the hope of the whole world

April 08 [Mon], 2013, 16:55
> A modern world appear in this dark world of swords and magic, as an ordinary person, or the power of the weak by the power of the disadvantaged, what is the advantage he could get the shot? Li Zhi at this time, although some strength, but also has unlimited potential, but in the whole world is not on the table, strength aspect only silently accumulated brewing outbreak, but in addition to, but not necessarily some other. wwW, QUanbEN, coM humans are social creatures, it Stevo Masters even comprehend the kind of death the true meaning into the legend of the figures did not emerge. A force invincible Superman is terrible, ten one hundred Superman completely different, unless their minds are completely uniform and consistent. As the Dark World, numerous strong mutual restraint to the formation of the old order network, even if it is to become the fifth-order legend, but also a higher position in this order network, you want to do whatever they want is impossible, as long as it is bound, Superman also change It was no longer terrible, this is undoubtedly an effective use of force. Just want to skillfully deflected the question itself must also have extremely heavy force, if it did not have the strength to itself, if Li Zhi But ordinary people, even the most low-level ability in the world of this force, he would not care, which aristocracy would listen illiterate a farmer, the farmer lifetime are only far looked good nobles, you want to see will be driven out. Li Zhi Although strength is not strong, but the reputation and Horadrim plus the the new promotion legend field Stevaux Masters standing these forces, he has been speaking capital, just to be reclusive behind the scenes with Stevo The Legend of the field stood in front of the blocked all sight, withstood pressure,air jordan shoes, he does not know how much trouble will be less to go, like a Qianlong in the deep, silent accumulation, and so the situation will be, of dragon while Xiang days. Gently close the book on the illusion, Li Zhi, there has been a new insight, his advantage is that more of social civilization is that compared to the strong have too much knowledge accumulation, more huge main world productivity support can go less primitive accumulation With these points, he would be able to stand on the height of civilization, sweeping the whole world, leveraging the entire world is moving toward. No shortage of smart people in this world, but it has the limitations of social civilization, a smart three-year-old child, and will never be over, but a live 20-year-old ordinary people, this is the experience and insight of the limitations. The main world, but for thousands of years, but the stage of civilization is really more than a dark world too. Especially large outbreak of the past hundreds of years of civilization, the knowledge of the entire civilization far more than the imagination of the feudal era, productivity can imagine the feudal era. Such as steel, in feudal times the entire European steel production than but a small modern steel field, steel case, knowledge is also true. Stevo so able to set foot in the legend of the strong, no doubt with great wisdom, but most of his knowledge in witchcraft practice in other areas, and local indigenous people differences are not significant, and is in the strong respect of the world, people are more accustomed to using force to solve problems, making them subject to the shackles of the development of civilization has added a one box. The future direction of the continent after the smart people in this world could have foreseen this Bot War had a prophet, in any case did not think that the direction of the next step of the development of civilization as a whole, would not have thought, more will not do, especially when they itself is vested interests, how to destroy the old order to create a new order? In feudal times, the limitations of the times, limited knowledge of the situation of the whole world, even if it is thousands of years a person lived in this world, he is only richer than average accumulation of knowledge, it is difficult to go beyond the limitations of time and knowledge , no civilization is built on top of numerous fine branches, the bottom of the pyramid is constructed by the endless accumulation of knowledge, the more higher, more branches, not a single area of ​​outstanding can be reached. This is like a bucket, decide how high water bottled water is not barrel much, but rather constitute a bucket shortest piece of board, the development of civilization, the rise Caixing together by countless board is not a board longer will be able to hold more water, even if this board grow to the sky is not OK. Outbreak development of science and technology and even civilization is not a technology development contributed to the but has endless accumulation of other technology and knowledge. The so-called steam engine triggered the industrial revolution, the steam engine is just endless accumulation, the last straw that broke the camel's back, this process is certainly not a person be able to complete, and require the joint efforts of the whole community. This is to my advantage Zhi walk in the forefront of the team, watching the entire migration team, then he was just a little fire, but this fire will ultimately ignite countless Spark, which finally resulted in the spark Liaoyuanzhishi. These 100,000 indigenous,Air Jordans VIII, he will be leveraging the continent as a whole civilization of a lever. The gradual emancipation of their thoughts, and the release of their vitality, and to establish a foundation to form a land of hope in the road, this piece of land, will be as revolutionary base during the War of Resistance Against Japan, attracting countless hopeful to join them, to Sri Lanka the Wentworth as strong, down to the civilians just want to make ends meet, the quantitative eventually cause a qualitative change, and ultimately the formation of one craze sweeping the heavens and the earth, and his high standing in the forefront of this trend, standing on the height of civilization, to guide the entire the tide toward the old things thoroughly crushed bring hope for this side of the world, but also realize their own immortality and eternal hope. This moment, Li Zhi hearts flashed a song, in the the burning life beliefs era resounded throughout the world: up, cold and hunger slaves! , And the suffering of the people of the whole world! Filled with blood is green, you want to fight for the truth! Old world to pieces, and the slaves were up, up! Do not say that we have nothing, we have to do the masters of the world! This is the final struggle, unite to tomorrow, the British Turner nacional must realize! This is the final struggle, unite to tomorrow, the British Turner nacional must realize! Countless years past, the old dream of countless people struggle, whom burning life to sacrifice everything for the great cause in people's eyes become ridiculous, but these people ever thought of them mediocre blind life is the saddest? Alive in order to "eat" real ridiculous? Different parts of the world at this time, a different era, just feel that everything is so similar to the changing times, turbulent Li Zhi, the old Iron Curtain broken, just in front of the eternal darkness, or a ray of hope? At this moment, he perceived belief itself has a melting furnace, pervaded bright with hope immortal journey of personal hope, the hope of the whole world and even living beings completely converging to one. Migration of people in the road, some of them just to leave the camp, no one to things like the numbness, there is no trace of despair, even if the body can not bear, I'm afraid they can not come to the end of hope,Air Jordan 3 Outlet, and walk in the way of hope is dead is no regret of them do not know how many people should consider ourselves lucky, lucky this era, if not of this era, they will repeat their grandparents in life, how will usher in the desired change. Team front, iron wolf who take up the patrol to guard the responsibility of open them one thousand sergeant equipped four-way spread divided into four groups. Fallen cleared after the second day of action of the iron wolves were revoked, living in the camp for a few days, gradually integrate into this group signs, in the hope that the eyes of many people, as a group organisms people, as long as there is no real prolapse human category, even though their hearts have other ideas, living in this collective, and how to not be touched, not infected? The sun sets, the golden sun shines on the ground, the entire team cage on a layer of pale golden radiance, bright with hope. <
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