Kirimura situation a slight exaggeration

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 17:28

The body of one hundred and fifty first chapter, the county party secretary hundred and fifty chapter, the county party secretary, but since he changed his attitude, and this is also needed his help, then it and he continues to talk down drink down, but mainly to understand the Redstone County Standing Committee. An Hongtao, wWw, quanbeN, cOM Redstone county party inside, and county party secretary is a strong character, so he hands control of the five votes Magistrate Mo Green Bin hands four votes, two votes often neutral. These two people is a People's Armed Forces Department political commissar Geda Gang generally not involved in the battle inside county government,UGG Kids Bailey Button Triplet Boots Sale, and even many of the Standing Committee did not see. Another in the County Standing Committee did not invest in the people side of the deputy secretary of the county Yequan Lin, heard in the capital which he so often for something specific table views, and sometimes even the county party secretary An Hongtao County The long Mo Green Bin dared banged the table and called them. preferably also be able to secure the support of the deputy secretary of the county Ye Quanlin way to foolproof. that is a good thing, many of the Standing Committee will support this program. also what to rely on, but also waiting to see if Wu Tianming energy. Yonggang, to accompany me to go pick a gift, this afternoon Let's go visit An Shuji it. His words made An Yonggang stunned for a moment. , or else the Wu Tianming, how will a rarity in its own. can not get a promotion, Wu Tianming, then spread to his ears, let him surprise nodded. went to see him. Wu Tianming with An Yonggang, in the vicinity of the city inside to buy some gifts are after An Yonggang pointing, know An Shuji couple like what to buy. Subsequently, An Yonggang with Wu Tianming go to the county complex, knocking their own homes, to open is the mother of An Yonggang Liao red. Liao red and one open, turned out to be his own son, tagging behind a young man, a time some surprises some. your friends,ugg boots sale! Kuaiqing come. . it. cabinets above, then An Yonggang quickly poured him a cup of hot water, Liao, Hung went to the back room phone went. to see Liao red for themselves cut fruit, Wu Tianming quickly to stop her own hands cut up that fruit knife in his hand spinner a turn, and then a long peel hanging down. is near, just heard some poor over there, you are not transferred to Redstone County to you? I asked,UGG Dakota Outlet. aside - Wu Tianming know, people are generally sympathetic compare flood So it will be the purple Kirimura situation a slight exaggeration to tell her doubled hear Liao red eyes red. Redstone county's help, I hope to be able to get purple Kirimura Han Dynasty stone carvings and prehistoric bone LANDWIDE fish now can be opened into a tourist attraction, just way too difficult to repair, so we want to Mawei town side dug a distant Road leading purple Kirimura, its cost is not high, but can be used for very strong and has been a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering demonstrated the moment, Wu Tianming taken the trouble to Liao red talked about the related matter of the road, focus roads addition to the people purple Kirimura is favorable outside, can also bring Redstone County and Mawei town a huge benefit, hear LIAO Hong nod endless,Canada Goose Constable Parka Sale. into this thing. what's going on back ahead. The county party secretary An Hongtao into Wu Tianming An Yonggang stood up, Looking at him, then face smiled and offered his hand shook. tea. He knew that the son coming back this time in order to perform a secret mission, but the task of what is unknown, but after just two days to come home, he felt something was amiss. Know leaves the head of the at least let him know some capacity in the capital which wants. Hongtao at this time should already know the things to Redstone County road cooperation to seek because horsetail town can not be without his henchmen. Mawei town in the morning has been studied in the Town Committee Standing Committee on the program, the joint efforts of the warm hills, the town committee secretary and mayor of the small Changhe basically unanimously approved the proposal, it is estimated that tomorrow will be officially on to the county county government. Wu Tianming answer to the questioning of the county party secretary An Hongtao, his face somewhat reluctantly shook his head, the laments like he said. County party secretary An Hongtao has been to observe Wu Tianming, now its people although young, but speak it is very seasoned and definitely not early hut Lengtou Qing years can be compared. he joined the army now ripe for it, did not even play some of the important task of problem.
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