quickly attracted a group of goblin slaves

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 15:49

> To see a monkey moves, hemp sails can understand, see a hobgoblin or small goblins will automatically hemp sails these humanoids had never seen before, but he can also understand, after all, they may ape or other what monkeys like biological outsider distant relatives. Www! Qunaben! CoM but one ... one? Or a? The mushrooms will move, it would not be able to understand, anyway, hemp sails really taken aback. In tis mushrooms is necessary drilling the mushroom bushes run away when, Haba squeeze over The red flower mushroom of Walawala call out for a pass, it stopped, then Haba out from the waist hides pocket a kill stick stick, hemp sails guess it may be a dried mushroom stems ... see Haba took out the mushroom stems, the flower mushrooms slowly getting in the way, but still as far as possible towards Haba rely carefully avoiding standing the Haba around Ma sails, see it timid look, it seems that as long as the hemp sails of a move, it intends turned and ran. From Haba hands took only a slap in the face of a long dry mushroom stems, mushrooms it near his mouth side ... here you have to be a detailed description of the way in this mushroom linen sail to see the look of it, very surprised, because it Although at first glance looks like a mushroom, but it is still a long blur facial features and limbs, a fairly normal proportion of its arms, it is saying quite the height, just finger is not so obvious, at first glance looks like two thickness length irregular growth of the mushroom stems, but its legs a bit ridiculous, like a Viking just one small cut, so it looks a little funny. Mushrooms tumor to observe the world, at the bottom of the eye that is a closed simply do not see, no lips, is a slit mouth, it is clear that it will not have teeth. Overall, this guy is a has a mold. Paste humanoid plants have to describe, and ginseng or Polygonum multiflorum almost mushroom canopy is their head, the head is below the cylindrical body, there is no shoulder things like neck. Mushroom people Haba out of the dry mushroom mushroom infarct into a slit-like mouth to suck, do not know is to taste the flavor or doing, after all, it is not the nose, and then one with a slimy white broth the saliva dried mushrooms stems back to Haba no longer escape hemp sails but stood in front of them Haba do not know what nerve, brain actually facing constantly swinging. Bags of mushroom people out: Life can not get the ability to use telepathy to facilitate me to study the characteristics of the lives of these strange creatures. secretary translation Figure words, this looks like that like a mushroom head mushroom actually can use telepathy? This is so ironic, right? hemp sails This saw the original when in flower mushrooms Yaotouhuangnao, from its head on the canopy folds, spreading out some tiny spores, after the secretary of the a like dust in the air in the sun like floating spread, it is clear that it is through such a spread of spores as a transit to the so-called Little light in this dark underground cave environment,Ansley UGG Shoe, highlighted spores like a flashing point, the ups and downs in the air, see these spores blown their side, hemp sails could not help but reach out and grab the , but these spores are too small, a little air flow will drift away without force, did not catch. encounters with ghosts. A bit scared of hemp sails turned to see past the original mushroom people was to reach out and grab the spores of action attracted him Unicom telepathy. the hemp sails old and would like to speak directly. Telepathy, even low-level media type, also than hemp sails now use the Listen to ? Should say these things floating in the air, right? Hemp sails look like giant mushrooms, actually Hemp sails with the Secretary of communication exchange has been so, so soon get used to this way of communication, although the strength of his thinking is not enough, can not own other biological telepathy, but the self-proclaimed comes out as a medium of spores transit, hemp sails naturally simply asked for spiritual communication. This is in fact very simple, hemp sails used to be the The telephone line will use the ],[. Haba nodded: red mushroom seems very happy, shaking his head: 'fertilizers' not 'that' fertilizer, right? a more than two thousand Hobgoblin plus seven thousand Goblin slaves, and fifteen hundred six hundred Julang, plus 3,000 bulls donkey collective chills. Haba secretly and said: When are 'fertilizer' with them in exchange for food. The large mushroom king to stand in front of them silly swinging his head. Hemp sails strange asked: Mushrooms leader should also mushrooms, right? Is Hericium? curious to see hemp sails. Theoretically, the mammals can evolve out of life, who added that the quasi-plant evolution not life it? These big mushrooms than the obvious fact that it? But there are a lot of moves and the type of prey in the plant kingdom, they can evolve into a plant, Department of Biology, wise like what Nepenthes like, they might have a chance. Hemp sails are listening Haba Then, only the size of a football field mushroom cave suddenly rose up, the huge mushroom shake up, not many mushrooms Cong separate, a blossoming mushroom from the inside out. Looked stunned after another from the mushrooms a pair of big mushrooms are hemp sails a bit from ear to ear, which can be called Small short-legged, three meters high, a huge mushroom people marched in and out of proportion to the body from the mushrooms thicket squeeze out a huge body length even higher than Dumb, but miraculously did not crush Duo ground mushrooms. Out together, as well as other large and small flowers nearly mushrooms, the smallest among them only two feet high,'s like this little mushroom leader the other meters high, two meters high, two meters high, the simple point is, the higher the status of them tall, the greater the head and the greater the less, nearly one hundred large mushroom like red mushroom leader such as high as 10 feet large mushrooms Only it then one, up to 8 feet and only one, 6 feet tall, which is two meters high was so fifty-six 4 feet high, which is about one meter more foot 2, 30, the rest are like hemp sails bird they first see 2 feet high. A three meters tall, huge, fertilizer white, naive mushrooms standing in front of you is what it feels like? Anyway hemp sails a bit scared to the huge mushroom pillars of waist circumference and height summoned up the courage to stand before you, but also waving flood radish like thick fat white arm changed everyone a little scared, too weird. Black Wolf tribe huge mushroom again, it is also the mushrooms, and the Dumb ... it is a big eater, hemp sails have not found something that it does not eat, basically catch anything to eat what people see its own large mushroom drooling, not afraid to be strange. Red mushroom leader whatever the outcome is a mushroom tribal head, pretending not to see it drooling fools asked Haba: ? Ah tweeted accompanied us this time so we're going a little earlier to the Shrine accounted for a good position. emotional, dancing fat radish-like arm, excitedly said: In return, we will give you ready for plenty of food! ancestral rules give you some fertilizer in exchange for food, the great Ah tweeted God witches and Ashina, I do not have the right to replace it to accede to your request. Fur Ball is upturned at the foot of the curious little head and looked at the big mushrooms are begged: confused how it scratched the back of the head, the hair bulb carry her from the ground up, large mushroom like talking to the hair bulb to bless it? Bless what? Do not understand the linen sails had to held in wool ball up handed the red mycosis leader, but it does not lend a stout arm to pick, but overjoyed close to over, crouched down in front of hemp sails. And it is a moving, those moving the one-meter high, two-meter-high mushroom we are excitedly gathered around, Dumb and Haba pushed to the side of the crowded holding a hair ball hemp sails around in a circle around the. The scalp tingling hemp sails do not know they are doing, but to see the hair bulb suddenly hands holding on to the red mushroom chiefs face clutching the hair bulb, almost choked to death! Although only mushrooms, but such a big hulking guy, coupled with such a large group of people gathered themselves this if angered them, hit them, those who suffer, but ah? The strange thing is that spit red mushroom look spittle leader not only angry, but grinned mouth thanks ecstasy, face saliva not rub a little spit mean surface to dry. Thanks a red mushroom leader in half a day from the mushroom group back out, and let out a huge body position occupied, while the other one heads up second only to its big mushroom hash, stretched over the face, and then Fur Ball Hemp sails next transfixed so see the hair ball fertilizer treasure even, after all, the plant growth by manure, can be understood, but face to let people spit but as a The pink hair ball kind of little stars saliva can cure the wound hemp sails, might these big mushrooms substance is to be contained in the hair bulb saliva. on mushroom umbrella,Canada Goose Chateau, pleased and said: will soon grow into a large tribes so that we need not be afraid the black mushroom tribal guy to bully us ... a mushroom bed in order to express the gratitude of our red mushroom tribes are given to you, is not enough our the red mushroom tribal in behind two mushroom bed, can be provided to your friends and black wolf! saliva, The red mushroom leader called large mushroom. Can heal, but also to let the plant rapid propagation? Has been the the red mushroom leader allowed, The Haba go conductor goblin slaves to enter the red mushroom mushroom bed, began the lot acquisition intensive growing mushrooms as food. This foot growing mushrooms in the cave the size of a football field is probably at least as several one hundred tons, dense pile up huge as if umbrellas and coconut tree like mushrooms estimates can not eat, but growth the tender mushrooms mushrooms Cong those layers is a good thing. 've Never seen such a strange life linen sails holding the hair bulb with red mushroom leader sets from near slowly learned them red mushroom tribal. Original belowground biomass are collectively referred to as the one hundred kinds, even the mushroom people do not know exactly how many kinds of similar. Although different types of mushroom people, but their behavior is the same, through a large number of breeding the mushrooms bacteria bed wet underground water cave, the formation of such a dense mushroom growth environment, and by spreading the spores to multiply similar. Hemp sails feel magical, these mushrooms have evolved with certain characteristics of humanoid creatures, and apparently they eat, but they eat all those mushrooms mushrooms formed bed die in growth to humic matter , so they will be a large area of ​​This eat their own habits, allows them to Aboriginal cave in exchange for Mushroom number of people in a tribal related with mushroom fungus bed area, and the larger the area of ​​the mushroom fungus bed, the more likely those mushroom cultivation continue to produce their companions, and more companions, will be able to expand The larger area of ​​the mushroom fungus bed. Mushroom people actually become directly from the mushrooms, hemp sails very surprised, the mushroom the just the mycosis people who spores bred not every one can grow out of small mycosis people to only achieve enough growth conditions , will be generated from the hundreds of millions of flowers mushrooms in a small mushroom, small mushroom mushrooms into mushroom people, with mushrooms no difference, which is why the mushroom people will not only eat their own mushrooms, but also willing to send the mushrooms The to passing Aborigines as food in exchange for fertilizer. On the red mushroom leader said, the red mushroom tribes like them so that only less than one hundred small companion tribal, in this huge underground world countless companions hundreds of mushroom tribal existence, is said to underground seven-story very far from here, there is a population of hundreds of thousands of large mushroom tribe Unfortunately, the small tribes like them so there is no way to survive in the large mushroom people tribes around. Because each tribe to survive and multiply must rely on a humid environment, plenty of water and fertilizer, in order to compete for these things, in fact, between each mushroom tribes are not so friendly, if it is the same kind of mushroom tribes may even better, if the encounter appears around the other types of mushroom tribe, even the outbreak of fighting between the clans to fight for the survival environment. Red mushroom tribes like them, that is, because near not far from a had to repeatedly reduce the survival area, originally had a dozen mushroom fungus bed cave only so three, the number of companions only so less than one hundred. But with the natural essence back. Hemp sails very strange asked: wrong! our the red mushroom tribal mushrooms, black wolf friends can eat, not eat them black mushroom mushrooms black wolf tribal friends eat will die. ! Hemp sails Haba watching them so for a while, they the people red mushroom people finally planted up mushroom fungus bed extermination like pulling bald than half, even those who long with coconut trees like huge mushrooms did not put However, after more than ten meters high mushroom stems are cut down, copper knifed length a length, piece by piece to move out, is said to keep when the feed to the donkey and slaves, has almost grown into the wood of the old mushroom stems, bite the people donkey and goblin slaves move it? Saw a large red mushroom pitiful standing in the corner and watched hobgoblins are away wildly the goblin slaves Rulangsihu their mushroom bed pulling the spotless linen sails suddenly felt pitiful, suddenly brain flash, mushroom people have evolved to become humanoid, belongs to a plant evolutionary biological life forms with human biological, but they are, after all, the evolution of the spiritual power that can use telepathy killing them can draw spiritual body energy? had an idea, it sets the red mushroom leader: mushroom people called on the 'mushroom people', the mature mushroom called 'mycosis people', called 'old mushroom' growth of more than 12 years of mycosis, growth reached 16 years of mushroom called 'strong mushroom ', I had been growing for 20 years, so I become the' red mycosis leader ', another four years, I just want to be able to accumulate enough adequate nutrition can evolution into a mushroom Wang. life expectancy is only 12 years, if you have enough growth and nutrition, and certain conditions, will be able to evolve into a live more than 12 years, General decade or so will lose their ability to grow and die. Hemp sails speechless said: so cunning creatures out of animal evolution, obediently took their secrets to tell hemp sails: bacteria hole, then we should long, long time. mushrooms grow faster Ma sail know that he did not intend to be a mushroom grow into a coconut tree, so old mushroom Who wants to eat? He is going to the group of mushroom abducted, fast growth, quick mushroom but high-yielding crop! Whether it is used as food or as animal feed are very, very good thing, talking about the kinds of mushrooms than itself who is proficient mushrooms become mushroom people? go? I need you to grow mushrooms for me! They also toxic spores will die and they fight. Puzzled reached for a correction in the to eating mushroom stems Jingang Long A who hemp sails odd: kinds of biological, they are very powerful and should be able to play the black mushroom tribal But if God so shamans if you are willing to provide to the fertilizer and living space that we could ever use, we do not go hitting the mushroom tribe can also go with you! Khan solid, this mushroom head buddy own but rather superfluous eradication of black mushroom tribes Not purely in order to show his good will to the red mushroom tribal hemp sails mainly want to try to not be able to learn from the spiritual body from mycosis people who energy. Hemp sails,UGG Sheepskin Cuff, fertilizer what time to worry about his time in the East Tianzhen corn because of the high consumption of corn this Earth to invasive biological soil fertility, planting one crop land completely , so the last resort the Secretary to develop a collection of various plants need to grow a variety of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, antimony, zinc, iron and other trace elements produced trace element fertilizer Since the works of corn, mushrooms should also works, right? Part of the elements in the carrying supplies fertilizer that is hemp sails going to find an address for the construction of the camp, planting crops belt, ran back to the team with a red mushroom leader a pass rummage from a wild ass backs found two pocket filled with grass pocket black lumps. Pulled out from inside a black fist-sized elements fertilizer handed red mushroom princes hemp sails Road: small black lumps, conspire eyes the front Yaotouhuangnao looked burst straight into his mouth, hemp sails cold, and in the end can not eat? You afraid of poisoned? The the red mushroom leader element fertilizer eat standing blankly for a while, suddenly trembled up, then suddenly turned and ran to the cave of the bacteria came waves of confusion thinking in telepathy, hemp sails Jinong Lenz , which in the end is the line or not? Followed quickly ran into the linen sail to see the the red mushroom leader ran back bacteria cave bashing big mouth bacteria dong, central brook allow the stream to flow directly into the stomach, filling a quite a while before they get up, and hurry to ran into the busy harvest only a layer of white fungus layer bacteria cave, dug from the ground and piles of humus was stuffed into his mouth, pouring from the mouth of a white slurry, mixed with rot Colonization was swallowed. The original shuffles the red mushroom chiefs moment action becomes fast, the East a West one of the humic material dug the ground riddled, hurried into my mouth, and do not know it the hemp sails Kanleyihui doing, it is found that it is urgently needed to eat, or how quickly attracted a group of goblin slaves to help dig a large number of humic it was piled around it for food. With help collect humic matter, the red mushroom leader simply bent down to pick up a handful of humic matter in his mouth on the line, the action a lot faster to eat for a while and then ran to the creek irrigation a full, and then ran up the mess plug! Wait until the the red mushroom leader drank twice stream, hemp sails finally found it has changed,Baby Snow Bunting, the mushroom Chief of the body in a visible speed change some sort of digestive juices, and go into those piles of humic matter quickly be digested, convert it required nutrients are absorbed. The red mushroom leader behavior lasted about an hour and finally slow down its body at least as bigger tenth stop eating red mushroom the princes throw away clutching humic material, they do a linen sail the nausea almost no halo past actions, plump arms into his mouth, like dig pocket, touch to touch, and finally from a bunch of white pulp in order to work out just swallow down piece of black lumps elements fertilizer, but now he was originally fist element fertilizers only the size of an egg! linen sail directly to stun the past.
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