but still not clear this patient

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 3:09
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Doctor ,this has the relations ?The patient ,after all how ? Ceng Xiaomei saw the bovine practitioner be rather baffling ,get a half-day, ask so much, but still not clear this patient ,he looked into the eyes of another two doctors .
This young lady, the patient ... ... In addition to the two doctor also some strange looking at the bovine practitioner ,they all feel today the bovine practitioner showed some is not normal, see Ceng Xiaomei gaze ,sound and was ready for bovine practitioners to explain the patient .
But he has just opened ,is interrupted by the bovine practitioner . The patient not good ,we were limited ,best, and only temporarily to save his life ,not out of danger ,this two day of May will have life risk ,moreover, mortality over ninety-five percent .
The bovine practitioner in a clean manner at nasal succinct and lucid language ,will the patient about it again, and then burn the eyes looked at Ceng Xiaomei . But ,slowly . the doctor ,but what? Ceng Xiaomei heard the front of bovine doctor tells ,heart suddenly cough up ascends ,sank ,the mood between the blink of an eye ,is totally disappointed to occupy, but hear behind ,bovine practitioners however, there seems to be a way to turn ,again a bright eyes ,raised his head ,looked at the cow worried doctor asked .
Beside the two medical liability ,and a look of surprise at the bovine practitioner ,unknown .They are full participants in operation ,for the case of clear Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest,that he said earlier ,where however ,but what? Old ox this is for real people ? However ,he is not completely is not saved ,now is a person who can save him, to see if he would be willing to .
The bovine practitioner slowly ,speaking, eyes always staring at Ceng Xiaomei .Cow mad ?Where is what man can save him ?Three of them look ,no way, this hospital ,who could save him ?This is not about the little girl talk nonsense ?The two doctor and stupefied .
Doctor ,who you say ?I immediately went to please him ! Ceng Xiaomei listens to salvation, was anxious to catch cattle the doctor ,nervously asked .t ask ,that person ,is you . Cow doctor looking Ceng Xiaomei worried expression ,hearts ,feel like a drama appearance, look ,the girl ,really want to rescue the wounded ? I bovine practitioners to voice a fell ,not only your whole Ceng Xiaomei could not believe it ,and pointed to his side ,the two doctors ,almost no hit a operation room door up, the dean is directly prepared is angry ,he thought ,today the bovine practitioner ,is simply a bewitched ! Well ,is your .
Cow doctor sure nodded . Doctor ,you don make fun of ,I do not know the doctor ,I am a police ,police ,only will address some of the common wound ! Ceng Xiaomei hearts some angry ,she felt ,the doctor ,too far, when, also this kind of joke ,but the mouth, managed to anger ,to maintain a basic manners ,as far as possible calm explained .
Old ox ... ... Beside the two doctors ,and finally could not resist ,they are discovered ,one today is to make the little girl ,but funny girl ,also want to see an end in ah ,on this occasion ,right ?They looked at the side face s èhasblue Dean ,hurried towards the bovine practitioner sound ,voice, as he looks to make s è,remind him of image .
But the cow doctor but like it was evil in general ,not only do not see their eyes s è ,even their propaganda ,as nothing has been heard of in general ,continue to have you you can cure, but Xiao doctors cure ! Xiao doctors ? A few exclamation ,almost at the same time rang ,a few eyes ,also to cow the doctor looked at the past .
He is a doctor who ?Ceng Xiaomei heart ,is more of a surprise, m í Hu ò,puzzled .Next to the dean and the two doctor is full of surprises ,don how suddenly the bovine practitioner ,points out Xiao Yilai ,Xiao Yi will cure ,they are known ,but Ceng Xiaomei and what relationship? However Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber Cheap,their doubt Hu ò,didn ,bovine practitioners to the next utterance ,one is let them thoroughly and up .
Well ,Xiao doctors superb ,a contemporary of Hua Tuo ,will certainly be able to cure him ,I just saw you and Xiao doctors together, you should be Xiao doctor girlfriend ? Cow doctor look some ambiguous glance at Ceng Xiaomei ,speaking, and I looked at the heart of Ceng Xiaomei ,could not help secretly praise again ,Xiao Yi ,do not in general, the little girl ,before look ,also did not think too much ,just goods appearance temperament also good, now near under, again is good so simple ?It is the world that s è atelevision screen ,than those who frequented painted the so-called female stars, do not know how many times stronger ,face contour as uncompromising attention to general shape ,pen case ,more perfect health !But then again ,like Xiao doctors so excellent boy ,a common girl ,yongzhisufen ,how can we make up ? My boyfriend ? Once again a few sound surprised alarm rang ,So Omi had not yet understood that what Xiao doctor ,doctor is cattle the shock of three words to complete the m é ngReid lived ,this concept ,really let her outside the coke in n è n,be taken by surprise ,what the boy friend ?When did she have any boyfriend ?Also what Xiao doctors ?The female baby is Xiao doctor girlfriend ?The dean and the two doctor was also shocked by cattle Northface 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,the doctor suddenly out of the news ,shake ,the dean ,is instantly lightning .
Again ,no wonder Xiao doctors could not the Zhao Zhao Sheng ,a phone will be able to get rid of him ,and let him down ,originally, he was once home to son-in-law ?Well, this young man ,is not ,in any case back ,also must want to approach ,and his closer relationship ,have a look can save me, let him come to 2 First Affiliated Hospital to ,even if it hang a name or not, it is equivalent to an insurance character .
The doctor ,you should is wrong ,I don ,but do not know what you said Xiao doctors !You tell me ,doctor who Xiao ,I went to ask him to come . Or Ceng Xiaomei first back to God cheap timberland,the face also couldn L ùinto anunpleasant ,tone is not so polite look to the bovine practitioner .
You Xiao doctor girlfriend ? Cow doctor looked at Ceng Xiaomei face ,but also could not help but paused ,but soon, he shook his head , I sure tunnel may make a mistake ,I just on the first floor ,I look at you and Xiao doctors together to speak ,how could you not know .
On the first floor ,speaking? Looking at the front of the doctor ,look ,is not joking ,sure look ,Ceng Xiaomei instantly running off ,and soon ,a name ,it flashed across her mind ,Xiao yi !She is on the first floor ,in addition to answer the phone ,is and Xiao Yi says a few words ,but ,how is that possible ?Xiao Yi is likely to be Xiao doctors ?He is obviously a big 2 student ,she to the little boy ,is very understanding !But besides Xiao Yi ,she is on the first floor ,it never to talk to others ,not to mention a Shaw surnames ,just then, she finally or with a x ìnglook to bovine practitioners are you saying Xiao Yi ? Yes ,but he still which Xiao doctors ?I tell you ,this patient, only he can cure .
The doctor heard Ceng Xiaomei speak bovine Xiao Yi ,he nodded his head ,and then seemed to remember something ,if there is a deep look at the time was little girl ,young people ,sometimes some disagreement, noisy, it is normal ,but we must try not to assault the gas, two people can walk to together, be very not easy thing ,is a big fate ,don wait for fate missed ,only empty sigh unfortunately ,Xiao doctors is a very good boy ,this year, as he was so good ,really ,girls ,there is a x ì ng,the pursuit of independent since ,by is a good thing ,but sometimes ,cannot be completely lost his daughter x ì ngsoft .
In his opinion ,Ceng Xiaomei had said that don ,it must be because just downstairs and Xiao Yi quarrel ,or to Xiao Yi dissatisfaction ,words of anger ,temporarily between ,before in the elevator is not saying that persuasion ,they took advantage of this opportunity ,longly say out .
After all ,he is Ceng Xiaomei was good ,feel that they two people together ,is really quite matched ,so simple a separation ,have some pity .Listen to the bovine doctor ,then looked at Ceng Xiaomei face, the next two physician and Dean several people also all know here, so the little girl ,really Xiao easy girlfriend ,just two people have been having some trouble ,so I said no boyfriend .
The little girl ,the ox said well ,like Xiao doctors so excellent boy ,is really not much ,since together ,will cherish it . Yeah ,girl ,in fact ,two people together ,it is so ,you let me ,I let you one .
Two doctors have all followed the bovine practitioner ,a face of sincere words and earnest wishes helped to convince up UGG Tularosa Route Cable,they also think ,the little girl ,pretty good ,hope to be able to advise him ,help Xiao yi .
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