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May 25 [Sat], 2013, 9:56
> 197 Manchester United (next) game for both teams, are regarded as life and death. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm course for Manchester United, can not say that life and death. They are already into the FA Cup final, Champions League final, especially the Champions League final. Once you have the Champions League, then Manchester United this season has been a success. But Ferguson can not tolerate, let that damn French guy riding on his head for two consecutive years. Before Wenger took over at Arsenal, although there have been rebellious princes, but Ferguson did not looked down on them. Because those people even momentary rebellion, they are just a small spark, just a walk away Ferguson will be able to extinguish. Until Wenger came to England, this time Sir Alex Ferguson is the real feel in the Premiership rule is threatened. So Ferguson to Wenger's Arsenal really strong before, to give him a lesson. But did not think Arsenal is still strong this year, up to now is the champion of the most popular teams. Ferguson is definitely not allowed to make two consecutive Premiership champions Arsenal. So, while not life and death, but Ferguson is indeed high aspirations for this game. For George is even more so. Fourth, Manchester United, Arsenal eyes insignificant. But has been hovering in the relegation zone for three consecutive years among the Blackburn speaking, a UEFA Cup places is very important. And George also hope to use the UEFA Cup places for the competition to attract other players. Not only is the case, George is also used to tell myself that this places his players, as long as they are willing to be able to get good grades. But life and death, but is played the first ten minutes flat light. Not many threats shè door, not many beautiful scenes. But when the race to fifteen minutes, when suddenly began to force Manchester United. In particular Keane as Manchester United midfielder is currently the only player, frequently forward shocks. And the performance of the wing has not been Ryan Giggs and David Beckham have suddenly become active again. Giggs out sè with his speed and technology, the impact of the Blackburn right. And David Beckham is to increase their running. Manchester United midfielder running, especially without the ball very special sè. Without the ball they are able to identify some of the Blackburn defense were dead. George furrowed brow, Manchester United midfielder this match is definitely the result after a long time to play with. Blackburn Rovers players still remember George, so long as Manchester United would be crazy ball the ball. But George always felt an awkward, there are some concerns. Now this is Manchester United, that will never admit defeat to Manchester United. Ferguson has never been a willing loaded grandson, his team is also in keeping with his xìng grid. Manchester United is a team can not be underestimated, they never admit defeat. Even in the face of formidable strength than their opponents, they will use more powerful momentum to overwhelm them. This is why in order to Hougeleize White, Manchester United's strength has been slowly declining. However, their results are still among one of the best European clubs. They can keep teams this sè, rely on this unyielding momentum. Blackburn Rovers defender soon began to fail, George turned out to be closing down the audience want to use their own strength to consume Manchester United. But the ball is always faster than people in front of Manchester United's attack, Blackburn players but is getting shortchanged. Gradually, this time the game was nice, the race to thirty times a minute, Manchester United's attack finally results. David Beckham and Gary Neville right simply flashed with neutral, Beckham's foot pass into the penalty area found the exact Scholes. "Paul Scholes this time turned out to be no one defending Scholes ......, this header is too simple. Cudicini late defense, which is the responsibility of the Blackburn midfielder. How could so easily The Scholes put in.. "" One nil, the initiative in the game but is now back to the Manchester United side. "Scholes header is not known for the player, his greatest power in the rear plug strong far shè. Most of his goals are from the sudden starts strong shè door. But does not mean it will not Scholes header. George put in the hands of mineral water fell to the ground, and now Blackburn is indeed lost the initiative. Ferguson next time to see, really sit back. Just a slight smile, a simple clap your hands. After the fast pace of the game suddenly started up, Blackburn, unwilling so failed. So suddenly the rhythm between the two sides began a fierce fight among. "George can not say that the idea is wrong, but obviously George is still too conservative. Fact Blackburn completely not need to hit this defensive back, can compete with Manchester United's midfield possession. Unfortunately, George has taken a solid defensive strategy. "Martin Taylor's tactical arrangements for George criticism. "Yes, George thought that Manchester United will be eager to attack, so you want to play defensive back, but he often forgot football momentum is very important. Blackburn shrink their first step, handed the initiative is entirely hands of Manchester United Manchester United But a mature team. "as they both analyzed, George now regret. George forgot his old words when Taejo, the defense can not be passive defense, but should be active defense. George is taking a passive defense, after waiting for the other lose the ball, you want to fight back. This idea is too negative a. Beat Manchester United should take a more proactive strategy should not let the middle. If the defense is not so negative, but should be carried out in the midfield blocking. Then once grab the ball, they begin to attack. This is true defensive back, but also suitable for the present Blackburn counterattack. After all, is not the year Zhezhi Blackburn Burnley, Burnley year defensive back is relying started. Defensive back is already deeply their bone marrow, playing defensive back can also be effective. But now the Blackburn midfielder is relying on a strong ability to control and offensive capabilities known. Let them defensive back, is itself tied their hands and feet. And the face of those who attack weak team, although defensive general but no problem. Relying on a few people before the market breakthrough capability to play defensive back good results. But George forgot his face is Manchester United, the Premier League Manchester United since the establishment of the undisputed overlord. Their offense, defense is the Premier first class. Cut its own advantages, timid how could beat Manchester United won. Mistakes ah, turnovers. Just think of the case of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson thinking about the idea of ​​light. Has not been able to understand their team, how could not confidant beat. Fortunately, however, the first half although Manchester United fierce offensive, but did not continue to expand the score advantage. "First of all I want you to apologize, half behind entirely my responsibility." George, let the players under uproar. Because George is actually no different from the description of the media, is a dead duck fooling people. So even if it is really wrong, but also rarely apologize. So hear George,oakley sunglasses store, they will surprise. But George did not control them. "I was wrong, we should not be so negative team game, this is not our team's style." George began on the first to admit, the first half the game so that George really understand their deployment mistakes. "The second half we adjust, we begin this position in the midfield scraping." George drew a circle near the midline. "We do not retract when the defense starts from this position defensively. Then pass to mobilize them, and they are not to be mobilized." "The ball is always faster than people with a pass to mobilize them attack, do not worry about anything far as we usually play with. "George thought, let them timid, might as well let the players let go of the fight. With a number of advantages midfield, beat them back. Of course, this initiative will increase pressure on the defense. Especially in the face of York and Cole this heifengshuangsha Blackburn defender line will be 120,000 jīng playing god. "It has nothing to worry about, and we fell behind. Want to take their destiny in their own hands, the game we absolutely can not lose. Therefore abandon all ideas, we must strive to achieve goals." Now the pressure is on George Here, because in another field has a new score news. Leeds United at home to a nil lead Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers now only just over Leeds United Duoliaoyifen. Leeds United is playing the next game West Ham United, while Blackburn will have to away against Arsenal. Obviously Leeds next game easier to face Arsenal at Highbury that no joke. Especially once the game lost,Nike Jordan 9 Shoes, then the gap between Arsenal and Manchester United's points only one point. By the time for the championship, Arsenal and Blackburn shall Si Pin. So to the UEFA Cup places, absolutely can not lose this game. George has just begun in the second half on the direct use Klose replaced Bellamy, Pires replaced Rommedahl. Full attack intention is very obvious. Blackburn Rovers players know this, so just opening half of the game, Blackburn began to counterattack. Blackburn's offensive in English football, even in the world of football is very alternative. Therefore, once the offensive began, and half different. Because defensive tactics in the first half was very awkward Micoud and Deco both, in the second half began to release their own strength. Micoud was twenty years old, began to move towards their peak. But Deco still young, alone and Keane,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, Scholes strength of any one person than it is a gap. But Micoud and Deco two people together, the ability to control the midfield has increased several times. Even in such a world-class top Keane midfielder in front of both of them can ease the ball, pass. Although because of the presence midfielder Roy Keane so powerful, it can not spread the deadly threat of the ball. However, control of the ball on the midfield, Blackburn is favorably sè at Manchester United. Manchester United's style of play is still very direct, without any complicated pass, cooperation. York, Cole first point of control within the restricted area, Scholes plug control after the second point. Though simple, but full of menace. Compared to Blackburn's attack on the many complex and tedious lot. But whether it is Manchester United's large-scale cooperation, or Blackburn jīng color match, suddenly half of the game pretty much. . . More to the address <
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