even Weisuo arranged

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 11:07
; in transit, the small Ling Valley, extremely dense, quiet, a shares rising mist in the valley, the occasional trees litter fall to the ground the rustle. Weisuo stood humble pebble beside the sarcophagus, the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly. Since the name of money the old man told him some books there is no record of things, then took him to a shelter and the surname stone came, he has continued for a few days. Its monks' quarters and this looks very ordinary stone, even Ling long days he was secretly brought once, but still have gained nothing. Its monks' quarters also not to say that he, but this simple Sarcophagus, is just to Weisuo a strange feeling. But there are no aura Bo, no power left breath, what is strange, Wei even claim to explore several times, but no Youth Canada Goose Chilliwack special now. Is it just my illusion? Weisuo feel helpless shakes his head, in smooth rounded boulders sit down. This is a piece of ordinary stone, Weisuo has carefully read, entirely devoid of any excellences. After sitting down, Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale Weisuo arranged a prohibition, two layers of screen will seal the entrance stone, then he has been refining the Pangu giant sting demon Dan took out. The small Ling Valley night no one came, and distance Qibao densely release, only the last two days, so he asked Xing here, done in one vigorous effort will be a Pangu giant sting demon Dan thoroughly refining, have a look what wonderful. These days, Weisuo intermittent secretly refining, the Pangu giant sting demon Dan left half, and Weisuo fix for although some improvement towards the elixir, four late peak in Bi, but also do not feel the other wonderful Pangu giant stinging demon dan. Suddenly, Wei Suocai had just poured out of a fresh breath, will be a Pangu giant stinging demon Dan wrapped, haven't fully use, an aura extremely sound, suddenly seems to directly in the Weisuo know sea ring out in general, even Weisuo arranged two layers from the sounds and smells of prohibition without blocking force. What is that noise? Weisuo be startled at, suddenly stopped practicing, the Pangu giant sting demon Dan in his hands, listen attentively. The sudden noise sound, to be no trivial matter. His feelings, like he heard in true fairy God lines of Xian sound scale, but seems to be more close to nature, with no human breath. Bottom.... Let his body tiny tiny one Zhan is aura, so the voice sounded again, with an amazing natural Tianyun, give a person a kind of lively, clean feeling. How North Face Fleece Clearance would such a sound.... Be absorbed in their perception Weisuo, essential to the biggest. Three. But the bo... Hello... Bottom... Bo... Many... The... Furan... Weisuo heart. More and more shocked, because he is not just a simple sound, which contains the changes of scale, only the first scale more ring, then lightly can not smell, only to be absorbed in his perception, even after listening to several times, only vaguely heard the rhythm. It is like a strange fairy sound, Weisuo follow this scale, did not use any really yuan, but the mind is more clear, it seems some of monks adverse noise no invasion. Let Weisuo doubt, if this monk shi.
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