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> See Jiang Feng, holding his mother out from the bedroom, Suman four women stood up while concerns. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm Song Shiqing then stared at her daughter's face, Daileng with even forgot to stand up. I saw her hair rolled up under the original pale face turned white seeped revealing pink and moist, pink and moist, Yang Zhao warm smile, is completely healthy complexion, and a pair of blue eyes became full of vitality exuberant, full of joy and happiness, almost unrecognizable compared with before. Song Mei saw his father excitedly staring look, can not help but feel a bit his face, and he feels warm and moist, not so cold it. Gentle eyes and fell on his son's body, all this change is brought about by his son. Genial looked four girls one, gentle smile. Jiang Feng, the mother gently placed on a wheelchair, attentive covered her thin Jinbei, and then pushed her to four woman side. Song Mei Chong father blinked, smiled, then looked soft Suman four women, she has to distinguish who is who, has pointed to Suman, Sue children, Wen Ru, Xun Mei laughed softly: " You are Suman, you are Sue child, you are warm Ru, you are Xun Mei, I right? "four women suddenly smiled and talked, which is more than happy to hear what they are leaving, while the Song Mei smiling called and said: "aunt." Song Mei loved children looked back, and then looked at the four women faint smile and whispered: "You are not also call it from another." four women while small blushed, then gladly call and said: "Mom." Song Mei happily promised soon, laughed softly: "You all sit down, so after a few days I will officially changed to drink your tea, this great program is wrong not to." This words with equal official recognition of their relationship ginger maple. Suddenly every four women such as flowers bloom, full of joy to sit down. Song Shiqing daughter saw the changes happily sent laughed out loud. Contented stood up, looked at Jiang Feng said: "Jiang Feng, you come with me next. Xiaomei, a few chatting with your Mother." Song Mei looked at his father, seems to feel out what, smiled and shook his head. Four women were politely stood up, smiling hands. Song Shiqing daughter a look, his eyes reveals a firm. First went out. Jiang Feng, I do not know what my grandfather shouted ourselves, but still following them, as he went downstairs. Song Shiqing wait to go one step, and the line side by side with Jiang Feng, gentle, said: "This villa is designed for your mother to buy, has been designated to her name. Explorer is here with me for a few decades old, very loyal man, in spite of what you need you can tell him where a total of five servants, four bodyguards and a chef, in addition to your mother have a full-time physician, a full-time nurse and a full-time massage therapist. "Jiang Feng Wen statement. Seems to feel something, but hard to find a clue, a faint smile. Accompanied my grandfather walked into the hall outside the room, down the hall to hall stairs, upstairs, on the second floor up is a small living room, the sunrise side is a floor to ceiling windows, the east gate to the west is a corridor , Door off four doors. North also has a door. Song Shiqing pushed open the door and went in, there is a large den, full of scholarly atmosphere. Song Shiqing let Jiang Feng sat looking at him, gently said: "You may have heard your mother said that. Grandfather came to Hong Kong and then set up a family, and now that his wife has passed away, leaving a woman, she is better than Your mother little more than ten years old, has also been married, gave birth to a daughter, still in HKU it, so my immediate family only two daughters and a granddaughter plus you the little daughter and son are all very good, but unfortunately not business talent, his father was frantic, huge family business successors yet. God has eyes, so you are back to our home, young age handedly, to sit in a position of City Bank president, which shows the ability of a skill, so I want you to come to Hong Kong. As a result, we can be close to his mother take care of you. Secondly, you can help me take care about the company, the company's business for you,Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, you can familiarize yourself with the handy . this huge family business after all, is to be handed over to you, old lady old, and the plan for future generations about the whole thing, I want to hear your opinion. "elderly meaning is clear, and intends to let his successor his career , although did not say so, but has been snarky. Jiang Feng, very calm on this huge family business he did not expect anything, let alone ecstatic. Although not seen, but heard enough of those rich people fighting over the estate regardless of affection, intrigue, life and death thing. He was a heavy feeling, so he did not extreme feelings of disgust for worldly possessions such a thing. This was his mother met, only think of the mother back to the mainland, but did not consider staying in Hong Kong to develop the most fundamental reason. If only the mother a daughter grandfather, said that incredible, and now this happens, ginseng and ginger maple really do not want to go. Qian Bo touching the heart, ah, fell to think out already happen, people fear it. Jiang Feng looked at my grandfather, politely said: "Grandpa, I'm afraid to mess with your ladyship down. Commercial banks from graduation to work has been developed up to now, I have devoted countless ground effort, as you founded the Group companies, how easy would be willing to give it up? long I was born in the mainland in the Mainland, the root has long been firmly embedded in the Mainland, and I love my current path of development, do not want to give up my career in the Mainland, but please understand my grandfather. "tone euphemism, but the meaning is very firmly. Song Shiqing insight into the ways of the world's eyes staring Jiang Feng,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, long, dumb words lost smiles: "Yes my grandfather was too impatient, I will not speak these things." Talking out a bank card and handed Jiang Feng, said: "You In a few more days, have fun with your mother, which is Longyuan Industrial Bank's bank card, despite how much you need to use,Louis Vuitton Clutches And Evening Clearance, do not forget this family business has seen your mother earth. "Jiang Feng embarrassed Foreign Male smiled, happy to take over the bank card, said: "I did not mean my grandfather, I'm your grandson, you give me money I could see outside it." Song Shiqing smiled, edge goes out, laughing said: "Do not think I'm old and confused, on your mind is hidden from me?" Jiang Feng faint smile, no longer say, some things enough sense to, say useless, as my grandfather out of the den. Song Shiqing pointing to the east of the door and said: "This is the master bedroom, you will live in this house. Suman admitted that they had arranged a house." Said another refers to the western corridor of the room. Downstairs, Jiang Feng concerned grandfather leaning forward down the stairs, Song Shiqing smile and laugh. They went back to the room where Song Mei. SONG Mei saw four women laughing and being Huan, accompanied my grandfather came to see Jiang Feng, Sue child's eyes flashed a mischievous smile, because she was talking with Song Jiang Feng Mei nickname crazy reason it . Jiang Feng, accompanied my grandfather went to the sofa and sat down, and saw Zhunv flatter mother grin, very happy. At this time, the home of explorer came knocking, looking Song Shiqing, said: "Master, two lady one to." Song Shiqing smiled and said: "You give them directly to this house it." Explorer promised soon, back out. Song Jiang Feng Mei looked, laughed softly: "Xiao Feng, welcome you to the door about your aunt." Jiang Feng promised soon, to the door. Zhunv seeing this, stood up. Songmei Xi loving smile, waved his hand, softly: "You do not go, sit down. Yet to the door, I saw a middle-aged men in suits and ties, a middle-aged woman wearing fashionable chopsticks, there is a bloom girl came into the room, Jiang Feng, a step toward the edge of withdrawal, so open, politely smiled and said: "aunt, uncle small, you better. "That fashion woman stopped, looked carefully Jiang Feng, gentle smiles:" You are the son of Sister Jiang Feng, right? You can find really great. "Her mother earth looks very similar, but look a lot younger, but Jiang Feng, a good first impression on her, warm Wanxian Shu's. Brilliant smiles:" Yes I am. "Then in the past with little uncle shook hands and exchanged a few words. Uncle Although small suit, but looks like some pale-faced scholar, giving the feeling of weakness, and some flashing eyes, the first impression is not good young girls behind them long, quite beautiful, it is very easy-going, cheerful, and other parents walked over, she stepped forward, lovely hand and smiles: "big cousin, Hello, I Lvyu Xiao . "Jiang Feng liked the cute little cousin, shook her hand, smiled and said:" Hello, I heard that you're reading HKU it, learn how ah? "Lu Yu Xiao two dimpled smile, still holding the hand of Jiang Feng, a pair of curved crescent eyes, clear water, tender and lovely, sweetly:" You can call me drizzly, usually I'm so envious of people have brothers and sisters , now, and I have a big cousin. I have to take the first of each semester, how? "Jiang Feng holding her little hand, walked to the back, walking, laughing:" Xiaoxiao Terrific! "Lu Yu Xiao heard this happy shaking behind hair, look pretty, pleasant, intelligent and sweet. <
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