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May 31 [Fri], 2013, 11:54
> {Sorry, suddenly broken network at home yesterday, and today a busy day, bought a route was not ready. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Honestly, I almost depressed dead, electric things just resolve,air jordan sale, network and off ...... do not say, and today six more, make up yesterday. } Done these, Zhang has in place looking for a bit and found a few pieces have been destroyed by the powerful magic fragments, presumably before these magic should be used to deal with two Wicked Ming Yue when damaged. So they picked it up, going after the re-refining some melted down. Then, he returned to the Dragon Empire. However, when he passed before the "bite affordable" when his footsteps suddenly stopped again, not many people see inside, he involuntarily went inside. At the moment comes mid-afternoon, long after the meal points, so come here to eat, not many people. Zhang Cheng watching diners in twos and threes, as well as the familiar style of decoration,Oakley Active Online, and my heart kind of idea of ​​where to have seen more and more intense, but still can not remember ever seen in any place in the end. Shook his head, Zhang just find a place to sit down, then there is a menu on the table saw, some of the above dishes are clearly marked. But soon he found the one thing that is actually above the familiar dishes, like what family bucket, Orleans roast chicken burger and so on. "This ......" See here, Zhang seems to be aware of what, and then the clerk called over and asked: "Excuse me, who are given these recipes?" "These are developed by our owner, is not only a cookbook Even the practice of these dishes is her teach us! "When it comes to their manager, clerk is proudly. After all, a weak woman in Dragon empire out of such a foundation, it is not easy. Moreover, the store's business was such a fire, she believes, will not take long, she will be able to open a second store. Moreover, they also promised before the owner himself, said second point to open up, in the past when their manager, think about the matter on her psychological very excited. "Who are you the owner? What is the name!" Zhang excited, after all, these things are all things on earth, even something as likely to be a coincidence, but these are not the names of the world's people can be absurd. In other words, the store's owner is also likely to like him crossing over from the earth, just do not know what he (or she) is what age people. However, no matter what age, people, let him have a foreign land refresher wonderful feeling, then asked so one. "Do not know, the owner did not disclose her name from the name, usually we just call her boss called her, and she will give us the practice of these ingredients, she disappeared from the shop, she did not have a lot of days to shop Lane. "the clerk said with resignation. "This ......" Zhang heard here burst loss, had he wanted to own the home getting visitors, but evidently not seem to have reached a short time. Zhang thought, facing the clerk said: "So let us forget, however, if you can see your owner, say your store name was good,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig Cheap, but would be better if you called Kentucky." "KFC? What do you mean?" do not quite understand the clerk asked. "Oh, you do not know what you mean, you just tell her, I want her to know what it means. Pair, which is fired several coins, give you the cost of it as a messenger, I hope you do not forget my account to give you something. "" Also, I called Zhang Cheng, is Dan Dan Road were disciples of dust under the child seat, if she asks, you tell her truthfully, in addition, you then told her that if she had time, you can Dan Road, were looking for me to go, or the Trustee with Mo Mo revisit say, I will immediately come looking for her. "Then, Zhang threw a bag of gold coins, and then wait for the clerk to speak, he sped away. At the moment, his mood is very excited, knowing this, than to get that two Wicked corpse and "yin and yang saver" also made him excited. People say drought every nectar, foreign land refresher, wedding night, when Jinbangtiming four pleasure in life, but at the moment, he experienced great pleasure in this foreign land refresher, but, here is another world, how he may not be excited. Originally, he thought the whole world on his people on earth, so that his heart there is a sense of loneliness, this loneliness Not here to make up the amazing people and things. But now he has found a home here, there is a person, suddenly, his heart was filled, nor emptiness and loneliness. If not he have some things to do, he wanted to wait here until until his hometown people that far. He left after eating afford, after a lap, came back to Mo, but just a door to see Yan Yu whole person pacing back and forth among the hall, as if there was something like a hurry. "Brother, how do you?" Zhang Cheng curious asked loudly. "Third Brother, you can be back, I just have this thing looking How about you!" Yan Yu see Zhang came back quickly said. "How, what such a hurry?" Zhang strange, then surprised and said: "Is not the sister-in-law anything about the situation?" "That to No, just my master messenger came and said, took place outside a local explosion, then one remains were dug out, just let me pass it! "Yan Yu replied. "What?" Zhang Yi Zheng, quickly asked, "In what?" Do not know why, Zhang had a hunch that this so-called monuments should be time-saver before digging Ming Yue blew out. However, before he looked around again, and did not find any trace of the existence ah. "Just east direction from the Dragon Emperor, about more than a thousand miles away, where before someone blew saver that will explode as the ruins of the woods and this movement caused a lot of people's attention, which later on came the the presence of ruins, but because this secret from us far away from the door, so my master through the Communications Yufu contact me, let me first take a look at the past is not really. "Yan Yu replied. "How is this possible, I had just come back from there, if there remains, I have discovered." Zhang Cheng a description of him, make sure he immediately said that the place is the place blew Ming Yue. However, he had just come back to see nothing ah. "Is what happened after I came back?" Zhang Cheng could not help the thought. "You just came back from there?" Yan Yu surprised a moment, asked: "Where do you go?" <
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