dwarf stop ah! Sour said

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 12:20

> Is what though that tell the truth, this above these the big galaxy countries Parliament said very formal, I always felt this place some chaos! The Qin Zhen attention from the report on away from the first sight, from how he does not like the political system in this galaxy. In the ever-changing universe, bloated, inefficient parliamentary system does not actually fit the complex environment of many forces, sooner or later, this planet will completely mess up large galaxy Parliament also to the end-of-life bed. you want to leave this galaxy must have enough force I've seen, blocking us on the road ahead, the biggest obstacle is the galaxy innermost few forces, there is no existence of a threat to their strength, and we can out of here, to continue the voyage! Them, without exception, are the strongest in the number of forces, the original pieces of the most vast country, and some reportedly came to Ziba Turner Phillips galaxy has been thousands of years, is the the real galaxy veteran nobility. Moreover, these countries are not allowed other alien forces in and out of their own territory, the the China Fleet wants to borrow the opposite direction, I'm afraid the use of force will it be possible. effort, if these forces have compatriots from Earth, it would not be better! light, suddenly found a fast and enhance their own entry point. list, it is a headache ah! said material consumption level, according to documents on our fleet is estimated only adhere to the six months in time, it will be difficult to think that continued! that time to be cast out, and even the galaxy get in the door, and also to talk about What to establish their own forces? Ziba Turner Phillips galaxy because many countries, between the forces of the monetary system is not unified. In many cases directly using the original means of barter transactions. In many commodities, energy-rich mineral. Precious metals, high-tech luxury, weapons and equipment are the most popular places supplies merchants fortune made rich primary sources. And these things. But is the China Fleet missing ground. Visit Star take a special kind of points system that may be integral planetary management department issued only fighting to participate in a variety of employment or wantonly doing business. To Free State Stars on national parliaments segment, points accumulated to a certain extent, you can apply for right of abode,Canada Goose Manitoba Cheap, adding some forces. Time in three years, a minimum number of points accumulated discontent, the newcomers will be expelled from the galaxy or let those big businessmen out national forces aboveboard split annexation. After Luli Feng Rear Admiral calculation. Integral Fleet extra supplies even if sold all replaced. Only enough to maintain the fleet in the free on-life half a year's time, then if you can not find a worthwhile to invest in profitable projects. Can not get enough points, will soon be driven out of the galaxy. Be annexation certainly is unacceptable Fleet. Logistics department to analyze,ugg boots on sale, not alarmist. The presence of all frowned. Speaking of war, they are experts in business, and really know nothing about. Fleet ground combat units do enough competent mercenary missions, Qin Zhen did not want to casually spend this force. Mercenaries is dead, the officers themselves, but unfortunately missing the fleet. Excellent soldiers died in the battle inexplicable, who are not taboo willing, unless a last resort, the headquarters is unlikely to let its soldiers as mercenaries. calculus? everything, until that looking for a solution to the problem never too late! combat Cheer up, first dry good work of my own hands. integral considered by me and the General Staff meeting today to this meeting rose Qin Zhen relieved everyone a schematic end of the meeting. He can not believe that so many years of effort down, but also such a trivial matter stumped. Intelligence analysis of Section Ba Longte stay. His department will be related to the fleet later to life and death. Qin Zhen and chief of staff, there are a lot of things to discuss with him. Explanation. Soren. This is the Captain Lu Emperor, with the China Fleet temporarily stationed Visit the name of the satellite and ground. The lingua franca explain is the meaning of the desert land. And the same name. Entire Soren is a full Gobi. Desert desolate planet. Rarely able to see into a film by the growth of green plants. It is only to a marine. Of a pool of strong base water is not drinkable. Here. Occupy nearly half of the entire planet's land area and there is a huge city. This is the whole planet earth political and economic centers of. Soren planet the location of the land of the Authority. Residence in here. In addition to a large number of businessmen. Mercenaries and forced to stay in the place on the planet, the aliens outside. Various forces in the field offices. Daily can always see someone joyfully out from these offices. Become an organization subordinate forces. Also there have been sadly kicked out. Continue to look forward to next willing to accept their own to other forces. Soren city traders and mercenaries. Everyone in order to obtain sufficient Credits and prestige. Great numbers of commuters. . Asked some curious ground before hello. Waved trot went out. Looked as if a hurry. What are the important things that need to apply for the same. Turned around and asked colleagues to just formalities to the captain Road. Lu Emperor The earn big! Him run into an alien wandering Fleet spacecraft number of them heard there ship oversized Vessels now Referrals rushing to apply for to help people apply for landing procedures it! mom to ...... to luck. dwarf stop ah! Sour said. Ah! Ya Lisi same abnormalities envy watching the Captain Lu Emperor, disappeared in the port's Office door. Free State Stars are all integral and monetary awards of any businessman to act as newcomers Referrals ground, more large scale. The reward is more lucrative. Is Lu Emperor laughed eyebrows of sight, when the entire the Rangers fleet introducer, just money enough to comfortably enjoy least a few years, not to mention the integral I believe that with this record. Lu Emperor's prestige will mention places high forces to find him soon! Sauron's most wanted, is not officially joined those countries, left the Free State Stars! ... do not sell. Since the the fleet know new Rangers are a super big ship, Soren ground representatives of various chambers of commerce like smell fishy flies around us,Bailey Triplet UGG Boots. This has several representatives of chambers of commerce, refused to place. Qin Zhen almost can not remember! Formalities total annoying flies disturb, but pro-Brown are also considered to know a way to earn money and points. That is. Trading warships. China number is certainly not sell, but those belonging to the logistical fleet vessels. Can be disposed of to a few. Most of them are other alien race car, and general performance. After transformation, barely fit for human driving. If you can sell off, now nothing can ease the dilemma. Qin Zhen, etc. for End formalities let Captain Lu Emperor introduced several trusted the Chamber of Commerce, to sell while several chicken elbow warships, in exchange for some of the supplies to survive and integral better than to sell the fleet finally precious metals and energy stored more easily acceptable. Seven warships, 45,000 points, dozens of tons of basic living supplies. This is the outcome of the transaction by the China Fleet first, and permanent residency need three million points than negligible. But as full members of the fleet to find a suitable station, but it is enough! In Qin Zhen front, a total of several options: First, in the heart of the city the edge of an idle resident, it is very close to the commercial center near the run from a variety of things to be more convenient, the only drawback is that the rent is a little high more than forty thousand points can only rent one and a half months time. Another in the west side of the city, although the location is not ideal,Tassel UGGs, but close to the mercenaries area, suitable for those who like to do mercenary task organization living. Last place directly outside the city not far from the desert, the rent is cheap, but the traffic and the location is very bad, and sometimes harassed by desert creatures, house broken, generally only those dilapidated others are only Select this place as a base. Qin Zhen directly on the election there in the desert, the location is not good, house tattered are not related. Fleet some master of architectural talent and design environment. Left the hustle and bustle of the city, and would be more convenient to the actions of the various departments. Select resident, for the militarization of the management of the fleet, but it is the most sensible decision. The vehicles engineering vehicles by transport ships to be sent to the selected base, the project of building a new base to start soon. 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