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September 09 [Mon], 2013, 12:23
Mr. Song. Mr. Song, we want to King brother revenge. Do not report in vain for revenge! Just walked into the room, Song Jiaoren saw two and Wang Tianjie together of the square table on the body, the body of the clothes is very messy, seems to have been the police searched the chest by a bullet wound, tear of the more shocking. Next to the Party saw Song Jiaoren and Deng Xiaoke all the furore, shouting to revenge. To tell the truth he didn't think Yang Qiu had held his first kill Wang Tianjie, knowing that might try to stop him, but now. Deng brother, you say how to do it? Deng Xiaoke is my heart whispered, from just told North Face Backpacks Clearance Song Jiaoren Yang Qiu identity but still let him can be seen, this is not the legendary Qing lackey, more not to kill the executioner, otherwise he and Song Jiaoren had died several times, why can also killed Wang Tianjie? If he can ask the thorn heart four asked, but also a calling song identity, it does not know the identity of Wang Tianjie and the party people knot enemies. What the hell is he? Deng Xiao can shook his head, always feel that things are not so simple, so thought said: Mr. Song, when Deng one shouldn't get in, but one sentence I want to say. Deng's advice. At this very moment, Mr. song that is immediately and Hubei army war, or event for heavy? Said Deng Xiao rush: but Wang Yishi remains dead, is also search in Chengdu, you must have all exposed, so Deng think, you still take shelter for the first! Song Jiaoren nodded and was about to speak, the outside suddenly bursts of rapid footsteps, and then came the fried beans like gunshots. All the people are to face a change. Expose. Do well! Sichuan governor, got the news hurried to Zhao Erfeng holding the list to see a few times, the face is showing satisfaction: heaven does not have me, I also not negative! Congratulations on this list. The next guy also hurriedly clapped her up, say with smile: with this list, adults can put those in Sichuan disorderly party in one fell swoop swinger, without these rebels stirred up trouble, Pu Dianjun those who Jiexuanzhiji. Say well, according to the list immediately arrest! Adult assured, men had to do. Touts said, one step closer to say: only this time if we can really become anticholera party, is certainly a great big merit, is the Yang qiu. I know what you mean. Zhao Erfeng touched his beard, wanted to think later decided to don't need to take the credit, said: I was not afraid Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Sale of the Yang Qiu of the credit, but you don't forget those behind him! Adult mean new army command Zhang Biao Zhang adults? Well, Womens North Face Down Outlet that Zhang Biao always have a good opinion of oneself, even the Viceroy Rui Cheng is not put in the eye, when he learned that Yang Qiuli so much work, must immediately petitioned the court Qinggong, I took not to offend him? Besides, although the list in hand, but the revolutionary party now everywhere, perhaps I will rely on him some day in the future, the matter is not worth mentioning. Adult wise, but the adults you yesterday publicly reward according to sb.'s deserts, Yang Qiu is killed and leader, if you want to spend. Oh, some take no matter, while you go to see Yang Qiu, remember to reward! The old man?
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