escape but the leaves

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 15:04
> Chapter 310 Marquis Shadowfang Keep, vampire mansion, leaves proud Wind tremendous efforts into the inside, the two huge statues of gargoyles suddenly cracked out two huge Gargoyle grim. wWw, quaNBen, COm Gargoyle guarding, level sixty general strength. But blocked the road ahead Ip Ngo wind. In front of a closed door, Gargoyle in the front of the block, followed by tens of thousands of bats to kill, can be said to go blind alley after the pursuers. Gargoyle big mouth and spit green ball of light from the impact. This ball of light, with strong corrosion of force, if it were hit, the ordinary armor a touch, it will dissolve. 2 depending on the advent of the ball of light, leaves proud of wind suddenly moving brush look, Shadow Step to launch, then directly open to the slaughter, killing one open six figure only two Gargoyle body back and forth, wipe wipe emerge countless blood Gargoyle chest, closed six figure, two Gargoyle kill. Really troublesome vampire bat leaves proud of wind suddenly Pichu six knives, blue flame coming out, is the day all the dead fire, wind as the origin Ip Ngo six directions around within 10 yards every day filled with fire dead vampire bat came into the fire, directly burned to death, its body becomes raw, violent burning. The vampire bat a group awareness monster, fought the impulse over the corpse fire rises higher and began to spread, tens of thousands of bats in the red, but the dead fire. Ye proud of the wind against the Shihmen burst slash, several times, Shimen open, reached into the mansion. "Jie Jie Jie smell blood breath" a figure long-term flutter over this handsome abnormal wearing black tights, pale, slender fingers, grab a servant to nails suddenly change long into five blood to kill over. Hum leaves proud of wind cold smile is the knife Pichu flash of white light, hot light erupted. Light-based attacks, Independence Day swordsmanship. Hot white light, to this vampire slight pause, eyes open, feeling the neck of a cold, a bloodshot across the knife leaves proud of wind, do not know when it has across his head. The knife name piercing the sky,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, with the power of piercing the sky. The Daoguang However, the first two points. The kill five figure suddenly fly out, they saw the vampire in the end, slightly surprised, began stormed. 60 vampire, has three times the speed of ordinary employed, at this rate for ordinary war vocational, is fatal, but leaves proud of wind, or too busy divine spells Rinpu demonic aura Fel speed open Ip Ngo wind moves faster, intertwined with the five figure. Knife out of the shadow points, five figure exposed impressively's color, trace of blood was found on his chest suddenly collapse to the sky, boom, boom ... a series of silent, fall to the ground. The killing, just start vampire family, master of many toward Ip Ngo wind kill, leaves proud of wind brandished a knife and went up the face of a humanoid monster, a knife killed less than an hour outside the House 138 Defence massacre. These 60 ordinary vampire, falling rubbish, leaves proud wind do not bother to clean up, directly entered blaze. Vampire Viscount, a frail-looking young is holding two gorgeous woman **, to see the leaves proud of wind kill, the reigning furious, body flash, fly over. Viscount Kars, Level 65, with a true sanctuary level strength, his speed is more than 2 times the security guard outside less wind and leaves proud, his weapon is a sharp and claw, blood claws However, with the blood to. Leaves body proud of wind, startled, endless chill emerge, exactly the rapids frozen The Vampire Viscount body is directly live in the ice. Ip Ngo the wind knife Pichu, fast and preposterous. The Vampire Viscount eye gel shocked, body Jitui turns blood red, to the back, but still piercing the sky knife blade rub black uniforms are directly cut clothing, blood, emerge from their chest. Viscount Kars, stick a finger in a drop of blood on the air taste, shouted: "Damn you." Vampire Viscount behind the wings to open once again raise the speed, the step, and appeared in the leaves proud of wind behind two giant claws, piercing the sky from. South bucket cracking empty claw "Vampire Viscount roar, the sudden appearance of a star on the top of the head, which stars one leaves proud of wind around the air lock to the general, then, ten carnage blowing. Ye proud of the wind for the first time determined that this Southern bucket claws piercing the sky, Gorefiend chopped even higher on a Lengheng soon frost tough opens, summon Gargoyle servant, to making systemic sclerosis Cha Cha Cha carnage across the Gargoyle instant crack Ip Ngo wind jacket of the body, directly rupture, exposing a white armor, this armor is the Xiongshou bones, Jia Taitan the iron tripod magic ingot, it was already dark kiln stone crafted, extremely hard. Fingers in blood, but faint traces left on the bones of the dead armor. Who leaves proud of wind suddenly Baoshe golden light, overhead, and faint a Red Sun Red Sun shine, let Vampire Viscount surprised. Leaves proud of wind roar, a golden dragons, red cross come. Insolation bullfighting and Thang Long hit with the cast, danger signal in Vampire Viscount mind, did not dare to greet, direct back out. Late, that is fast leaves proud of the wind shadow flash, Shadow Step to launch appear behind palm shoot, the blue flame the handprint India in his back. This push a resistance, the Thang Long hit a powerful force, directly ripped through his chest, the heart is destroyed, possible where there survive. The carcasses fire, leaving only a drop of blood. This is of the essence of kinship. Other equipment and body were burned. Less drop of blood leaves proud of wind hearts Yi Tan, vampires, really mean. Viscount one death, that the two the Nuria do not know to flee to where. Ye proud Wind Whether they continue to fill it popped. Inside is a a suspended copper coffin. See this coffin, Ye proud wind could not help a little meal. This coffin, the coffin style size, the fate of the mainland million corpse temple, underground caverns identical. The ancient demon earth Venerable, bear demon, to a strong repair, lying in that coffin, the coffin, must have their peculiar usefulness. Kaka, Kaka coffin plate slowly opened, a white figure floating together. This is a woman,Air Max Skyline Running, delicate features, Bise eyes, blond hair, the waist is very thin very thin, only a grip, if get on the ground, looked from the rear, will make all men crazy. "Who are you, why disturb my retreat?" Women's voice is soft, but some cold. Homicide, need a reason? "Ye proud Wind said dismissively. Murder, no reason, but to pay the price, that price is your body's blood "woman long hair to float, no wind automatically, a powerful breath erupted. Vampire Marquis, Level 70. Just a flash in leaves proud of wind behind the claw headed toward the back of the leaf proud Wind. The leaf turned proud Wind, knife Pichu, the knife, weird, met with that finger, expose the the Ming Jin Tiejiao Voice. The sharp knife piercing the sky, leaves proud wind is quite sure, this woman alone fingers took over, that finger's hard, and can only say that terror. It leaves proud of wind flesh is unable to do so. "Spirit?" Woman floating 20 yards, the hand of a Young, a black sword in his hands, a move the body, a red light chop. Shadow of Promise, which is a shadow of Promise leaves proud of wind micro scared, a roar, shake force aura launch shot bullfighting launched, the body becomes golden light, long knife suddenly roundabout, blocking that knife. Cha Cha ... move a Block, leaves proud of wind downing of flight 10 yards, and that woman was just startled, a carnage across leaves proud wind long knives burst of golden light, Thang Long strike broke out. Thang Long hit pure force attack move hit, with the power of the Dragon, directly engulfed that the carnage, together with the woman swallowed. Bad leaves proud of wind hearts vigilant, but later, the woman suddenly split in two, a sub shadow fly out, draw the sword pointed directly at the throat. Clang leaves proud of wind leant over the woman's sword broken in the bones of the armor on the bones of the armor on a crack spread, then, directly collapse. Inside within the A, leaving a faint trail. This within A, but kill a the Dasheng level Master the explosion did not think tough than Avicennia armor also. Ye proud Wind discard the bones of the armor, the eyes reveal dignified. This woman, movement speed and attack speed too fast large strokes warfare skills such as magic through Dark cut, hard to hit other attack recklessly with the sword of that carnage, also divining the upper hand. Woman to see the leaves proud wind actually was not injured, slightly meal, Sword of the hands, but also shot. Ye proud Wind body flash, directly open the killings. Clang clang clang clang clang clang the six sound crisp sound came, this woman actually took over all. Ip Ngo wind waved his hand, Fan of Knives to launch twelve Flying shot to stop. "Well," the woman Lengheng soon flashed speed to become a carnage directly to avoid the knife and killed over. H leaves proud to wind a trick magic even cut launch even split twice, finally blocking the woman Jian Shi. Leaves proud of wind quickly take a step back, to come up with a magic nucleus, directly displaying ancient demon supernatural powers, the Ares body care. "Yaozu." Women see the leaf the proud of wind behind, the virtual shadow cold voice said, in the hands of the Sword Black Mans soared. "Condensate" Ip Ngo wind how can we let it attack, a condensate word, vampire Marquis directly horde wing word to launch the movement speed and attack speed, a move blasted a direct hit on the woman's lower abdomen. The woman was shot fly. "Ancient demon woman finally exposed fears meal hand, that sword automatically come back, the body has been turned Scarlet violent vampire open, prepare hard battle. "Earthquake" Earth roar vibration endlessly slow symbol dizziness, women's head punch leaves proud Wind bombers attacked to this, hit in the chest. Woman ** a very strong force, was shot fly, climb up. Ye proud Wind Lengheng soon, Ze, Hill launched Osawa out toxic water claims, mountains out Juli bombardment. The woman body suddenly show actually great speed to avoid the mountain and Ze attack. Good and fast, leaves proud wind shadow fleeting appear at the woman behind the punch bombardment in the back of the woman. Behind the attack, ignoring the defense, ignoring the Parry, this trick bombers real woman was shot fly, spit blood, fell to the ground, life and death, I do not know. Vampire clan, really tough. Ip Ngo wind looked under their own state of war with the woman actually consume the volumes of the origin of energy. 70 Marquis, is so powerful, 75 Earl of strength with genuine Dasheng level. On, as well as the Duke and the Prince of Wales, the strength, only to describe the use of terror. How to deal with this woman so kill, the idea is a pity. Leaves proud of wind the hearts of a move, a trace of evil thoughts distributing, determined woman into a weak state, began to display their yin and yang tactic. Tactic a yin and yang, a pink gas out of nowhere, the two parcels within this gas into a women's throat, she showed an confusion of color, a groan from cherry mouth spit, so that leaves proud of wind help pharynx under saliva. I will offer you the unlimited power of you willing to be my maid? "Ye proud Wind look solemnly said. "Well the woman sound cold, to beat up, brought up a carnage directly toward Ip Ngo wind. Ye proud of the wind to take a step back, escaped this channel attack. Women's body flash, cross-legged doing mouth kept repeating: "of blood." White long-sleeved suddenly opened his fly Quartet vampire Marquis's body suddenly becomes countless blood, drifting around, just an instant, disappeared in the leaf proud Wind front. Kinship Cheats, this woman is not a simple vampire thoughtfully leaves proud of wind. Yin and yang of the effectiveness of tactics, not surprised, higher than the 10 already difficult to succeed, this woman will, tenacity, nor can easily captives. The situation fixed yin and yang tactics need situation fixed, need each other timid before uniforms. Person to deal with, you must level into the holy souls willing to follow the job. Sanctuary level master, naturally has its own dignity, unless the absolute power to defeat, perhaps impressed by people relying on foreign objects to beat each other, and even more difficult to tame. It seems that the summon, more difficult than the Warlock summon. Leaves slightly proud of wind, meal, quickly laughed it off, and enhance their own strength, is benevolent. Female vampire to escape but the leaves proud Wind harvest or even Feng, a black sword, the sword, hard, extreme, and enough to increase the power of the attributes. Copper Guanzhong, leaves proud wind found a the three stone yuan, Cheats. Cheats named: ghost chopped, it is that women Marquis cast his secrets, ghosts chopped, have a chance to play the film's Promise effect. Ghost chopped,air jordan clearance sale, plus knife piercing the sky, do not know the the shadow of Promise effect how much leaf proud Wind clapped his hands, directly learn. Search for something, the next to find a storage box with a lock to lock. Ip Ngo wind readily pulled out a key, the master key in this key, the maid from the underground city, Goblin process, legend below the rank of Akin, all open. Storage box inside yellow yuan stone, the Xuanyuan stone, in addition, there is a piece of equipment, a pink A woman dedicated Ip Ngo wind unceremoniously taken away ...... last BOSS, leaves proud of wind did not continue to before, but to leave this house, see the street, a chaotic career in killing each other, there is a huge Shimo roaring ... someone Qiangguai the ... brothers, the audacity to want to vote <
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