For sure I know that if your computer

June 03 [Fri], 2011, 18:08
For sure, I know that if your computer is not running smoothly. Computer hangs behind and the Internet will certainly ruin the day registry clean up . Yes to save your sanity, here are some tips on how to speed up your computer:
1. Defragmenting a month - Your files are stored in various locations on the computer. After opening, the computer will search the entire hard drive to locate all the files needed to make the running application peed up my pc. defragment your hard drive will erase the unused space in the computer room to a free ride to help find files on your computer easier and faster.
2. Regularly update your antivirus software - antivirus You will not be able to identify new malwares, if the database is not updated regularly. Besides, you should also scan your computer at least once a week.
3. Install a firewall - a firewall is software that makes it difficult to threats from the Internet to infect your computer. There are a lot of zombie computers in a network of computers that are constantly scanning to find security holes. If you do not have a firewall, the system is so vulnerable to Internet threats.
4. Uninstall unwanted applications - the computer can perform many tasks, but that does not mean you need to install any program you can think of. It is better to consider uninstalling the programs he wanted to try, or those who no longer need. Getting rid of clutter is a great way on how to speed up your computer.
5. Keep your closet clean CPU - Open the rear cover of the processor. Use anti-static cloth and compressed air for cleaning dust and dirt from the CPU. Keep the spray in an upright position and can carefully so they will not fog on meticulous circuits. Using anti-static cloth to wipe off the dust.
6. Keep your CPU cool - computer heats up as you use it. Therefore, it is highly advisable to put your computer in the room clean registry. And if you for some time, turn off your computer, so it can cool down. This is a good way to save electricity as well.
7. Equipment upgrade - Check your computer system or a professional diagnosis. may no longer need a hardware upgrade if the computer freezes up frequently. They are now so energy-efficient processors will have a faster computer and you'll also save money with energy. You can also upgrade the memory and graphics card, depending on your needs.
These 7 tips on how to speed up your computer will help you become more comfortable with the computer. At least you will have less day ruined just because the computer must bury the suggestions below.
The author is a fan of the PC and like many people, was quite certain issues that occur after the computer for a while. So I put the site together document some of the main problems of the popular computer happened. It focuses on teaching how to speed up your computer. The author hopes that readers have helped better and faster computer with this simple site.
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