five times the force Walker

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Chapter 38: mysterious old man! [More] "dying it?" Purple man blurred vision, a sight not see any real time in front of the former flies first crush on a girl, the other side there is hope. The WWW! QuanBEn! COM first graduating from university, thwarted at every turn, and finally make a pot of gold. The first cause of failure, together with the friends come to comfort, along with alcohol, looking for a woman. Once moved, impulsivity, as well as the man's blood, bits and pieces come in the heart, Lost was soft words to comfort, happy, someone to accompany singing. Today ... to become cold, in order to survive, regardless of all. Themselves from what time,Coach Handbags Sale, begin to degenerate? His trance remember, after the end of the world, the first time I saw the people of variation, their own mind be terrified; first time I saw the partners together in survival between life and death, died in the monster's mouth, the body was chewed ...... Since then, his fear of death, four Gouqietousheng, also believe that the extraordinary back to each other, but the other betrayed and nearly killed ...... the blood in the body gradually become cold, he bowed his head feebly, the body hanging in the claw, fuzzy see that the remaining six people fled in all directions, he glanced at a glance. Hearts sank. Suddenly, a flash of blue light, the Blue Jackets youth passing from his side, Dangqi hundreds of blur, passing a monster, but did not take him smoothly. He managed looked up, but never at the mouth of the young Blue Jackets saw a hint of disdain, could not help think of the previous Blue Jackets youth talk on the cliff top of Qin Hong, his wrist a scene. "Bang" heart monster claw, gorgeous pinch burst purple man in front of a black, a crooked neck, this death, generation had to stand in the world of vertices, as the New World eight from the tower head boss, to die . Young whiz Blue Jackets fell on the cliff summit, turned around and saw the purple man died, his sneer, "Good riddance, we eight eight reservoirs are away from the tower, you have been is the boss, this can be considered retired." swept aside the remaining five figure to fall on the cliff summit, and did not see the monster chase, have relieved, soon will one fell silent, this time they suffered heavy casualties, eight head of die two , the rest if it is spared fast, I'm afraid to kill all. Bases for the rest of the match City look to their heart gloat, New World curbing force, experience less threat to them, who do not want to always be the New World suppress word they edicts Fengruo. Yang Xuan stood in the crowd, wait and see, without the slightest meaning to be shot, Here Tomorrow, he may not want to be stands out, not to mention, even if he success of these animal puppets kill, they are just cheaper to watch the people attack one, maybe even to take advantage of their exhaustive. People around to see eight of the New World from the tower head shot, have come to a miserable end, suddenly poured cold water from the cold to the feet do not even have the courage to try. "This monster is too tough, and each door two divert one, there will be a monster in the guard" even if it is sneaky, break into a monster too, once they are found, are not run run "hey, it takes the baby, but could get not, do not let it go? strength or other become strong again take?" Everyone have a sigh. Some people see this situation, knowing that things will not have any progress, then quietly left the cliff summit, returned to the base city, but more people still do not give up hope, chose to stay, want to wait Homo habilis to succeed, to help them kill this monster, so you can easily enter the main hall. Yang Xuan stood in the crowd, look normal, do not worry, the heart anxious people go clean, and then shot the baby to fall into their own hands, it will not attract attention, muffled fortune is benevolent. However, did not wait long, his wish would be defeated, saw a mercury robes, clothes embroidered with several blood-red skull with a bloody gas, such as real blood donation portrayed a very strong evil spirits. This old body skin smooth and glistening, glowing light and light, full of the flesh of the palm, pink, baby, long square-shaped face, a goatee, sharp eyes, such as swords. He slowly has taken all condescending looking down at the bottom of the other end of the animal puppets, shadow of a dynamic, floating in the air and flew down. He doing? All have hesitated and and immediately looked quickly. Yang Xuan saw that the old man at the back of a slight frown, his strength, even the slightest breath of this old man's imperceptible, completely see through each other. The crowd watched the old man came to the bottom of the cliff, into the smog layer, have not seen how he poises, aquamarine smog will automatically retreat to avoid to go, as if the fear of him, afraid to go near. Soon, he falls to the bottom, not the slightest stay, that the doors of the house straight away, then to learn Blue Jackets youth lead the way to the other end of the animal puppets out. "Roar" the animal puppets back wings already incorporated into the body, the most common form, to catch up with the old man, directly claw shot to the claw tear the air, the wind blew, yet to close, they put the old man Long robes blowing fluttering sound. "Well," the old man Lengheng cold eyes, figure back, right hand forward, bright glow of spiritual power from his fingertips,air jordan outlet, such as stones falling into the lake will be void provoked a layer of corrugated around spread. The corrugated force impact in that monster, I saw banging sound, if the monster body 78 bomb blast, physical scuffle, this corrugated force to Zhenfei the. Around the crowd set off a burst of noise. We had just curious, thought you are so old, so greedy, do not know our capabilities, do not would like to find this monster singled out? This old man really challenging, but also show a super power to know, in the last days, usually several of the old man, children, the body obese people, women, will choose the business or other professional life, very few will become soldiers. The woman is inherently not suitable for combat, weak bones than men, so instead of fighting occupation mainstream crowd. However, this does not mean that there is no woman warrior, sometimes, a woman can be sturdy, even than men body obese people with reduced mobility, is not the main occupation of the battle, although there are fat like fighting, very few such people. As for the children, not to mention the bones did not grow up, the body is still in developmental stages, the effort without adult strong. Elderly is the same, so aging cells, and then how to enhance the institutional aspects of the fighting, or rather young man, a 400 times the old man, at most,Satchels Coach Online, 350 times the system can only play young. The end of the world, is part of the world for young people. Most surprised the New World than the edge of a cliff six eight head away from the tower, and fought them and the monster, know how horrible and nasty monster defense is abnormal, even to itself, but also playing die, but this old man turned a shot monster will give Zhenfei, such strength, has far exceeded them "This is what the strong, so powerful, how could it have been obscure" single-handedly attack, even this ferocious monster head Zhenfei young blue shirt and red dress woman looked at each other, the sense of superiority that kind of mind proudly everyone suddenly disappeared, clearly feel that there is day and people beyond the truth. Xiaojin Yang Xuan Ring suddenly roar: "rules, which are rules" Yang Xuan heart startled, "What rules?" Xiaojin even said: "He just cast the type of supernatural powers, contains natural forces, belonging to the water system the corrugated force rules, watch the Mo Yang, also not completely mature, but rules are a little prototype "Yang Xuan was taken aback, said:" You mean, he is the stronger of the saints throughout? "Oscar shook his head and said: "look at his appearance, not holiness, but it is estimated that is about it. realm of power, from the beginning of the material level, to energy, to the rule, and finally the world" material level is where the top of the environment, mortal bands, strong bands, the peak of the order of the three stages of "energy level, that is, the supreme throughout the strong Venerable order, Walker order, the order of the day" and a fine distinction, Venerable Order Initially, this is 500 times the force, known as the power of the five times the force Walker order, a son litian order times the force, the force of two sons and then further on, to calculate the general units, such as you, etc. strength, the power of six sub. "silver water robe old man, there is the power of nine stone and nine stone pinnacle" "In general, to achieve the power of the nine stone, there was the perception of the heavens and the earth rules of eligibility saints The environment is a threshold, some people can not comprehend the rules eternity, strength but by day material treasure increase, reaching a power of stars, but in the use of the rules of the saints before the territory is still a residue "of Xiaojin explain Road. Yang Xuan Huang Wu over, meaning to say, this old man is considered a half St.. "You have to deal with his grasp of what?" Yang Xuan scared, one and a half St. stronger than him too much, there is not a level, now only rely Oscar. "I do not know." Xiao Jin shook his head and said: "If the nine stone force, I can easily kill, but this man has been touched to the threshold of the rules to kill too hard" so much stronger those how have never heard of, that he has the strength, can kill Qin Hong, replaced his position. "Yang Xuan eyes in that silver gown old man who looked dignified up, thoughtfully authentic . ...... Recommended votes, with wood? ? ? ? ? [..] <
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