the men and women he beside a laugh

October 13 [Sat], 2012, 12:16
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe female J ng ì Ji Cha when gas was also laughed , and asked: Oh ,then I eat what? Law enforcement and how ? The little girl boss also didn give tit for tat ,said: we welcome dinner ,if law enforcement ,ha ha ,I have no car shop .
Finished and sighed : actually I was for you ,this car will how ?And the dead? Then why are you so serious ?You have to really go in, excuse me this car owner ,Ken was afraid you a little traffic j ng ì Ji Cha .
If therefore lost his job isn . You call this what ,what to stop while the dead? Here is the road, no parking ,if you say so ,everyone parked his car at the curb ,then we will not pass ?I only asked law enforcement cars have illegal ,as for the car owner ,have anything to do with me? If true ,lose your job ,I can not find work ,I have the hands and feet ,not can starve to death ?But I just do the work, I should do my share of the work .
Speak straight from that little lady boss side pushed past ,pass by Lu Ziyu side, slant eyed him ,but did not speak .Then open the door to the inside of the man asked: outside the White s è who is BMW,please leave immediately ,do not interfere with the traffic .
But she said ,facade diners just static once, immediately and breath easy and talk straight ,appear when she didn .The little girl boss behind her ,shrugged ,made a pair of : you see, I say don go .
Female J ng ì Ji Cha scene also to anger ,turned around and walked out of the store ,take the walkie-talkie : J ng ì Ji 56897 call station ,here I am ... another j ng ì Ji see this quickly put her walkie-talkie press drop ,Meihao Qi said: ,you it is going to do ,that is the Qiu mayor son ,you are the trailer called ,who dare ?Well Northface Windstopper, don work, let .
.. is not ,that also cannot pipe ,but also our j ng ì Ji Cha do? !Cao ,if you fear, you first go ,here I am a person can be . This is Yu Xiaobin daughter J ng ì Ji with angry ,hand the walkie-talkie from ,looks like also to call .
That another j ng ì Ji see this ,did not say anything ,riding a motorized March off .Yu Xiaobin sees this ,slightly stared blankly once ,she just said ,but is angry ,who knows the companions have really gone .
She was then the walkie-talkie ,to inform the total station to the trailer door was opened ,again ,go from inside a few dress rather unassuming young man ,one head is shaved leaving only around zh ō ngyā nga piece of instant noodles do young people looking at her hey hey laugh : ,you want to take my car ah ,yes ,my car bought has yet to attempt was pulled through ,you might as well do a good ,let me experience .
He said ,the men and women he beside a laugh ,and a pointed chin young man sneered : J ng ì Ji Cha do? The question you asked a good question ,but also is very stupid .J ng ì Ji Cha is of course our bully people of Connaught, is paying you to bully our own ?Silly younger sister .
Of course ,like your so beautiful girl J ng ì Ji Cha ,or can do many other things .Haha... .. hum ,you spend money to support J ng ì Ji cha ?Who is it. Aside Yang Xinting finally could not resist, take one step cold road .
The man smiled but did not even dare to interfere, he was about to speak, but not to the instant noodles to stop ,the convenient grinning see Lu Ziyu et al .,finally is fixated on Guo Xiaowen ,cold laugh : Dear Oh ,this is not Guo grand less ?This is your girlfriend ,also is not too sensible .
.. .Ao ,stinking bitch ,how dare you ... He if not finished ,but Yang Xinting has already started ,skilled a knee hit ,he suddenly left Ao a scream .Several other cohorts to see such an oath ,arrives, Li Xiaoyi see this has cried out : Yan Ting sister ,I will help you .
Forward is a flying kick ,the pointed chin also step companion ,two women will kick a crotch ,knee hit the two movements using the perfection in one ,moment, several young people are squatting on the ground ,sweating .
Lu Ziyu and the Guo Xiaowen two people there are tempted to cover the eyes ,heart thinks: the operation against the wolf ,is the bastard invented ah . Guo Xiaowen looked at Ziyu admiration Lu Liang Jingyu : brother ,I know why you so good martial arts .
Lu Ziyu temper made him one foot, scold: laugh to your grandpa . But ,at this time, the female boss and Yu Xiaobin in the side but were stunned .Yu Xiaobin had a long time to Na Na said: you ,how can you .
.. ?She wanted to say ,how do you hit ?But the other side it is help myself ,so she is indeed some say not to export .But think that beat is wrong, a Na Na ,was speechless .I like .
.. Air Griffey Max Mens Outlet.Xiong Fang is a determination ,suddenly from the bosom of Lu Ziyu earned out ,charming smile: brother Liang Jingyu ,you wait a minute ,I ,a change of clothes for you to see . Saying to shy to run to the bathroom ,Lu Ziyu want to a bath ,but be afraid to disturb him and bears Peng ,so embarrassed .
Now had to lay in bed waiting ,I suddenly felt funny ,the heart says: I Lu sb is long in the calendar man ,how today is a beginning of the personnel of the child like .The two are waiting ,also not at this moment ? And for a moment, then in the Lu Ziyu heart guessing this girl is in what kind of way out of time, the door is gently pushed .
The little girl timidly came in .Before Lu Ziyu turned around in a circle ,low voice asked: elder brother Liang Jingyu ,I look good ? Lu Ziyu looked at the little girl alluring dress mercilessly swallowed his slobber ,at this time, the girl has replaced the usual jeans and casual wear .
Wearing only a loose cotton shirt ,skirt just to about two inches above the knee ,thigh and his half round slender legs .Strange is the diminutive knee has no wrinkles and different s è ,showing a faint pink s è.
Lu Ziyu in her time, little girl apparently some tension ,light small foot consciousness gently tilting ,pink feet to let people see the skin faint blue s è thinveins .Lu Ziyu sees this quickly pulled her sitting on the bed ,distressed : ,on cool ,not frozen .
Said her delicate small feet in the palm of your hand ,gently ,tone ,and rubbed by hand .Softly asked : cool ? Xiong Fang was his tickle ,giggled wince .Then gently shook his head ,smiled and stared at Lu Ziyu .
A head of long hair ,this time was the plate in his head, exposing clean, welcomed the long neck ,making her look than usual appears slightly mature a little ,maybe she felt some young was deliberately so .
The shirt is very thin ,waist ,arm and the drum and uplift of the Shuangfeng ,but also in the White s è ultra-thinbra under half hidden ,then look down ,the same white s è pantieson had a red S ècartoonheart pattern .
As a newly entering the summer cherry ,tried to show her the red sweetheart ,tell ,please pick me, I done ,but I have revealed a sentimental .But it is a little green ,but more and more people got drunk, y ù alonecannot .
Lu Ziyu consciousness of cute feet slowly along the slip up ,tender and smooth finish ,calf ,knee ,finger in the tactile feast to extricate themselves .It crossed the knee to continue to explore .
Subconscious shiver ,then changed quietly endure ,finger also paused ,but still gave it encourages ,it continued to climb ,to a better place to explore .Finally it reached the ideal rich land .
The room a couple and making a softly moans, room atmosphere began to warm to the ambiguous .Two people becomes more and more hurried .They are so ambiguous atmosphere still hope, who also did not speak .
Respiratory ,eye ,into another language ,two people became more and more calm ,more tacit understanding .Through the initial pressing and shyness ,they become like fish and water as harmonious nature .
Delicate ch ū nas pink s èpetalsslowly as bloom ,crystal tongue like clove bud .Suddenly ,two pieces of tender and warm lips will she covered .Petals only had time to gently well meaning a sound Northface Women's Windstopper Sale,then only the more rapid breathing sound Michael Kors Kingsbury Sale.
Fingers no longer meet in separated by a layer of fabric surface Nike Air Max 90 Shoes Outlet,which some rude opened the some way cotton ,directly into a lush grasses from ,then in a stream at once, a hot springs surging out .
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