never the Lich King strength is small

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 12:35
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time UGG Kids Bailey Button Boots, relationresultHard on Armageddon undead ,Chen pan found their own physical condition was much better than before, so hard ,there is a great feeling of excitement ,the top of the boulder Peng Fei Zhai to the demolished .
Poor Shi Peng in repeatedly battle is intact ,but by his own men to scattered .Just finished dismantling big Shi Peng heard side to remove a burst of lazy voice ,Chen pan turned to look ,is a glum Zhao Lei .
See Zhao Lei ,Chen pan heart cries ,bad Air Max 87 Mens Outlet, this guy is eccentric, a lot of things are one of indifference, but often overlook some irrelevant matters .And this big stone walled Peng is indeed in a symbol ,is now itself apart ,this guy will not so with their own turn .
Chen Panyi face look nervous, Zhao Lei suddenly with a laugh : you look scared like that ,you . His grandmother bear ,scared me ,Chen Pan am dark ,suddenly thought of this guy back, and immediately asked out .
Zhao Lei shrugged : just count the days ,east the Lich King army moved Canada Goose Ontario Parka,so I hurried back to deal with ,but did not think you have solved ,is good oh !I did not expect you can single-handedly in the violent bear Lich King hold so long time ,really made me sit up and take notice ! Finish to Chen Panshu a thumbs up .
Listen to Zhao Lei said ,Chen pan was some pride ,violent after the Lich King of Pro world like bear ,so tough .Before the battle ,the whole village in addition to their prey in five dare its point, immediately laughed : this ! Just as suddenly feels wrong, this guy is not to say that just come back ?And not to talk to other people ,how do you know his bear Lich King for several hours .
To know oneself just crossing robbery that took two hours .Increasingly feel wrong, Chen pan immediately asked : how did you know I was alone to bear the Lich King ? Ah !The ,ha ha .
.. ... Guess ! Zhao Lei immediately laugh .Is it right? You guys come right back ,but no hiding in the side to watch ? Chen Panli moment quietly asked .This news came out ,people afraid just condensed Feipeng walled and scattered, so war ,big headed just aside peek .
No ,no ,no ,you first busy ,I went to have a look that bear the Lich King body have anything can be used ! Zhao Lei immediately gave a ha ha ,he flew out of the . You asshole ,come back to me ! Chen Pan wants to recover the past, just jump up and is thrown to the ground ,forget yourself no half true ,cannot fly .
Two man ,how are you ,okay? Toad fly over the old line up .Chen Pan stood up and shook his head : OK ,just don ,though crossing robbery is successful, but the body there is only a little true ,almost negligible .
You go and get the big headed to my cry come over, let him give me have a look . This is a serious problem ,finally crossing robbery is successful, but not true ,this is not cheating ?Listen to Chen pan toad said ,laughing : the don big headed ,I know !The fairy realm to cut off all births, new body and new practice, so short time inner for fall .
Sorry? To practice ! Chen Panxia a jump ,his damn body Trainer 1.3 Max Shoes,a speed difference .But ,if not for Lin Yuting concentric lock ,he now is perhaps the node Dan period rock, let myself to practice, which is not to be worried to death himself ?As Chen Pan was ,by Jinchan immediately guessed Chen Pansuo think ,immediately they comfort : two masters of Moji, this is not entirely new cultivation practice ,now your body faster than before a lot faster ,especially at the beginning of this period of time, can say two days will be able to ascend to a realm of practice ,in less than ten days you can more than before in order to repair .
To the toad ,Chen pan that long sighed, lay down their hearts, then angrily said: there is such a thing ,I really do not know ,if no one in the next care ,the promotion fairy realm is not very dangerous ?This time the enemy has come ,that trampled upon ! If the matrix method and the mixing device experience ,Chen pan also really many ,but such a thing ,he did not know, in the dream in time not much, a lot of practice is fundamental to know nothing at all .
Toad nodded : so the general practitioner for immortal robbery, or to find a absolutely no one could find it ,or to call friends as care ,after all, not a long time to recover .We Yaozu family, and your human world martial art family ,no matter how long talent ,degree of immortal time will be recalled clan or family ,so to protect .
So that is what it is. Pandian ,Chen nodded ,in the south end town, Yang Zhu and Meng Xuan were suddenly head rush to recall ,is estimated for this reason .Their great genius ,after so a few years combat trials ,from the fairy realm is not far away ,now estimated to have successfully promoted .
The days will trouble you more to protect me ,now I but fragile ! Chen Pan smiled on the toad said ,quite some fun .In fact he is not worried, not really ,not a number that the Yellow River defense force is weak ,but still using a laser pistol ,the magic of the energy of all the senior element spar from mosaic .
In addition to Zhao Lei ,other people want to own ,really do not know who killed who .Although Chen Pan is make fun of speaking ,toad is seriously general said : if there is a lot of people want to two when adverse ,its also true ability has not .
Just now the big headed back, two when the natural need not worry . He is very express volumes look at already standing bear enormous corpse on the Lich King Zhao Lei .To the toad said Chen pan ,a toad heart ,it is loaded .
Just after his fall ,toad quickly fly over, only slower than Zhao Lei for a while ,so just two people conversation is heard by him ,should also be recognized as early as Zhao Lei came back just don what reasons did not show up .
Zhao Lei definitely is not afraid of bear of the Lich King ,Chen pan does not know why he has a sense of trust .It is traceable ,they operate a number of the Yellow River ,can also be managed to block the bear Lich King several times ,but Zhao Lei was just a fan ,put the Yellow River hit single on no shadow ,never the Lich King strength is small ,coupled with a velocity ,absolute power .
Is this guy because he is not crossing their self-protection capability, so it appears that dangerous situation nipped in the bud ?Chen Pan glanced at Zhao Lei, that guy knows what to say ,with all size demon cheers ,as he is with the Lich fight to win the battle of the general .
Should not so kind ,Chen Panyao shook his head ,just want to say something to toad ,suddenly there are a lot of information in their mind ,like stone axes birthmark wear to his .This god damn thing to do? Chen Pan immediately ordered the toad for his Dharma ,then meditate meditation Nike Air Griffey Max Sale.
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