probably explain some. ; <
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