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; Qinzhen Tang said: If he really have any other purpose , certainly not telling the truth. ZHAO Quan added and said: let hold him ? Qinzhen Tang nodded his head and said: let him go ! , Father Qinzhen Tang hearts very dignified , he did not dare to defy Father commands. Publicity out of the brig when it is already two o'clock in the afternoon , the sun hid behind the clouds , the sky is gray, maybe it is because of the reason in the mountains suddenly windy afternoon . Qinzhen Tang did not come forward, ZHAO Quan bring people to increase publicity put out, first came to the clinic to give him checked the wound was kept from publicity until now has passed a more than four hours , they only think of publicity treating injuries sustained change into ordinary people , just hemorrhagic also barely, medic publicity simply clean up the wound . Check the wound when the unassuming way: there is no bullets, helped me bandage on the line . Military looked very surprised to see him , can not think why did not stay inside the warhead , the surface, the publicity has not been penetrated shoulder . ZHAO Quan growth stood coldly looked unassuming . Zhang Yang said: things to figure out ? Zhao whole increased low voice said: count your lucky ! Zhang Yang smiled and said: That is, are you going to let me go ? ZHAO Quan increase nodded, his body looked to publicity , publicity all his clothes were stained with blood thoroughly. A soldier came to be assertive phone aside , ZHAO Quan added and said: Tell him to find clothes put on . ZHAO Quan increase is not conscience , but he believes publicity so bloody go out , it will affect the image of their barracks , publicity already suffered gunshot wounds and their concern that they do not want to bear the blame back . Medical processed wounds, soldiers have brought the replacement uniforms , publicity came a little tap before cleaning off the blood , Zhao handed him a towel full growth , whispered: If I found you and this thing about , I will not let you. Publicity indifferent smiles : the same ! ZHAO Quan added froze a moment, then he said the same publicity to understand what is meant , publicity is also suspected that they set a trap, so he got to . After the publicity went valance , put that body uniforms, uniforms are new, can be considered for a few hours of his detention compensation . When the uniforms for good publicity out , even the Zhao Quan growth has to admit , this guy is really valiant tall wearing uniforms publicity before leaving, all eyes looked up and down Zhao added . ZHAO Quan increase seen by his puzzling : what ? Zhang Yang pointed to his thin coat : Can you give me one , I'm cold ! ZHAO Quan increased heart cursed this guy insatiable, but lost a lot of publicity today, the blood was cold also normal, he took off his coat handed over , publicity put on coats, because right shoulder injury for the sake dress looks a little awkward , or increased to help put the sleeves Zhao Quan dig into it. Out of the infirmary , publicity raised his head, looking at the sky in the sun , in the gray sky finally found a gray sun he sighed and said: Today's weather is bad ! ZHAO Quan increase will be returned to his Canada Goose Women's Montebello cell phone . Assertive looked missed calls, through the recorded when the phone rang him connect the call to hear the voice of Qiaomeng Yuan : publicity , do you have something ? Assertive warmth felt in the wash , he suddenly understood what , and whispered : Thank you ! Qiaomeng Yuan silent a moment , whispered: take the time , you go to see my grandfather ! Been able to understand their own publicity suddenly walk out of here , all rely on the old speaker Joe 's sake he whispered: I will go ! Qiaomeng Yuan said: Man lady you are very nervous , you do not go out again after the trouble to give her a call and let her feel at ease . Publicity nodded, hang up the phone , and two additional full- Zhao soldiers escorted out of the barracks gate. At this point Qinzhen Tang was standing in the upstairs office, quietly watching the play, his eyes full of anger, he does not understand why his father to let this guy ? He even some regret that he just obviously have a chance to kill unassuming , but he did not do so ? Why ? Has come to the gate of the publicity suddenly stopped and slowly turned around to go , looking at the direction of where Qinzhen Tang , stretched out his left hand and made a gesture to aim and shoot . Looking at this guy arrogant proud look , Qinzhen Tang 's eyes almost necessary to spray the fire . Publicity are making this move drew fire , it is a form of release , he was designed for people entering the inning , if not Joe old speaker, the trouble is certainly not small , in retrospect , one of the many loopholes , just a little cautious will see through each other's Jianmou , but his concern for the care of Yangyang affected his own judgment on the matter , since Gu Jiatong things happen , he has become frightened , he was afraid of history repeating itself , fear of people around longer be any harm . .............................................................................................................................. Barracks door slowly behind the unassuming closed, he saw the figure of a distant three investigations Wei , Gu Yang Yang , Jiang Guangya . Gu Yang Yang saw assertive in barracks outside the gate when the child suddenly red eyes , she was greeted quickly , then trot , run faster and faster , came before the publicity , suddenly open arms tightly he lived , high-ranking official who some awkward Jiangzainali , his hands drooping , Yangyang Gu heard sobbing loudly: Why are you so foolish ? I'm fine, I'm good , Gu Yang Yang scraped due publicity for her alone was touched , high-ranking official who is not the result you want , in the investigation by Gu Yang Yang Wei and Jiang Guangya gaze down so tight , hold it so tight , high-ranking official who was a bit on pins and needles , he whispered consoled and said: Yang Yang , I'm fine, just a misunderstanding , and now has spoken clearly . Jiang Guangya looking at the scene hearts suddenly feel very lost, he finally understood Gu Yang Yang 's mind has not even a little bit on him , Gu Yang Yang hearts throughout just like publicity one . Wei also check Meimou passing touch lost, but compared to the river Guangya , she's such a sense of loss is much lighter . Gu Yang Yang clinging assertive when high-ranking official who embarrassed eyes always watching Wei Cha , Cha Wei smiled at him. Gu Yang Yang Wei finally remembered to check behind there and Jiang Guangya , she let the unassuming, Qiaolian crimson hung his head , carry the channel: I .................. I .................. big happy ! Publicity nodded cheerfully , to investigate Wei and Jiang Guangya , he first shook hands with Jiang and Guangya : Thank you to come pick me up. Jiang Guangya shook his hand and said: Can not find the counterfeit ? He said was posing Ge GQ guy. Zhang Yang shook his head. Zha Wei said: Well, a false alarm if a man like without incident , and quickly get on. Several people on the river Guangya BMW car , publicity does not hurt to tell their own thing. Zhang Yang said: how did you know I was trapped ? Jiang Guangya said: Yangyang on the phone to hear the sound of that explosion , so we come together and found somewhat right, yes Wei sister find her uncle understand your situation. Zhang Yang Wei smiles turned to check : Do you care about me pretty ah ! Zha Wei Qiaolian a hot , but she appeared very natural : we are very concerned about you ! Jiang Guangya said: really strange , why would someone posing as Ge GQ put you fool here ? Zhang Yang said: I do not know if you like without incident . He was a bit tired and closed his eyes. Gu Yangyang see his mental state is not very good , a small channel : brother, you have to eat ? Zhang Yang shook his head. Jiang Guangya said: I send you back to Nancy BJO rest, halfway to find hotels eat first . Zhang Yang looked at his wrist looked at the time and said: go Jiankou Great Wall ! What ? Gu Cha Yang Yang Wei and simultaneously exclaimed . Everyone knows that publicity in the evening, six have promised master the challenges of Japan and Korea , but he is now the state is not able to stick to it ? Zha Wei said: I see you now the state is not good , is not it , and they should be considered a test rescheduled ? Zhang Yang Road : If rescheduled, will be despised state gang of gringos can be adjusted , as well as four hours of time for me to rest, I think is enough. Whether or Gu Cha Yang Yang Wei knew publicity Once a decision will not be easy to change , even then how to persuade him useless. But they do not know publicity suffered gunshot wounds , if you know it, anyway played against publicity . On the way they eat something after a brief pause , let the river Guangya publicity drive directly to the nock Wall . Jiankou Great Wall is located in Huairou County, northwest suburbs badaohe very varied rural territory mountains , steep peak cliff above the magnificent Great Wall, it is more advantageous . Jiankou Great Wall winds due to the whole of the river was full bow -shaped buckle shaped like arrows named. They arrived a half hour ahead of the destination, cars can not directly reach the hilt floor , and after a lot of climbing , publicity had thrown a ray of pale red meaning that his shortness of breath slightly . Gu Yang Yang has been paying close attention to the situation of publicity , publicity perceived shortness of breath , Gu Yang Yang could not North Face Outerwear Clearance Sale help but frown from eyebrows , she has many years of practicing martial arts , martial arts aspect of knowledge is also increasing , normal after such a long trek , shortness of breath is certainly inevitable, can be very unusual publicity , publicity powerful martial arts repeat itself , under normal circumstances , this journey is impossible for him to have any effect , but from the point of view assertive breath , his body very bad state . Gu Yang Yang came quietly unassuming side and said: Do you have something ? Zhang Yang shook his head, smiled and said : Do not worry , I have so delicate ? Zha Wei said: if we come early ! Zhang Yang Road : before the decisive battle , we must first understand the surrounding environment , I was the first to come Jiankou Great Wall . He slowly walked to the front , along the steep stairs to go up , walked a few steps , suddenly vacated jump, left foot on the pedal a bit in the wall , with the wall of rebound, made ​​the leap to the right of the body suddenly thrust , steadily dropped over the walls of the arrow stamp . Several people looked at him, assertive robust posture so that they enhance a lot of confidence , but they do not know, unassuming complete this action and affects the right shoulder wound , the pain made ​​him smoke a cold sweat on the forehead again , publicity along the arrow stamped jump forward, he cried : do not come with me , I want to look good pranayama ! Jiang Guangya first saw publicity publicly revealed his martial arts , full of envy looking at the back of publicity , he accidentally North Face Jackets 2013 Clearance caught a glimpse of Yang Yang and Charles Gu Wei , the two eyes are fixed on the publicity of the body , the same obsessed with the same love, Jiang Guangya colleagues can not help Antan different life, unassuming indeed attract girls side. Select publicity and their distance, first, to adjust interest rates , and second, they found themselves in order to avoid injury . Gu Yang Yang practicing martial arts is not very long day , are able to cater to the needs of his breath found his physical condition is different, a little later history of the sea and other martial arts people who come, I am afraid that his body concealed from their injuries eyes. Unassuming sitting cross-legged on top of the height of the platform , from his point of view overlooking majestic panoramic view of the bottom of the Great Wall , which is the capital of the most dangerous period , magnificent Great Wall , weathered naturally , without any artificial modification , stretching knife kilometers , fully demonstrated the great wall scared , dangerous, extraordinary , unique, absolutely , and most can appreciate the charm of the old place to the Great Wall . Wind blowing , unassuming feel shuddered , he slowly closed his eyes , distance, and Japan and Korea duel masters time is running out , he must take advantage of this limited time , as soon as possible adjust physical condition , have to win to win this victory. Publicity disperse brain distractions, and finally into an empty mind out among the self- interest within the pubic region rising into the sky , with the meridian line over the body, breath to run faster and faster, becoming more and more assertive face red, shoulder pain gradually disappeared . Gu Yang Yang sitting height looked like a motionless like a statue of publicity, mind could not help some movement, she whispered: I do not know how ? I always felt he was somewhat wrong today . Zha Wei Tao : It should be all right, you did not see him just like the monkey jumped wildly chaotic ? There is a deep abyss , let alone let me walk on , I think one would faint . Jiang Guangya said: Rest assured, assertive certainly right, he is now in preparation for it, we all do not bother him. ! ~ !
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