We plan a sure catch good ah

June 10 [Mon], 2013, 12:02
Two people are frustrated, scheming people, together, will make such a rumor! But the rumor effect is obvious, Yang City, into a. "We plan a sure catch good ah, Yu Jianzhong smile shows between the lines," the plan, you advance to the Wu Book chalk notes mentioned?" "Mention, but Wu Book chalky remember no interest, also don't agree, but fortunately there are old you support" uplift although level worse than Yu Jianzhong, but the ancient uplift served in the weight of departments, in the city of no small influence, Yu Jianzhong also airs do not in front of him, two people address each other as brothers. "This is a win-win situation, Hello, everyone I am good!" Yu Jianzhong laughed, the two to send news secretly person, is his people, "dig a hole to young jump this is not difficult, but the party bosses, do not believe me, every time the face of Yang Zixuan like to be on one's guard for the general, in fact, do not need to dig some carving insects, small skill, will be able to put his play dead." "I have arranged several residents letter PI into the crowd to talk about it, he does not go to it, he really want to go, then he would wait for place." the ancient uplift smiled, he took a fancy to Yang Zixuan young, a warm-blooded, encountered such a grievance sure,Coach Bags Outlet, go,Crossbodys Coach Sale, before the establishment of such a set. "Well, point to a can, let those village ruffian, don't hurt his body, make him a gray line. Things really want to make too big, from inside the province's attention, unfavorable to us, he is Chen governor's character, Chen governor although not in the province to gain a firm foothold, but Yang Zixuan took too miserable,Air Jordan 3 Sale, attracted the attention of Chen governor, send a few investigation team to investigate, but not beautiful!" Yu Jianzhong frowned. "You are right, I'll arrange!" Gu long recognized Yu Jianzhong, pick up the phone and said a few words again, "perhaps we worry too much, didn't you say Lu Haisheng first striker? Lu Haisheng's hands but a police, I suspect that Yang Zixuan is not to persuade the masses, to solve the problem, but to expel the "unlikely", let Lu Haisheng go, I feel that more may be to maintain order at the scene, he really want to let Lu Haisheng talk about the expulsion, he mayor Yang in people's reputation will be bad to the dead, Yu Jianzhong shook his head, "this young man, very cherish the reputation, won't do such a thing, even to expel him also can let Jiangyang District Bureau." "you said is reasonable, but not important, no matter he is do, that a few, village ruffian knew how do, in trouble on the line, the ancient long face L ù out a proud smile," if Lu Haisheng is really bring people to expel the people, the village of fullness even self-mutilation to make a fracture, and then put the responsibility on to the law enforcement team head I see Lu Haisheng and the boy, to get more than one bargained for beating people to the fracture of this crime is not a shaky mayor affordable, more than an upstart like vice mayor afford. Said here, uplift the face L ù a bit cruel, and in which he Yang mayor office, wag the tail and flatter supplications Mayor Yang put his brother off the poor face, are as different as heaven and hell. Gurung mind >
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