the estimate is the first

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 12:13
; airport, unexpectedly a world of waters swim in the boat, vacillating, lonely, and do not consider...... Such a man, was destined to be the world most women have disaster. Luohe Temple ", left only?......" The man said quietly, eyes fell in front of the temple stele...... The entrance is a door, had been pushed aside, however, eyes to see is magnificent to hall, burning with impatience to practitioners who walked in, it is suddenly disappeared without trace, the man behind the person shockingly, some hesitate about what move to make...... But for a long time, and only here can go in, not a long time, and they filed and left only but also stepped into the hall, in front of a black, appear on a white square in central square, with a spiral staircase winding up, the head is not at the end to the stars in the sky, a star shines, a blue streamer across...... Like they're the depths of the universe...... All the people in the square, the number is one hundred thousand people, ten thousand people, there is always a wise, there will always be Timberland 2 Eye Cupsole Sale a wise man or idiot to be the first to eat crab, there is a soul territory self-discipline to set foot on the ladder, "ah!!!" Flesh and blood, bone, crack, blink will die, and only the soul also annihilation, all in an uproar discoloration. On the staircase, stained with blood, sticky and clinking, and all of the amazing heart fibrillation also is found a Maoni, this blood, dropping rate...... "Gravity!! This ladder with gravity North Face Scythe Sale method!" Some people try to fly up, but found that the sense of a mysterious force to suppress, don't fly...... Brush, wild family a big one foot up, originally nervous to look with abrupt however a loose, watching his companion a eyes, nodded, marches to the above cross to. All the strong have a hobby, they don't like their treasures be an easy job to be incompetent, so get in the pantheon of gods or other hole Tianfu article can always set some difficulties to filter the candidate inherit his treasure, and the Luohe temple is not exceptional also, you know, Luohe but Ancient Times celebrated supreme one of the. This step, the estimate is the first hurdle! There is ecstasy, a wry, it seems that this step is used to test the physical...... Brush, brush, brush, not for a while, then have a large number of people died or injured from the ladder fell, and for the powerful people, twenty step ahead is not what problem, almost off the dust environment can step on the peak...... Brush, left only the blink of an eye he went to the, hundred ladder, and left only almost almost bubble together to Chris laughed "it is with our XWB ladder almost principle" left only nodded, really like, Xu Zong was Shijian from him, after all, there are many supernatural powers are very ancient as a powerful and mysterious...... Plop, two hundred step when a sharp increase, the gravity that nearly 1000 people suddenly wailing sound, before the whole body bone followed, suddenly jump down the stairs, fall on the ground. "Depend, horrible, the gravity Timberland Boots Factory increased a hundred fold!" A big legs bloody, bellow a way. , and at the same time, continue to climb two hundred steps above also left more than 700 people. "It seems that half a step king can stick to the two hundred step, the;
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