be no trivial matter! Offering

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 11:13
He can take each other's soul attack, however, his grandson but only third days to fix for. How can resist live? Young eyes stare big eyes are full of fear, and fear. However, the eye, have lost luster. Soul! Ah!!! A white haired old man Yazi splitting, grandson's death, let him instantly into madness. Just listen to the 'Bang' Baoxiang, to him as the center, the body crazy poured out of a tyrannical invincible power. The fifth day strength crazy burst out, hundreds of meters below the tree was uprooted, ravaged the Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket quartet. Luo Yi eyes suddenly pour a dignified, immediately judge, this force, hard resistance! Although he strength of soul and body, but his power and strength, but still only fourth days early degree. Fifth days of strength, he is not able to resist the. He saw the idea of a Canada Goose Camp Hooded Jacket Women dynamic, strength of soul, suddenly crazy Chung out, gold and blue light, he suddenly the whole body wrapped up. Offering Tianding in the first time suddenly flew back to Luo Yi, block in the front. A flash of blue, the blue shield, suddenly appeared in front of Luo yi. Black mare a flight Zhenfa power suddenly left, his body, instantly into a black awn, out of more than ten kilometers away. Detonation!...... Only heard a bang, large force suddenly hit upon the 'offering Tianding', just listen to the loud noise, the 'offering Tianding' was also hit back again and again. This offering Tianding is worthy of so-called can attack and anti metaphysical level treasure, in the face of fifth days of strength. Although be shaken back again and again, but not half broken trace. With offering Tianding in front of so a top, that force when spread to more than ten kilometers away Luo Yi of the body when, have consumed much. Luo Yi saw before the body blue shield screen, also raised the likelihood is one Zhan, then, a giant. Suddenly hit the body! 'bang'! After two consecutive defense. That power will still Luo Yi again flew hundreds of meters away. But, its power has been on the black mare a offset by half. Only some of the rest, but also can resist the. Luo Yi eyes reveal a surprised color. The fifth day strength of the strong, really be no trivial matter! Offering Tianding, blue shield. Black nightmare armor...... For the three barrier, and more than ten kilometers away from, but the strength will Luo Yi hammer flew hundreds of meters away. To the arrogant. If not the three treasures, but one blow. Luo Yi is to nurse a grievance! Also our grandchildren life!!! A white haired old man crimson eyes, like mad. See Luo Yi was leaning against the treasures handed over his shot, but Yazi splitting, without hesitation, the stature of a move, then rushes toward to go up! With a Hao Ran coercion. The grandson, is his only family. Always love, even can not bear to scold Canada Goose Montebello CG55 Parka scold. And now. Incredibly so soundless and stirless by each other. This let how can he not madness? See each other so crazy, completely a pair of hard posture, Luo Yi eyes flitted across carefully. I saw his eyes suddenly gave birth to a gold awn. Fast, explosive with out! Strength of soul, once again increased by three points! 'wow ~' tyrannical invincible soul force, moment sweep! Ah! A white haired old man cried, a more severe than before the sharp pain. Instant swept through his brain, GE
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