or you simply do not occupied this position

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 11:59

> , this time with no Talisman excitation, so close, Xie Jun directly with no curse Talisman multiple excitation, taking advantage of the fat culprits Jiangding Jun attract attention, silent engine, quick success. loss. fat culprits. Fat culprits obedient and quickly took Xie Jun, and handed him the Talisman stuffed into his pocket, the while secretly opened the door, his mouth said loudly: Together we rushed into the door, on the second floor facing the door window to a gangster, I will also use the Talisman will fall upon him, then, I am before you enter the villa, you arrest people, I am in charge of the control room guy Eye, hand gun grip tighter. Second child opened the door into the villa, but did not close the door, the boss and Five came was about to speak, the second child's body suddenly burst into a fireball, bright and glaring culprits boss and Five then find yourself The hands and feet are to lose control, trying cried out in fear, but the body has lost its balance, 'bang' heard pounding on the ground. Meanwhile,Ashur UGG, Xie Jun and Jiang Dingjun one opened the grille door, rushed in, Xie Jun, a bayan while dashing forward, the two zombies symbol rapid fly to the side of the second floor windows, Xie Jun has been used Hearing attention on the second floor of the culprits, sure he has not moved. Two Talisman blink of an eye between the side of the window burst open, the light flashing in Xie Jun to hear the sound of robbers fell the Xie Jun relieved quickly rushed into the villa door, hands have long pinch of the other two zombie character and threw it to the small door on the side of the stairs, there is a control room. Whether it is hiding inside the door,Canada Goose Victoria Sale, or stand on the door side ambush, Xie Jun, two Talisman will certainly meritorious deeds. Hiding in the the monitoring room's youngest very calm, he did not come out, there is no ambush at the door, but an attempt to escape from the window where the villa, however, do not know when outside circumstances, he hesitated for a while, windows while watching out the window, however, so a delay, and so when he was about to open the windows, Xie Jun of zombie character on the door burst open. Control room is too small, and vertical width is smaller, just two meters of multi-point look just at the the zombies break effective range of the culprits youngest Unfortunately winning, such as Xie Jun kick flung open the door of the control room, found the culprits youngest has been lying in the window, Xie Jun, underground passage soon fluke otherwise have to charge things to seize this cunning guy. Xie Jun, see the first floor all have been misled, Jiang Dingjun is fast with a thick plastic Shengkou these guy's hands and feet were locked up, Xie Jun quickly leapt to the stairs, the San Liangxia disappeared on the stairs. Position determined in accordance with the hearing, Xie Jun, a direct hit to switch rooms Xu Xiao Yan, Xu Xiao Yan is shrinking on the couch, hands and feet are tied up by tape mouth sealed with a wide adhesive tape to see her clothes neatly face as usual, did not eat anything terribly. At the moment, her face was wet with tears, surprise looked rushed Xie Jun, she knew when she saw the to detain criminals strange fall when Xie Jun to the joy of my heart glad unspeakable, already tears sounded. Directed at Xu Xiao Yan Xie Jun moderate, said: in the past, Xie Jun approached from bandits hands the gun to pick up, and found in his possession a military dagger. Xu Xiao Yan around this peace of mind back the tape on her hands and feet cut off, and gently opened the paper tape sealing his mouth open. Yingying Xu Xiao Yan tears watching Xie Jun, suddenly holding force Xie Jun, neck, face buried in the Xie Jun of the base of the throat, like a huge wronged children by whining crying. Xie Jun hesitated, hands of Xu Xiao Yan, surrounded in his arms, gently patting her shoulder and the mouth spoke softly: they awakened. plastic padlock, then search through the body, and this guy did not have weapons, strange and looked to Xie Jun. Xie Jun pointed dagger and pistol on the side of the sofa, to hint Jiang Dingjun the things away. Xie Jun, come back to, shoulders patted Xu Xiao Yan, Xu Xiao Yan embarrassed to let go of the arms, head down, face crimson, Xie Jun from the edge of a paper towel stuffed in her hand, stood up and went to the culprits around reach out and seize the culprit's collar, like a slow death, dog-like dragging the culprits went out, Xu Xiao Yan quickly holding tissue also has its own bag to catch up, Jiangding Jun smiled behind holding a pistol and a dagger. Xie Jun downstairs, the the culprits Wangdishangyi throw hands to do a bunch of lying with his few fellow sufferers, Xu Xiao Yan looked back, smiled to pull her to sit down on the sofa, and so after Jiang Dingjun also sit down Xie Jun, is opening to Xu Xiao Yan asked: : condoning, or you simply do not occupied this position, you simply do not have positions of power should have crusaded decision. Army grinned and whispered: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,Tall Dylyn UGG. . . . . . The site quickly blocked the police first come, Jiang Dingjun head and thirteen Name, Xie Jun and Xu Xiao Yan, a statement from the things to the football over, so also saves a lot of time for the Xie Jun and Xu Xiao Yan . For the convenience of the police survey the scene, Xie Jun, three people are standing outside of the villa, Kylin Villa Security have brought one to the blockade, after all, not a good thing, super wanted in several countries nest, actually did not find this responsibility and reputation are also a headache, who would like four publicity. Shortly after Xu home a get people to Xu Xiao Yan natural pull her mother into the arms of her care took turns questioning. A look and Xu uncle a Qi Bafen middle-aged over restrained hand toward Xie Jun in his eyes, but his mouth, a sub pernicious. requirements are put forward, a little money, we promise to get home. came to the door. dumbfounded, Xu Xiao Yan's uncle has really started strippers, Xie Jun, looked away, do not watch the disgusting action. Until only one briefs, Xu uncle heavy hum loudly and said: skim the young people, but a warlock, think that Mr. robert given to unknowingly forward to his word, publicly made such a shameful act, How can easily provoke want to understand this point, they see full alert and fear to Xie Jun's eyes. Xu Xiao Yan know, Xie Jun, which is in himself, backed later who wants to deal with Xu Xiao Yan, you need to think about standing behind Xu Xiao Yan Xie Jun, Xie Jun, behind the door division, this is the situation,UGG Bailey I Do Wedding. Sweet smile directed at Xie Jun, Xu Xiao Yan, and my heart is full of joy and peace, I recall the shock suffered that night, at the moment but feel lucky. 【Summon recommended votes, Favorite Thank you! ! 】 <

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