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May 24 [Fri], 2013, 11:52
> Three hundred and fifty second chapter II sent the Mavericks center Brendan Haywood, veteran Brian Cardinal, Peja. Stojakovic, Jason Terry, Romania Drigg. Beaubois (). wWw, quaNBen, COm Clippers sent O'Neal, Gortat, Smith, Thornton, Jason Kidd. See the sign face Clippers bench seems stronger fight but the situation is entirely different. Beaubois rely on speed advantage mad inside Terry suddenly threw two threes Mavericks team opened the score up. Thibodeau aware of their formations have problems hastened replaced the giant slow speed O'Neal Smith to the 4th position for a Tony Allen to strengthen the defense. Tony Allen Field Houte Li becomes difficult to catch the calf but there are other people who can attack. One minute at zero angle Houte Li assists Cardinal hit third. Only 203cm tall as the veteran power forward but somewhat reluctantly season threes very confident shooting up 49%. Only he seemed to hit rate than the Spurs Bonner, jazz Okur also quasi-real enough he shot less score ranking. Clippers there is an obvious weakness Thornton defensive alignment Stojakovic large gap height 193cm for 208cm Stojakovic is a post player tall small forward Fortunately, he is now no longer have the courage or Thornton head in affirmation easily cut 30 + power still have his shot hit a three-pointer (). Mavericks hit the ball with four three-pointers kept the Clippers bench if it is not a good defense Smith and Gortat II defeated the Clippers may be in one fell swoop. After Thornton, Smith bite taken up the task of attacking playing half time the score 7 points behind the Clippers 43 to 50. Clippers Mavericks offense can score but more violent. Since Deron Williams Transfers Mavericks regular season they become second only to the western attack Clippers team. YE Feng playing field once again the No. 1 position. Kidd Mavericks Jason slow Curry bad defensive Terry will definitely continue to fight to stay the presence of his defense is not good if the Clippers is to pay a painful price to remain so Thibodeau Tony Allen presence Feng Ye , replacing Kidd. Smith left the scene to fight for a Three-bit inside Mackey and Carrefour. Gortat had two points and four rebounds in general. There are two very fast Mavericks guard in order not to be caught opponents weaknesses O'Neal could not field him against bad pick and roll. Look YE Feng Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle played point guard my heart crying This play will be relatively passive two Mavericks guard height if the time is too short to let anti-YE Feng Marion Terry, Deron have to have a person to Anti-Smith how are misplaced the other. Terry presence with Tony Allen Allen is more secure against attack the weakest task falls Deron Smith's shoulder. "Magic" Johnson, a point guard on watch YE Feng shouted excitedly: "Feng Ye and beat the Clippers point guard position No. 1 defense does have a serious problem let him play One bit faction Tony Allen is the right choice is very timely adjustments Thibodeau If you let O'Neal and Jason Kidd may have more to play for a while something was wrong. "Van Gundy slightly regret exclaimed:" O'Neill really old guard that he had lost an acceleration can see his look very helpless he publicly expressed will retire after this season, has been unable to provide much help inside the Clippers this season, his playing time was very healthy little to no injuries () face of a speed-type guard team O'Neill really can not field. "" Magic "Johnson, said:" I suggest YE Feng later on change to play point guard not to consider playing inside his perimeter defense is very out sè inside is also great, but of course with his height and weight confrontation with tall players into the inside is very unwise long time will cause any harm to reduce occupational life this season he appeared on the perimeter more than once that he was domineering I would think this is a good change of the dislocation also let him post players get more opportunities. "Clippers coach is not just Johnson thought the same group also hopes to play outside when YE Feng combo guard. In future, if YE Feng older slower swing back when the position too late so you can maximize the advantages of his body. Substitution immediately after the Clippers defense Thibodeau become strong in the regular season this season without defensive tactics used pure play across multiple opponents with attack after three years of running the Clippers defense rotations have become mature faster if attention to defense boat is easy to put some strong offensive team does not score 90 points or less just pressing attack will make people addicted Los Angeles fans also like to see the color of the exchange that jīng Thibodeau's style has changed. YE Feng games on the singles Deron a high jumper. Mavericks Marion immediately replaced with an outside anti-YE Feng Deron Smith,Jordan 3 Sale, but this defense despite weakness stronger than let YE Feng casual singles. Even if it is not replaced Terry Carroll Terry outside under the Mavericks in addition to Sidi Sen no strong swingman withstood Feng Ye. To Mavericks in exchange for Deron Williams paid the price that is off the Caron Butler, as well as the best defensive team who Tyson Chandler. Of course, even if Butler still does not help the Mavericks missed the playoffs,Nike Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, he was injured striker led the Nets to stay weak they might also wounded in the calf's life. Mavericks outside attack is very strong at the expense of defense comes from. YE Feng play with a point guard protecting the ball in the peripheral control of the situation at the top of the arc extending two fingers toward his teammates played music signal blocking cover Vorarlberg out ball from left breakthrough Marion Feng Ye have low two post players Mackey and Smith hit into two super-explosive can grab defensive rebounds. Dirk Nowitzki singles takeover of Feng Ye also are confident that he chose a better chance of passing low on the left side of Smith Delong (). Such dislocation how you can let go? Smith, a hand ball back body transported to the bottom line turned a couple of leaping one-handed playing board hit. Deron Smith, tall enough or left-handed left-handed resorted to this trick shot Drilon can only look at him no way. Mavericks attack outside the Feng Ye and Tony Allen can only stare at a bad pass inside Nowitzki breakthrough singles Marion Smith also did not turn around and Smith are not afraid of the low edge of the qualities he is better than Marion. Nowitzki started the singles performed well before the two series McKee doomed to bad luck not only his task too Nowitzki Mavericks guard he can score a breakthrough by the pick and roll rotations of the person responsible is his almost Mavericks offensive toward him and Carrefour are going. Clippers offensive prettier recovered the halftime score 61 than 61 were tied. Section 4 of 5 stars 1 YE Feng Shan rebounds, 3 assists and a good inside-outside tandem of the team. Smith stood out single scored 12 points. He generally shipped the ball after a two-step re-shoot is not otherwise assists YE Feng data will be more beautiful. This time the Mavericks should be how to do to defend the Clippers offensive? Even called the league's second coach Rick Carlisle did not know. If you want to guarantee offensive Mavericks have sent Terry the 2nd place no one can single anti-YE Feng other players even if they do not have good players will not let the blue-collar Sidi Sen starting it. The rest of the veteran striker also Cardinal, he can play the 3rd place but the speed alone, he is now defending the other team's players are consuming corner sè mvp mention it? Novak also after the end of the season he is certainly to be laid off, he is the only two-thirds vote of 3,4 swingman 208cm tall but did not have the power to use his might as well use Stojakovic. Stojakovic also with the speed will be one step without YE Feng had lost. Intermission, when the visitors locker room was quiet Mavericks players are clearly YE Feng, who is the field no solution is difficult for them to win the game despite the score is still a draw. Mavericks rely on defense nor dislocation after the Clippers have Josh Smith. Smith's value in the playoffs, he really began to be reflected also a very complete player on the offensive end liberated YE Feng (). Smith was not selected for the All-Star Game from Field to see him really Clippers Pippen! Carlisle finally decided to let Terry, Deron field and together they set forth requirements. "All-out offensive and they fight! Defense 23 defense and 32 defense conversion between attention transposition Do not let outside players easy shots. Shawn (Marion) YE Feng handed to you on the outside do not let him get the ball easily turned." Defense is the usual defensive tactics even though the Mavericks guard against the Clippers at the disadvantage tall post player can not cover the Mavericks had admitted YE Feng fight back no matter how long do field will appear misplaced. Carrefour Clippers sent the second half, Smith, Wright,oakley sunglasses, Curry, YE Feng. Thibodeau added two points outside shot he guessed the Mavericks will certainly find a way to deal with Feng Ye If you rely on perimeter defense compression defensive Clippers will get the chance. If they can not get compressed defense YE Feng singles opportunities. Smith can defend Dirk Nowitzki faster he moves he can not jump over a 206cm tall on Marion Wright does not suffer can try. Height fight against Terry Curry is also not a disadvantage. He and Terry the only disadvantage compared to only match experience playing the finals last season Curry is not a rookie he had faith to restrict their opponents. YE Feng continues to place Deron Williams Scuri field even after sharing his pressure on the ball and then he does not need the ball with over half a direct attack on the line waiting for the ball. Jordan sent a small Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Terry, Deron addition to Jordan are offensive players. The second half began! ------------ ------------ 28rì split double zero start monthly support our brothers and sisters rabbit grass ah! Zero plus more later today a chapter began erupting! I have at least the last three days just before dawn! If one day more than 120 votes I'm blasting six more 舍命陪君子 not sleep! Thank you! Seeking votes! Seeking support! <
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