the old lady is talking with granddaughter Lin Shi Qi

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 17:55

Cattle bb novel Read recommended some equally good-looking and is the road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal the Princess As for the forest???? things, in fact, that is because my grandfather. Lin???? Grandfather does not fit deathbed Qin thorn had thin account. It when not met since met, Qin thorns is naturally to her as???? Look. Today Lee???? The things Chafanbusi because Grandpa, he naturally can not so just walk away, at least have the matter dealt with satisfactorily, and to be able to feel at ease. However, my grandfather passed away, and how satisfactory it? The world everywhere is round, but is everywhere hard round ah. Received good skins, Qin thorn out of bed the moment you walked in the front window, and the fall scenery outside the window on the eyes just unconscious, suddenly, the entire manor alarm bells. Bell's role is clearly to remind invaders, Qin thorns is impossible not to understand it, the next moment, his shadow from the windowsill jumped Yu Buchen Tour then applied to start the whole body not as simple disappear, but stepping on a wonderful rhythm, like slow real fast disappearance in place. At the moment, the center for himself villa floor belongs to the old lady's room, the old lady is talking with granddaughter Lin Shi Qi, the old lady since learned Qin thorn grandfather's death, and it is certainly no longer be able to restore the previous comparable to the old Taijun's demeanor. Weak like a dying patient. Death is certainly not terrible UGG Sheepskin Cuff, the most terrible is the spirit of death. People lost their spirit, but also is a walking corpse go rou nothing. The spiritual pillar of the old lady who is the grandfather of the Qin thorn. Both her adopt a child, or trying to carry out their own career are to Qin thorn grandfather. But now, Qin prickly grandfather has first her step out of this world, she felt all vanished, it does not matter. Even previously arranged the deal with the Wuling Heavy various means, do not mind in Dali. These days, the old lady has been not eat nor sleep the whole ri in tears. Are not allowed to enter his room with his granddaughter. Finally today, Lin Shi Qi should not only worn the old lady to let her into the room, the usual three sticks are not hit out a fart granddaughter, ri ri reads like this eloquent a general wave of their language skills, warms the heart of the heart of the old lady. The old lady is not a dead end figure, she would also like to understand. This is her life, but learned that Hon-sang has been waiting for her, she felt enough. These years of waiting worthwhile. And now, she has other things to deal with. For example, his hand things over to his granddaughter and grandson Hanson, and then accompany the graves of the Han students, until the passage of life. To say, on the generation of emotion is difficult to satisfactorily own granddaughter and grandson Hanson so eye, whether it can make their wish in the junior who's body has been reached. Old lady organization with the language, and would like to test the reaction of the granddaughter of the matter, the bell suddenly rang. Old lady villas probation tight, comparable to the important leaders of those countries. Of course, have to admit, the old lady is certainly powerful forces, as well as countless wealth, but she can only recruit skill strength of character in the eyes of ordinary people belonging to s national leaders around those members of the group, the old lady was can not get that. After all, this is not just to spend money to be able to accomplishing. Nevertheless, even with the old lady around the villa it is also densely covered the forward to countless whistle Anshao, and the individual are all between the secular role of extraordinary skill. And so many master sits lightly would not dare to provoke. But not only was to provoke, to look at this situation, it is clear invasion success, otherwise, the only privately disposed of, back notification soon on Bale, categorically impossible sounded alarm bells. . Di butler. Xiaoqi, you went to open the door. other emotions. Moreover, this manor is the invasion is not the first time Canada Goose Manitoba Outlet, the old lady in this industry to do, establish the enemy will naturally not less, but most have been the manor house of the defending team directly eliminated, even if occasionally two or three slip through the net can not come into this middle villa. could not be stopped by the gang into the manor came. She waved a hand and said: , the strength of the internal security than many outer Methodist powerful. The outer guard is responsible for entering ward off foreign invaders, internal security is directly arch keep the security of the old lady. Once now break through the outer guard defense into the villa by direct cell killing. Di butler frowned: . The Wuling Heavy Industries as Asia's largest arms dealer, and fall naturally been linked to the body in this ri, ri this forces mobilize some ninja down is not difficult. But I do not worry about the old lady. The Ninja far unlike the legend is so powerful, her internal security are the selection of a master Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Sale, to deal with these shadowy ninja, the idea is nothing difficult. Once gave birth to the the ninja invasion time, and that time to plan ri the other arms dealers from the conflict and the old lady in the business UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit, you spend money to hire a ninja to carry out the assassination. Unfortunately, in the end, but was within the Methodist eliminated clean. Qin stabbed when he could not help surprised and said: The old lady ri trivariant Mr. Chin's attitude is getting close, but also because this young man, an old man talent Chafanbusi. He and Lin Shi Qi verbal tentative rough guess what. , The old lady who, without the identity of this young man really is his conjecture, this young man is likely to Lam Group successor. Miss Lin Shiqi is likely to be the old lady betrothed to this young man, his wife. Of course, these are only Di butler's guess, he now doubts the outside defensive heavy, Mr. Chin even likely to become heir, but everything is yet to come in the water, the eyes of the next person, but only guests. A guest, how can the estate was invaded moment, do not disturb anyone, and did not get anyone through pass, came directly here? Old lady and Lin Shi Qi see his arrival, Actually, I'm like think Di butler is so complex, the old lady who barely smile, said: I have here the most secure. Side of Di butler hesitated, and could not help but asked aloud: blocked the Qin stab the path. Indeed he is a loyal butler moment of cranky, he obtained several guesses, the most terrible guess Qin thorn was originally disguised within thieves, this time of the intrusion event, he has seen. So he deliberately blocking the thorn the path of Qin, is afraid he suddenly soared, hurt the old lady. However, he did not think about it, the If Qin thorn really what within thieves, has long been hurt the old lady, so why wait until now. Qin stab said dismissively: how that point of manpower can be blocked lives. the same can be directly through the entity. This amazing performance natural Di butler, and the old lady Lin Shi Qi trio shock stunned. Fastest, but the old lady's reaction and her grandfather to get along with Qin thorn for some ri son to know his grandfather know how many bizarre ability since the Qin stabbed his grandson, then will point clever means, naturally not what difficult. Unfortunately, Qin thorn strength of this body, not his grandfather upon that. Reason he crossed Di butler's body, as if through walls general, really just Yubu Chen gives a tour of the wonderful cause visual, the Yang step and overcast step with, people do not see him in a instantly step out how the footsteps to bypass Di butler. The left visual images, directly through Di butler's body, and degree also very slow invasion. Small stab you ... Is surprised extended the soft white finger pointing Qin thorn blankly. Touches on some of the old lady comforting smiles: Touches Di butler the blankly's turned to looked Qin spiny back, take a look at the smile on the old lady, looking dramatic changes in channel: wanted to rush to. The old lady looking sank, said: The old lady waved his hand and said: small thorn, I clearly than you, not to casually suspicion. Went out, do not leave within the Methodist hand, are not allowed to let Di butler complexion burst of change, the final will be determined to see Qin stab one, to be now Qin prickly eyes calm and pure thoughts rippling between suddenly see the light, he thought true if the want to do with the Qin stab the ability and opportunity to be together several times, and the old lady alone, would have done , why so much trouble. And look at the performance of the old lady, he also confirmed the identity of this young man, more of a slightly put down the heart, nodded and walked out. Lin Shi Qi still can not believe it just to see the scene, naturally took Qin barbed questioning. With her temper, unless she was interested, otherwise rarely so chasing people ask. That look of curiosity mo like, it touches on the old lady called aside even ri depressed bitter sad mood slightly hint of a smile. Nod, she secretly thought: the match them. There is no depth of personal experience, can not understand. Qin thorn explanation can only make her more confused, but Qin thorn **, but did not further explain the sights of the old lady. In his eyes, the old lady Short UGGs, but only a few days time, has been looking aged a lot. It was originally white shiny head dimmed down, lost Bloody the flush sounded the face, eye wrinkles suddenly add a lot. Small thorn, you do not know???? Do it? Qin thorn shocked for a moment, then shook his head. Although he stayed in this ri, but does not know the forest???? Do, but know Lee???? Family background was well off, or repairing can not afford the manor. And identity should not be so simple, otherwise this manor will not be around clouds with so many whistle Anshao. ???? Doing war **** world war by war profiteers that industry. Burst more, the more I earn. some subtle, but he was listening to. This means doing the arms business, this business will rely on war profiteering. The old lady see Qin thorn exposed a clear understanding of color, smiled and said: does not seem to give each other a lesson, they were afraid to forget I Huei-Chen Lin grew up in a hail of bullets. Qin thorn frowned: Qin thorn looked surprised Lam Sze Qi one, he and his ninja has not the first to deal with. Later understood he also knows, the ninja organization simply can not easily dispatched, is not the average person can be directed. Implying forest???? Offended ri the big names? Lin Shi Qi to see Lu surprised the Qin glaring color, they explained: action. occasionally really sent to assassinate, but also directly to the outside the Guardian or within the Methodist blown away. these years???? business bigger and bigger, and had a dim * nearly the the first arms dealers in Asia Wuling Heavy location, and took a lot of business in their hands, so they robbed this???? goods to the Middle East, you want to forward to???? negotiations with them.???? ignore them, they send out the ninja came to say their purpose is to give the forest????, a warning? The old lady nodded with appreciation and said: Heavy. met, which does have some powerful, but I killed a lot. Qin thorn faint nod. The old lady who kill do not kill people and do not care, as long as it does not indiscriminate killing, kill a few more devils but rather vent. She came from the war years, those years the massacre of time, but let her ri I hated. The Lam Group everywhere and Wuling Heavy outdone, also a bit old lady ri this hatred factors which. But a few words, then Di butler Querfufan, but this time he followed behind a dozen lean and black people, these black beings yellow people, tall temple muster, apparently all are martial arts master. Di butler said nervously. Old lady a beat heavy handrails, snapped: are you afraid of, my old bones are not afraid of these little devils Do not look at my old, give me the sword, I can still cut toward the devils head Canada Goose Livigno Cheap. Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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