didn't expect to be at this

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 18:01
That 's going too far. Ginger cloud big drink, acoustic God City, spread to every person in the ear. He had to anger, many powerful men together to kill the old king, this is the heart of iron does not let the ginger is resurrected, to total extinction. Time if you go back four thousand years, who dares to with my family - Ying Feng, now. His old desolate, dying, what's the master? Jiang Yun sound cold, murderous look round, swept out. Years old, God the dead, so why should you, guard not to live at all. He had no chance to return! A low voice. Detonation! The dark, unknown the great saint soldiers back, like a head of ancient fierce beast opened his mouth, the throughput of heaven and earth, suddenly drained the God the all essence, it resist Hengyu God furnace! It is like a wave of terror, a world of waters in the rough. Like Swire king was born, and as a God in the overlook the whole world. The same time, Feng Ming moving day, cool and distant, sounded in every one's heart, the supreme power out, the city of God in the thriller. A god Phoenix wings, huge no horse, suddenly will cover the night sky, covering the city. Unknown San Bing Zhen pressure below, the ancient emperor smell. That night, everyone hates not to run away, the city of God suffocating! Dragon pool around, like a lot of eternal God furnace in the combustion, a such as dragon like blood through the sky, almost boiling. Most master from the four force, the in vivo blood as the tsunami. Like a volcano spewing, together, the scroll. Days in the shake, the moving heart in fibrillation, God city full of chill in the air, fear and depression endless, breathless, many monks have soft to pour in the ground, unbearable. Hit the pole power! Jiang Yunda drink the decisive and cruel to make such a decision. His voice is like hell came from nine quiet, cold and merciless God all city, all can smell, everyone was cold, cold sweat wet body. The great St. soldiers Chilliwack Bomber Youth Sale recovery had such terrible, really play out who can bear? No one can calm, all startled shouted, if hit the sun Saint furnace, the city of God will no longer exist, no one can survive. Really...... To play? Some of the old house's voice trembled. Give me a call!. The cold voice, Jiang Yun. Next, Ye Fan heart is not calm, didn't expect to be at this stage in Kensington Parka Women Canada Goose his will? I'm Hybridge Lite Vest afraid to fight, have no other choice. Hum!. The sun god furnace casts a thousand beams., let the night into day, Phoenix blood such as Yang, and gorgeous, almost beautiful, a bloody Phoenix fly. This side of heaven and earth will soon break Hengyu st furnace almost completely recovered, the fluctuation of the terrorist rushed out in horror, the earth wobble. The quiet years of the great saint soldiers will be issued a devastating blow, erase the land all creatures like a statue of the ancient gods! But it was just at this critical juncture, the void suddenly a lag. Like endless quagmire appear st furnace into account. Unable to play the furnace!. A few old man Jiang Jia screaming, they are in the control of pole weapons. What happened? Jiang Yun can't calm many master level figures who, also holds the fetish, sun Saint furnace is their only rely on. This side of heaven and earth, with a large;
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