the hall sat people can not help but

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 12:21
The 946th chapter (;) to you for help with drew Gooden supervisor that surprised, Li Yan this was very good, he said with a smile: drew Gooden you rest assured, after I go to exchange, ensure that the magician champion give you back. The book drew Gooden would laugh, very bright smile. Since the meeting after coming back, Gooden face hasn't been good, has been for four consecutive defeat to Parson City mercenary guild and to heart. Now Li Yan has offered to debut in the two years after the Wizards game, this is absolutely huge surprise for Gooden, how can we not tread. Li Yan is now a mage level, two years later, although unlikely to break through to the grand Magister's strength, he is the magician identity, as long as the strength is not higher than him, it's just but he. Thought of here, Gordon said with a smile: I now on behalf of mercenary guild to thank you, as long as Li Yanneng won the race, mercenary guild will never mean reward. Gooden supervisor when so many years in charge of mercenary guild, natural clear what is most wanted mercenary mercenary, glory or something simply can not be compared and the substantial reward. Hey, we're in charge of taking care of us too many Gooden only promised to compete, not to reward. Li Yan said the highfalutin. Gooden Wenyan smiled, it is serious and said: Trillium Parka CG55 Women Oh, if that is so, then I came back just now, do not give you the money reward, now a mercenary guild day does not feel better! The province to province. Li Yan was a joke, how can don't reward? It can be drew Gooden, hasn't he seriously, if he really do not give reward, how do I, appearance fees but not low, do not reward. Seems to be Li Yan's tangled, the hall sat people can not help but laugh. To this, Li Yan also knew that he was drew Gooden to play, but he was not angry, but laughed with drew Gooden, asked: drew Gooden supervisor, magician game I can top, but the fighting Division match in our coalition can in no way, if you want to save face, that how to stop looking for the the couple a strength and Parson city almost bucket division? In fact, Li Yan was the first person to recommend the coalition members, such as Mike et al, but although they soak up the moon well, their own talent and potential for growth have improved, but want to within two years to grow enough to contend with senior sword Pope point, that some unrealistic. We lost to others, the coalition also follow a disgrace. Mike could find himself in the game, why the Parson city can't find more people to participate in the bucket Division race, and after two years of competitions in the Parson City mercenary guild maybe what back? Li Yanke does not North Face Ski want to take the win, but Cory anno City mercenary guild or lost to Pa Sencheng's mercenary guild, I even win also not happy. Gooden slightly sighed, said: the person which Hybridge Jacket Men Sale is so good looking! Forty years old of the following advanced sword Pope, this where is focus on the cultivation of good seedlings, how could we have cheap mercenary guild? Such talent, are generally all,
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